30 Behaviours for Effective Learning

30 behaviours for effective learning

Using researched based learning and instructional design Based on research from the fields of cognitive science and neuroscience, Ewell* suggests that there are 30 behaviours which when adopted lead to effective learning. For those of us responsible for workplace learning and development activity, we should consider these behaviours and build our development strategies towards harnessing them in our learning and instructional design. Whether we use the outdated 70:20:10 or the 3-33, there … [Read more...]

Motivating difficult trainees during training

which-way Training and difficult trainees - sign post

It is said there is no such thing as a “difficult trainee”, just the unknown and our reactions to that. Not everyone is like a spring lamb or an inquisitive 3 year old! We have all been there,  seen it and done it before, indeed many have the T-Shirt. Often, when things are new and we believe passionately about it, on occasions we can seem a “little” too over enthusiastic. J This can happen in your training too. As trainers we can appear to be “too full on” or almost as a disciple for the … [Read more...]

70:20:10 – has the model had its day?

70:20:10 learning model

The 70:20:10 model was developed by Michael Lombardo and Robert Eichinger whilst at the Center for Creative Leadership in 2000. Jay Cross says that “The 70-20-10 model is more prescriptive. It builds upon how people internalize and apply what they learn based on how they acquire the knowledge.” The 70:20:10 in context Based upon research that took place in the 1980s and 1990s, the 70:20:10 was the summary of activities in the process of developing leadership (then management) skills. In the … [Read more...]

What is the difference between community managers and sports referees? #cmgr


About $200,000.... Some of the readers of my blog know that I also moderate and manage a small number of communities. This week has culminated in me reluctantly removing some members from one group. This action, along with the run-up of events has caused me to reflect on the role, and how group members perceive it.  What makes a "community"? There are several definitions, including: the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common In the context of social … [Read more...]

How not to give feedback – the “Sh*t Sandwich” or Feedback Sandwich Technique

Feedback or shit sandwich ©mm

Feedback Sandwich Technique This morning while looking up some policies for an organization I do some work with I discovered an interesting set of "visual aids" for training trainers. This method has also been given in training in the past to managers in many, many organizations around the world. The actual wording on the visual aid was: Giving feedback > KISS - SLAP – KISS > Start with a positive response. Review their actions > Consider developmental needs – If you were to do … [Read more...]

The Role of Social Collaboration in Knowledge & Document Management #socialbiz

Doc Mgt, knowledge management collaboration

Social business is a real buzzword, but what does it mean, and will it impact your business or organization? In organizations there is often confusion between terms such as Knowledge Management, Document Management, Social networking or communications (Lync, Yammer etc) and more recently Social Business or Social Collaboration. Whilst preparing for a presentation on using Social business tools, I came across this excellent blog … [Read more...]

Breaking News… It’s Performance Review Time

Breaking news logo

Appraisals.. I thought it time I mentioned... In thousands of companies around the world its performance review and appraisal time again. That annual ritual where the objectives are often dig out deep from in a draw, the dust blown off, and the one-to-one meeting held to review recent history. Strange…but true... There is something strange about most performance reviews or appraisals, no matter how well you know your boss or team member there is a certain nervousness or anticipation about the … [Read more...]

70:20:10 an effective learning strategy?


In recent years the 70:20:10 approach to workplace learning has become increasingly popular. But is it about more than just blending on and off the job training? Common descriptions say that it is 70% on the job, 20% coaching and 10% from courses, but is that really the case? And is it a universal tool? History of the model The 70:20;10 model is usually credited with developing or popularizing this approach were Morgan McCall and his colleagues working at the Center for Creative Leadership … [Read more...]

If you think training is expensive

stress, poor training

"“If you think training is expensive, try ignorance”. Peter Drucker" Training can be in many forms, on-the-job, off-the-job etc. But not doing that training can have costs that as a manager and business we could be paying for many years. For example, if you have a small team, having one person trained to help and support people, may be all that is needed. But what happens when that person is sick or worse, they leave! How do you train your people then? If you do not train, then using systems … [Read more...]

Leadership Competences – how effective are you?

leadership competence discussion appraisal

Leadership and management competencies are often used by larger organizations to identify peoples strengths and development needs. Often these frameworks are expensive ands complex. One framework we have used in the past is this simple 55 item framework. It is based on 3 key factors, Managing yourself, managing task, and managing others.  You can use this list to look at the statements, rate yourself out of 10, and consider developing any scores below 6, and any which you believe are critical … [Read more...]

Aligning HR to the Organization

HR organisation

We have a perception problem in HR the world over. We are often seen as the function internally that is used to “outsource” the hiring and firing of people from the operations side of the business. Some would say doing the dirty work of managers. Human Resources is supposed to add value to an organization. Sure undertaking tasks that one manager may not do very often can help improve consistency, but it's about much more than that. If a manager hires their own people, they have a vested … [Read more...]

Crowdsourcing, risk and new rules


If anyone has seen the news over the last 12 months, there has been a raise in a new phenomenon – crowd sourcing. This is where the power of the crowd is used to help fund projects, that often conventional funding would not support, or for people without the connections to conventional funding.   Definition of CROWDSOURCING : the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people and especially from the online community … [Read more...]

Tip for Trainers – a recent compendium #trainingtip

Effective training tips

Over the last few months I have been putting short tips for trainers up on twitter, I thought it was about time I collated them here. Not in any particular order, there I hope will provide some reflection in your training practice:   #trainingtip Tips to be a more effective trainer http://sfy.co/tJPn  #storify #trainingtip #greatlearning   #trainingtip when covering technical material:regularly stop, ask specific questions to named participants to confirm understanding #trainingtip … [Read more...]

They’ll Eat Out of Your Hand – Book Review #Leadership

six point model book

They'll Eat Out of Your Hand If You Know What to Feed Them, is a new book by Dr. Laura Hills This book looks at what the author says are the "30 Essential Communication Skills that Give Highly Successful Career Professionals Their Edge". Split in to six parts, following a 6 point communications mode, Hills provides a well documented journey for developing professionals. Taking a holistic approach Hills takes the reader on a journey through not just one area of communications skills, but and … [Read more...]

Leadership – reality or smoke and mirrors?


Leadership does it exist in the way HR and business aspires, or is it just smoke and mirrors? Let me start by saying that I do believe that leadership is different from management. That there are many Leaders in the world, and they make a big difference to people around them. That in almost every business and organization there are undoubtedly leaders... jut not where business owners, shareholders, HR and others expect them. What do I mean? In politics and public life there are leaders, … [Read more...]

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis - How to

SWOT Analysis The SWOT analysis is an effective planning tool used to understand the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business. It usually involves specifying the objective of the business or project and identifying the internal and external factors that are supportive or unfavourable to achieving that objective. A SWOT analysis is often used as part of a strategic planning process. SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, … [Read more...]

Lessons in delegation for leaders from using twitter, a form of collaboration

Leadership teamwork followership

Can we really learn leadership lessons from twitter? I believe so, and have spent the last 5 years learning a lot from twitter, but today it hit home that one of the hidden skills that can be learnt is the black art of delegation.  Yes you read that correctly... delegation. How? Let me start with my short journey to this conclusion today. As many of you will know, in June I ceased being an active consultant with RapidBI and have taken a full time project role with a major global logistics … [Read more...]

Size matters…..is bigger better, or is smaller more intimate?

tape measure

Training tip for group sizes and dynamics It is often said that bigger is better, an in many things in life it may well be true, but when it come to training it is often said that small group size is best. That is sort of true, but not universally.   Pros of big groups: economies of scale more ideas, thoughts & contributions Cons of big groups people can hide we don't know if people are learning Pros of small groups one to one attention meet individual needs Cons … [Read more...]

…and I’m expected to attend training?

communications education learning clarity

Business, customers, expectations, time pressures, different employees, change. Wherever we look these days things are changing and more often than not it appears to be out of our control. Then on top of this we are expected to attend training, is it really necessary? Does the training have to be for that long? Can’t I just attend for a day? I have a job to do you know. Some great questions If your employer is providing more than just a couple of hours of training, then they consider it … [Read more...]

Collaboration in business what is it how is it different from Teamwork?

collaboration or teamwork - minifig

One of the most used words in business articles, journals and professional social media networks is the desire to develop "collaborative" environments and cultures. But what is it? If you web search for images for "collaboration", you will get lots on teamwork. so is collaboration just another word for teamwork?   I for one don't. I believe that teamwork contributes to a short term goal, but collaboration is more "strategic" and long term in nature.    Let's look at some common … [Read more...]