Make the most of social media for marketing

Make the most of social media for marketing

Ok so you are one of those people (like me) that uses social marketing sites as part of your marketing strategy.

  • Is your approached integrated or haphazard?
  • Did you know that you can feed your blog posts to your twitter account or face book etc?

You have to be careful about content as each is a slightly different audience, however if you can have more activity with less effort all the better.

Tools like Twitterfeed help take your blog content and put it on Twitter – great to tell the world that you have updated your blog – just don’t do it more than a couple of times a day! – you aim is to inform people not swamp them.

You can use #Hash codes to help filter in or out content – so that you don’t publish personal material on a business feed for example.

There has been some debate about the percentage mix of business and personal tweeting. Many say 70% personal – while others say 20%. me I am in the camp of 20%. My blog and twitter name are clearly business, but you want to know a little about the human behind the business too … right?

Equally if a business twitter, you don’t want a link to a blog for every post – that just looks like and may well be spam. here is my approach – cannot say if it is right – but it is my goal:

  • Blog 100% business – either direct in my specialism or an adjunct (I have other learning based blogs I use when visiting conferences and exhibitions.
  • Twitter – 70% business: one a day tip on leadership and or training/ learning & development
  • Once a week a major link to a blog article or useful content on a site 3:1 mine or others
  • 20% personal – more over weekends
  • 10% random thoughts and opinions on what is happening

What is your approach? Do you integrate these platforms or keep them separate? Why? Share your thoughts here or links to your blog with the answers.

No spam though – I have a rather good capture tool for this!

Management and Leadership development are importent to you and of course to the team here at RapidBI. We hope you find this information valuable, if you do please tweet or facebook like this page. Thanks

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