Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Surveys

As retention is of increasing importance to our organisations, so is measuring and monitoring the satisfaction and engagement of our people. There are many ways to do this:

  • Go to the big consultancies
  • Design the survey yourself
  • Get a consultancy to design one for you

Each of these have challenges, cost, time, ownership, consistency etc. Now there is a third cost effective solution. The EESS (Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey) from RapidBI is a standards based hybrid survey looking at both engagement of your people and their satisfaction, combined with the ability to set your own relevant questions. The EESS is a ready to use on-line solution developed for a range of sectors and organisations, recognising the need for high quality yet cost effective solutions, the EESS has been developed for easy use, quality and useful outputs as well as providing practical solutions.

The EESS has been designed by an experienced CIPD members for credible use by other in-house professionals.


As I have been revisiting Employee engagement in recent week I have started to collate a summary of the various approaches… they can be seen at Employee Engagement Models

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