Management theories and models


Management models are not in themselves a solution, but a tool to help develop understanding or a common language.  Remember these are only tools, an over simplification of a view of reality in a given context. Tools come and go like fashion.

While we list a great many here, please ensure you research any tool or model prior to applying it in your organisation. As a coach and consultant I have used many of these to help explain concepts. As a consultant I have used many of these to develop understanding. They are tools, valuable tools. Only use a model if it appropriate to the situation, any model is only a representation of a concept, reality is always much more complex and involves more dimensions than a simple model can infer. All models are equally valid and invalid – for a model to be effective we need to understand the context in which it was developed and implemented. Just because a model works in one organisation in one sector does not mean it will work in all organisations in that sector… remember a model is just that… a model.



To see and download many graphical models in power point>  Management Models and theories

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