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  • COST-EFFECTIVENESS. Our market-leading consulting based business solutions are competitively priced and will save your client wasted time, effort and money.
  • INNOVATION. The techniques we use to achieve business development results are straight-forward but innovative. They have undergone extensive development, both academically and in the field.
  • INCLUSIVENESS. When performing a health check on your client’s company, we make sure to include staff at every level of the organization, from the cleaner to the managers on the board. We realise that if all staff participates in the process, then ALL staff will know that their contribution and viewpoints are appreciated. This results in: happy, valued staff who feel included in their company.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Our high level of service and customer commitment is integral to our success and our level of experience and knowledge in providing training materials and online training courses are second-to-none.
  • FLEXIBILITY. Our training materials and methods can easily fit in within your client’s work schedule with resources such as online webinars. We can also perform a regular business health check to avoid errors creeping back into future company procedures.
  • A COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH. We’re thorough, and independent. That means we can deliver honest, helpful, and objective feedback that can make a real difference to your client’s business.

Online Training

We offer a variety of regularly scheduled online training courses and webinars. In addition to running live events online, we have recorded videos, webinars and learning resources available for you to purchase and download.


Training Materials

RapidBI's business improvement techniques, established in 1998, have been used time and time again by numerous companies, from motor manufacturers and airlines to small, five-person businesses. Making them easily accessible online means the results have been practical and astounding.

You or Your client can feel these benefits too. Our training materials & methods are tried, tested… and they really work, Fast.

Downloadable PowerPoint Presentations

We offer full sets of editable and fully customizable PowerPoint presentations. Ready to use “out of the box” learning materials. These sets of slides can be used to train the trainer, managers, leaders, educators and students to help communicate key points, theories and ideas to others.


Are you a Consultant, Coach, HR Professional, Business Adviser, Trainers, Accountant or Venture Capitalist?

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  • Do you need to get under the surface of an organization or company?
  • Do you want to be able to maximize the returns for your client?
  • Do you want coaching led diagnostic tools and approaches that will help you to be more effective?

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It's not always easy to identify where a business is going wrong especially when you’re under pressure and can’t see the wood for the trees.But help is here. At RapidBI (or Rapid Business Improvement), we can radically improve ANY business' performance quickly by providing learning resources for business development and find you're a successful management solution.

As a consultant, accountant or business adviser, you'll know that every company has areas that could and should be improved and particularly ones that aren't firing on all cylinders. You can help ensure their future survival through our training materials.Our business train the trainer techniques and resources, established in 1998, have been used hundreds of times by hundreds of varied and different-sized companies - from Motor manufacturers and airlines, to small, five-person businesses. The results have been astounding.You or Your client can feel these benefits too.

Our online training courses are tried, tested… and they really work. Fast. Contact RapidBi for more details.

RapidBI – What we do

Over the years we have developed various tried and tested techniques - many exclusive to us which perform diagnostic checks on your client’s company, whatever its size or sector.

These unique business development training techniques will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of their working practices indicating where improvements can be made, and also where things are working just right (it's always nice to know). For example, if sales are low, a company CEO might think his sales team are to blame and it might be, but perhaps the fault lies elsewhere in a less obvious, hard-to-find corner of the company. Our training courses offer your business a solution.

Poor performance can occur anywhere in an organisation and create a devastating knock-on effect; so we know it’s important to run a health check at every level of a business – unlike some of our competitors. This means we can accurately pinpoint areas that need improvement immediately, saving your client time and money. It’s what makes our technique so successful.


RapidBI offers choice, you can buy these tailor-made techniques and learning resources as off-the-self products from us, and we'll train the trainer in their use or you can alternatively hire one of our consultants to work with you.

The principles behind RapidBI’s products and methods

Training customer service, people skills

We believe that enhanced business performance comes through KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING and ACTION. By equipping you with knowledge about your company's strengths and weaknesses, you will better understand where to focus your priorities, and take action to transform your business performance. Providing you with the right training courses and learning resources to help find a solution will only have a positive effect!For Business Reviews, and the design and implementation of online diagnostic tools, RapidBI‘s experience and knowledge is second-to-none.We do not deliver reports in isolation, we believe in discussion and consultation. We get results by talking to people at all levels of your company. We believe in working within a team. Our diagnostic training materials and tools have had years of development, both academically and in the field. Our goal is Rapid Performance Improvement.To find out how the RapidBI team can help. Explore the site now or Contact us