Do you twitter?

Is Twitter a serious communication tool or a “social notworking” solution?

I have to say that I find it as both. There are people that tweet about their breakfast, what the cat dragged in etc, and there are those that share learning nuggets, news and ideas.

The name of the game is selectivity. certainly I have found twitter more useful for finding useful web resources that I have with many blogs. Don’t get me wrong, blogs are great – but often contain too much information to skim and catch the cream. Both blogs and micro-blogs have their place.

Who do you follow on Twitter and why?

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  1. Gary Gorman says:


    I like to view Twitter as a blend of the mundane (having a nice cup of tea etc.) and the profound (saw this great article etc.) and as long as it is viewed as 60% social and 40% business it is a useful addition to anyone’s social networking strategy.

    Too much business and not enough social and Twitterers could find themselves rapidly losing followers.Too much social and not enough business will attract new followers but perhaps not the right sort.So it’s a balancing act.

    As a courtesy I follow those that follow me until I am able to do some housekeeping and weed out spammers or those that see Twitter as purely a one way communication tool.Probably do housekeeping using Twitter Karma about once a month.

    Thanks for a good topic



  2. Tim Matcham says:

    I am still quite new to twitter and have yet to determine its full benefit. Clearly there is an interesting mix of people and discovering who can help and who is a hindrance may take some getting used to!

    My current strategy is to use Twitter in a low key way and to offer useful tips and hints to my followers – those that are interested may then also wish to follow my blog which would offer more in depth articles and guidance, the link in to my website for more ‘sales’ driven approach. I guess this will develop and change with time and the relative successes of each tool.


  3. Hi Tim

    Thanks for your comments
    what is your twitter address – feel free to add here

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  11. Hi Gary, thanks for the comment. You aim for an interesting statistic.

    I aim for 40% personal 15% direct business and the remainder material that people may find of interest in the fields of OD, HR, training, leadership or change.

    To focus on too much self promotion is as you say just a turn-off, but to me I stop following people with too much ‘social’ chat – I guess it all depends why users are on Twitter , for me I am exploring it as a business tool primarily with the added value that people can ‘see’ behind the image.

    As Twitter grows it will be interesting to see how the use of the tool changes and polarises

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