When is training 'old fashioned"?

What is fashion in the world of L&D

It is 1800 and I am on the 1640 train back from Leeds to London after meeting with a potential client. I overhear a telephone conversation where an individual described a training room as basic.

Yes it had the required tables and chairs, windows, space, a rail to clip flowcharts around the room – lots of wall space etc.. but you have to take your own projector and loud speakers.

So is this ‘basic spec’ old fashioned – or do we expect different things?
What is considered fit for purpose?
so we need to use PowerPoint every time? Certainly I use PowerPoint from time to tile buy for most training courses I can take it or leave it.

So if this is ‘old fashioned’ what is current? what is high tech? What makes a room old fashioned?

Are PowerPoint and interactive whiteboards THE minimum or are these just tools.
What do you think?

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