Is Twitter a real business tool

At first look Twitter is a confusing tool, with amore rounded look it becomes obvious what the benefits are, however, and this is the big one, the more followers you have (essential for growth) the harder it is to follow key people and harder it is to get your message seen’

with upwards of 100 messages an hour it is almost impossible to read all your fav twitterers.
in time we will be able to filter by geography, however at the moment one of the few strategies seems to be to retweet key posts a few times a day or different times on different days. Currently there are no platforms which schedule key tweets on a regular basis, but am sure they will come.

For me the past few weeks have been an invaluable experiment with Twitter as a tool, however I now think that I will back off and use it more strategically. I do have a personal twitter account, I may well use that now. for inane and routine posts. Time will tell

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