Develop the Developer – who is the typical developer?

Develop the Developer was a survey run in the summer of 2007.
Slowly we are unpacking the results. The summary is nearly complete but in the mean time as we discover key elements they will be posted here.
The typical developer in 2007 is:
  • Female, aged 36-56 (mostly 36-46), employed in a developer role, a member of the CIPD. They have been in a development role for five or more years and to date completed at least 30 days of CPD – many over 100.
For more information and background on Develop the developer visit the project site –
Mike Morrison – January 2008

Mike Morrison is director of RapidBI, an organisational effectiveness consultancy. He has been involved in HR, OD and strategic development for over 20 years. He can be contacted via © This article is copyright RapidBI 2006, 2008 – it may be copied providing the authors are credited, and direct links maintained

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