Pecha Kucha – An effective use for PowerPoint

Have you come across a powerful presentation planning technique based on Pecha Kucha presentation technique?

This is not a new technique, but one which is gaining in popularity. In essence it is a structure where the presenter has just 20 PowerPoint slides each times to change every 20 seconds. The entire presentation taking less than six minutes and fortyseconds.  Originally used for public showings of creative ideas from architects and other creatives, it is increasingly being used as a format for business presentations.

Using just 6:40 for the presentation time can be easily allocated for a question and answer session.

This is a powerful and challenging format.

On the plus side it encourages the presenter to focus their content and to rely on a storyboard of images rather than words on a PowerPoint slide. To be effective the presenter must rehearse or things go very, very wrong.. 

A format that all presenters should consider, even if they don’t always follow it.

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  1. this looks like so much fun! I’d love to try this with out team of trainers – I think it could be used to sharpen up some skills. thanks for sharing the link to the site. very appreciated.

  2. Hi Mullygrub, you are welcome – let us know how you get on, Mike

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