About Mike Morrison

Mike Morrison is a consultant and change agent specialising in developing skills in senior people to increase organizational performance.
Mike is also founder & director of RapidBI, an organizational effectiveness consultancy.

Business Instant Message tools – increased or decreased productivity?

Instant messaging tools for business

Many of us remember when Microsoft introduced MSN Messenger, I certainly remember some 12 years ago catching my daughter using it with school colleagues at the age of 11 swapping homework tips! Of course since it was first introduced in 1999 it changed several times, adding functionality on a regular basis, and along the way changing its name through “windows Live” until its integration with what is now known as Skype. It was the success of this simple instant messaging tools, that spurned … [Read more...]

The Real Cost of Health and Safety to a Business

health and safety equipment

Health and safety regulations can sometimes seem unimportant. The things that you have to do can often seem ridiculous. However, did you know that these regulations could help to save your business a lot of money? You’d be surprised how much you could end up paying out from not providing simple things like medical cabinets and wet floor signs. Below you’ll discover the true cost of health and safety and why it’s important to make sure your business is compliant. How much can it cost you if a … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Benchmarking Tool?

benchmarking compare balance

Benchmarking is talked about in many industries and for many it is seen as necessary but expensive. Last week I came across an open source concept for benchmarking which has a lot of opportunities for organizations of all sizes. The ultimate question a single measure for business growth? History In 2006 author Fried Reichheld published a book – The Ultimate Question (The Ultimate Question 2.0 (Revised and Expanded Edition): How Net Promoter Companies Thrive in a Customer-Driven World) How … [Read more...]

Kurt Lewin three step change theory model – unfreeze, change, freeze

Kurt Lewin change model

Kurt Lewin three step model change theory Introduction to the change model The Kurt Lewin change theory model is based around a 3-step process (Unfreeze-Change-Freeze) that provides a high-level approach to change. It gives a manager or other change agent a framework to implement a change effort, which is always very sensitive and must be made as seamless as possible. The Kurt Lewin model can help a leader do the following three steps: Make a radical change Minimize the disruption of … [Read more...]

Social media in HR Infographic

Social media in HR Infographic - CIPD

The CIPD have recently published an infographic on the use of social media at work. The graphic is based on some research they have completed looking at our usage (or not) of these powerful collaboration tools. What is interesting to me is that 61% of employers that responded to the survey do not use any form of collaborative or social platform within the business. From experience I know that even the firms that have them are struggling to make them work, but when they are used, they … [Read more...]

What is Soft Skills Training?

freelance consulting talking photo

What is Soft Skills Training? In the past, Soft skills training and learning was used to refer to manager, leader, influencing, and other interpersonal skills. In recent years the term soft skills is being increasingly used to refer to EQ or Emotional Quotient based training and development. Can you live on Soft Skills alone? Hard skills, or technical skills are all very well on their own, but it is widely recognised that to use hard skills effectively, an individual needs finely tuned soft … [Read more...]

But it’s only 40 slides – a common training mistake

PowerPoint logo

In business it is not only training team members that develop training materials, but local experts and specialists. Often I hear a subject specialist say things like "we need to educate users to do things differently, it wont take long, it is only 40 slides" On its own 40 slides as a framework is not significant, but we need to look at things from the learners perspective. When using a slide deck it is not unreasonable to expect each slide to take 1 to 2 minutes to explain. So a 40 … [Read more...]

RapidBI Daily Business Cartoon #112

RapidBIBusiness Cartoon (112)

"Your bad attitude was starting to affect the others. That's much better."   mm … [Read more...]

RapidBI Daily Business Cartoon #111

Rapid BI Business Cartoon #111

"As CEO, I try to set an example for everyone else in the company. That's why you never hear me complaining about the size of my paycheck!"   … [Read more...]

Name and Shame – a new leadership trend

hall of shame

One of the risks of promoting people into team leader and management roles without appropriate education, training and support is that they will do their own research and take the headlines from article and approaches and they risk miss-applying the approach or method. Name and shame is one such approach. Often used in projects and close knit team environments, “name and shame” is best used in association with “fame awards” as a part of long term engagement and team building. The concept … [Read more...]

RapidBI Daily Business Cartoon #110

RapidBI-Cartoon (110)

"We've got to draw the line on unethical behaviour. But draw it in pencil."   … [Read more...]

RapidBI Daily Business Cartoon #109

RapidBI Business Cartoon (109)

  "The way I see it, unethical ethics are better than no ethics at all!" … [Read more...]

RapidBI Daily Business Cartoon #108

RapidBI Business Cartoon (108)

"Your resume is bloated with half-truths, false praise, exaggeration and unsubstantiated accomplishments. I'd like to hire you to write our Annual Report." … [Read more...]

RapidBI Daily Business Cartoon #107

RapidBi Business Cartoon (107)

  "I'm fluent in several languages - I speak schmooze, spin, evasion, bull, and plain ol' common sense!" … [Read more...]

RapidBI Daily Business Cartoon #106

RapidBI Business Cartoon (106)

  "I suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Not from the war, from my last job interview." … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Groups, why they don’t work for you


To answer this we can gain some insight with a tale of two LinkedIn groups. But before we look at this lets have some context. You do use LinkedIn for more than just job search…. Don’t you? LinkedIn groups are often formal or informal communities focussed on a sector, industry or profession. With the right selection of LinkedIn group memberships you can keep up to date with industry news, ask and answer questions (building your credibility), make business connections and friends, as will as … [Read more...]

RapidBI Daily Business Cartoon #105

RapidBI Business Cartoon (105)

      "I never promised you a company car. I promised you a set of wheels." … [Read more...]

RapidBI Daily Business Cartoon #104

RapidBI Business Cartoon (104)

  "Can you recommend a GPS device to help me avoid the dead-end streets and locate the shortcuts on the Road to Success?" … [Read more...]

RapidBI Daily Business Cartoon #103

RapidB Business-Cartoon (103)

  "I know your company has a vigorous green agenda and strict environmental policy, so I'd like to point out that I am 100% biodegradable." … [Read more...]

RapidBI Daily Business Cartoon #102

RapidBI Business Cartoon (102)

"Nine out of 10 people disagree with my idea, which sends a very clear message - nine out of 10 people are wrong!" … [Read more...]