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Identifying needs and developing the performance of organizations of all sizes through effective business improvement technique. Organizational performance and culture change.
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The BIR is a family of cost effective organizational diagnostic and change tools aimed at identifying strengths and weaknesses in organizations of all sizes and sectors, providing an agenda for change. It is one of the fastest and most comprehensive ways of completing a SWOT style analysis on an organization. The BIR process is itself based on an organizational diagnosis questionnaire

The BIR family are quick to use, have high face validity, are cost effective and above all are engaging with users and lead to added value – quickly.

The BIR is not “new” or the work of just one person, but 1000s hours of development by some of the leading professionals in a range of business disciplines (finance, operations, marketing, HR etc).

The BIR™ diagnostic tool set has been designed for use in Consulting, Organizational Development (OD), Change and Business growth.

The BIR now has a benchmarking capability

We use a simple model:

When we have KNOWLEDGE it leads to UNDERSTANDING which leads to more effective ACTION.

This means that before we do anything we need to KNOW where we are (as an organization) and what is happening.With KNOWLEDGE it is easier to UNDERSTAND what is going on and why, so any ACTION proposed or undertaken is more effective.

The BIR™ has been called many things by different groups:

  • Business Diagnostic Tool Business Diagnostic Tool
  • Business Review Business Review
  • Business Health Check Business Health Check
  • Diagnostic Review Diagnostic Review
  • Company Culture Climate Company Culture Climate
  • Business Scan business scan
  • Culture Scan Business or Culture Scan
  • Organizational Culture Change Tool culture change
  • Organizational Needs Analysis need analysis
  • Organizational Development (OD) Diagnostic OD
  • Organizational 360 organizational 360
  • Culture Survey Culture Survey
  • Needs Analysis Needs Analysis
  • Employee Engagement Survey employee engagement

Some business diagnostic tools are called Instruments, Inventories, Reviews, Tests, Profiles etc. It’s not what you call it that matters, it’s what you do with the results.

Our organizational diagnostic tools produce short, effective graphical based outputs that are easy to understand and engage managers and employees alike. They provide a catalist for change in an easily understood way.

A tool is only an object until it is in the hands of a person who understands HOW to get the most out, and importantly how to use it appropriately. Then the tool becomes a lever for change and enables growth and development – be it a process or an idea. This is why we recommend the BIR is used by trained professionals.

The BIR™ has been in constant improvement and development for over eight years based upon research, experience and use.  The success of the product is in its approach.  We use a change management method of doing things which means things happen as a result of the process. To find out more CLICK HERE (opens PPT presentation)

The BIR™ has been designed by practitioners for practitioners, based on what works – we use these tools and techniques too.


There are four versions of the BIR™

Use the one that is right for you or your clients’ situation.

BIR-solo self appraisal business diagnostic tool

Our Self Managed

On-ine Health Check

Looks at all aspects of an organization, Direction, KPI’s, Finance Marketing, Operations, People, Management Style, Values etc. Now with benchmarking capability Looks at the same aspects as the BIR-S with more focus on Finance and Marketing. Now with benchmarking capability Looks at Vision/ Direction, People, Business Processes, Management Style, Management Values.   Now with benchmarking capability This is a one person report on their perspective of an organization.  Available in Strategic, Coaching & HR versions. Instant results on-line.
The BIR-S is aimed at larger and team managed organizations.  The whole process can be completed with only one day on site See sample graphic outputs The BIR-C is aimed at the smaller organization, owner manager led. SME/ Micro business See sample graphic outputs The BIR-HR is for any size organization where the focus is on culture and change. It was designed for use by HR & OD teams. See sample graphic outputs The BIR-solo is an introduction to the BIR diagnostic process, and can be converted to a full review at a later date . See sample graphic outputs

What is a Business Health Check?

A Business Health Check is a rapid and intense, short duration review of the critical processes involved in a business or company. It’s purpose is to identify opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the business.

Using the BIR™The BIR is a powerful, yet easy to use business improvement technique. when you are ready to use the BIR™ in your organization please contact us or one of the BIR™ facilitators.

If you run a business support organization click here for information for integrating the BIR™ (a powerful technique for business improvement) into your service offer.If you are interested in training to be certified in facilitating the BIR™ see our training pages for dates of open programs or contact us for an in-house program.

To find out how you can use the BIR™ in your organization or with your clients email us or phone on +44 (0) 208 230 0980

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The BIR™ Philosophy:
Business growth model business review tools OD organizational development diagnostic
PRIMO-F Diagnostic Model :
PRIMO-F organisational development Diagnostic framework model
Sample output Reports:
BIR-HR™BIR-solo – as BIR-HR
New Benchmarking report See sample outputs
Method and Process:

RapidBI Business Review Process Map

Business Improvement Review - Business Diagnostic Presentation
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BIR brochure summarising the BIR process and application

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