Rapid Organizational Improvement – ROI

ROI – Rapid Organizational Improvement
It’s four in the afternoon on a Wednesday and you boss or internal client says that they want to launch a major change program … next week. Ever been there?

We strive to be business partners, we seek to build meaningful relationships – then out of the blue we get recruited for ‘Mission Impossible’. Do our employers truly believe we are magicians… masters of illusion, or do they just think ‘change is easy’?

Change is certainly easier if we are prepared, and that could mean on a regular basis undertaking a holistic organizational review (just in case) so that when situations like this happen we are ready, ready to avoid the reasons why change programs often fail:

  • No clear vision for the change
  • New activity not directly linked (or integrated) to organizational objectives
  • No overall agreed strategy for organization development
  • Tactical rather than holistic diagnostics
  • Existing organizational culture not taken into account
  • Purchasers not clear about what they are buying
  • Suppliers of consultancy only finding solutions to problems they can solve easily
  • Lack of predetermined metrics and evaluation of performance and success
  • Time and financial pressures on the management of the organization
  • The change process not managed effectively within the organization

What methodologies do you employ to maximise the opportunities of success?

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Mike Morrison is director of RapidBI, an organizational effectiveness consultancy. He has been involved in HR, OD and strategic development for over 20 years. He can be contacted via www.rapidbi.com/

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