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business analysis & benchmarking tool for Coaches & Consultants

Business Advisers – business analysis & benchmarking tools For Coaches & Consultants

A Business Diagnostic tool is to help consultants and advisers to work with a client to develop strategies for business improvement. They are used by both internal and external consultants and advisers.

They can be said to be business analysis & benchmarking tools for Coaches, Business Advisers and Consultants

Change & Growth

All companies and organizations are facing increasing pressure for higher levels of productivity, return on investment, shareholder value and other measures of performance.  These sometimes conflicting pressures create increasingly complex demands for decision making.  The number of choices are high, and so are the risks of getting it wrong.

knowledge understanding action RapidBI business analysis & benchmarking toolTo help navigate the way, many companies need some simple tools that help to generate knowledge, develop understanding and identify action. Then again at a later date the ability to review progress (evaluation).

That’s where the RapidBI – Business Improvement Review (BIR) comes in. The BIR process acts as a pathfinder in the client advisor relationship. All Business Coaches and consultants should have business analysis & benchmarking tools in their toolbox.

The BIR is a straight forward tool that adds value by taking stock of the current situation, help to identify future needs and helps to identify the gaps between the two contexts. This provides a focus for effective decision making to be applied on parts of the business (people or processes) that add most value. Additionally the BIR process can also be used to benchmark or measure progress against a given action plan.

Purpose of Business Diagnostic Tools

The Business Improvement Review (BIR) from RapidBI provides Business Advisers and client organizations with a robust added value business diagnostic that drives business improvement.

Helping to identify the business critical issues through a proven and rapid process.  Our process has been field-tested with more than 400 companies (indepth diagnostics), the tool provides a basis for focused interventions that address the needs of the client. The process can be web or business adviser facilitated.  All data analysis is automaticly processed on our specialist platform, and results and action plans available for immediate download.

By concentrating on the ‘vital few‘ issues that really make a difference energy and effort are harnessed to bring about effective change. A business diagnostic tool can help identify the vital few for a given company.

In fact more than 80% of organizations that have participated have introduced beneficial change. An important feature of the tool is its flexibility. It can be administered via the web or paper based depending on the needs and choice of the client.

Why our process works

Unique to the BIR process is the application of change management techniques throughout the whole process. The facilitated process translates data, gathered from multiple sources, to action addressing key concerns. Using a broadly based business model enables effective decision making by placing data into context of a complete view of the company.

Perceptions of a wide audience, including third parties such as customers and suppliers, can be contrasted giving additional perspectives that can endorse or challenge the prevailing view of the business. Thus providing a basis for taking a ‘reality check’ and establishing clarity between stakeholders.

Benefits of using the BIR as a business analysis & benchmarking tool

  • Credibility – 80% of organizations undertaking a BIR have implemented improvement action plans
  • Enables inclusion of third party feedback
  • Structured around business purpose -provides solid view using established business model
  • Engages participation, active and pragmatic not academic
  • Field developed and field proven with over 400 SME’s (Small and Medium sized enterprises
  • Choice of approach to suit the business context
  • Builds adviser and client relationships
  • Develops a shared context for understanding the business
  • Involves co-creation of business solutions & leads to more effective interventions
  • Positions advisers as strategic partners Develops a platform for longer-term strategic involvement
  • Builds credibility and is seen as adding real value
  • Provides a clear focus on business improvement and sets the agenda for change
  • A robust and proven software based business analysis & benchmarking tool
  • The BIR process acts as a pathfinder in the client adviser relationship.

The Business Improvement Review diagnostic process does not assume a right or wrong way to run a business.  Every business has its own unique model.  What a good business analysis & benchmarking tool and of course the BIR diagnostic process does do, is allow a capture of the current issues as seen by all those involved in the running or the business (stakeholders) and provides a vehicle for discussion.

Our unique non-threatening feedback approach helps to engage people in the change process. It is this engagement that ensures the success of the BIR approach.

Facilities on the BIR are constantly developing, call the RapidBI team to discuss your specific needs, and to find out whats new.

If you are interested in training to be certified in facilitating the BIR™ as a business analysis & benchmarking tool see our training pages for dates of open (UK) programs or contact us for an in-house program.

We are looking to run more live online accreditation programs – contact us for details.

To find out how you can use the BIR™ in your organisation or with your clients as a business analysis & benchmarking tool email us or phone:

+44 (0) 208 230 0980 or Skype RapidBI

Business Advisers – business analysis & benchmarking tool

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