Journey to World of Learning 2008 – Birmingham

Last week I spent 3 days in Birmingham, 2 of which at the NEC for the World of Learning..

Blowout - ok more dramatic than mine... but not much!

But the journey did not quite go to plan. On Tuesday lunchtime I drove up to Birmingham for a meeting with a prospective client, potentially an interesting and leading edge piece of work… but on the M40, just after stopping to refuel at the motorway services I had a tyre blowout.. Not what I needed at all. I got me and the vehicle to the hard shoulder of the motorway and then realise that my spare had been stolen at the weekend and I was waiting to collect a replacement! (on my car it is stored underneath and is apparently easy to remove!)

So I called the breakdown service and awaited help. In the mean time I called my client – no answer so I left a message – at least the message was an hour ahead of our meeting.  With the breakdown guy with me I limped the car off the motorway and we went to get the tyre repaired – then come the call – “I thought we were meeting 1/2 hour ago”!… He had not got my message. I apologised and said that I did not know how much longer the repair would take and would call him to see if it was still convenient to meet when I had a confirmed potential arrival time.  We agreed to make contact at World of Learning and re-schedule!

Ok so I got to my hotel – very near the NEC and after settling down realised that the WIFI I had just paid for was not working… over an hour later on the phone to tech support and they realised there server at the hotel was down..”we will have it sorted overnight”.. great! missed meeting and no opportunity to work…

What a way to start a week!

I attended the conference as part of the TrainingZone team and blogged the event. My views and experiences can be read both on the Watercooler part of the TZ site and at my WOL blog

Overall a useful event with the focus on “informal learning”.

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