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  • Do you need to undertake an organizational culture survey?
  • Looking to benchmark your organization ready for change?
  • Want to be seen as more strategic inside the business?
  • Need to undertake organizational development work but not sure where to start?

The BIR-HR is a specially written version of the successful Business Improvement Review. It was written to meet the needs of Human Resources practitioners and Organizational Development (OD) practitioners.

The BIR-HR provides an excellent orientation to identifying starting points and priorities for organizational development activity. The BIR-HR does not prescribe solutions or methods, but provides practitioners with an agenda for change that helps to identify appropriate priorities.

Internal benchmarking and measuring progress

Looking at culture and people processes provides a potential agenda for change. The BIR uses a generic approach to culture which can be measured and compared for progress at 3, 6 or 12 month intervals. This simple and rapid methodology provides the practitioner with an easy to use measure of success.  Along with specific intervention evaluations this is a powerful organizational development evaluation methodology.


The BIR-HR will provide you with valuable data such as:

People Management (OD processes)Management Style (culture)
Management of People health and safety training evaluation TNA planning IiP recruitment policy procedures role clarity. Business cultural diagnostic surveyManagement Style change, coaching respect openness leadership creativity teamwork energy - Business cultural diagnostic survey
Management ProcessesManagement Values (culture)
Management Processes business planning business communications management controls - Business cultural diagnostic surveyManagement Values care for environment customer relations supplier relations learning organisation quality community relations focus - Business cultural diagnostic survey

To see the graphics in more details click on the images. This is only a sample of the outputs available. To see a full report look at the sample outputs (BIR-HR™)

This information gives you a 360 review of the culture, processes and views from a diverse range of people in your company or organization.

Data can be collected from: Board/ executive, managers, staff plus one other group.  This information can also be shown by whole organization or by department/ division or directorate. Data can also be collected from customers and suppliers when relevant. As culture is an important aspect the labels of these and other factors can be changed to match those used in your organization.

The BIR-HR can be run periodically to provide benchmark culture and performance data.  We even have a benchmarking progress report just for the purpose.  Many organizations use this as an integrated key measure of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) as well as staff survey/ feedback. This is a powerful and rapid measurement tool.

Sample Benchmarking Output- PeopleSample Benchmarking Output – Operations


Other International standards

The BIR-HR covers many of the factors required for Investors in People (IiP)© and the Business Excellence Model (BEM model from EFQM).  In fact one organization found the BIR so effective it used it for predicting how successful their clients would be if they went for IiP. They used it to look at almost 100 organizations with stunningly accurate results.

While the BIR-HR is a strategic tool in nature some OD and HR teams may select to use the BIR-s.  This is a much more strategic and holistic instrument.  We would recommend that this be undertaken with a champion from each of the finance, marketing and operations management teams.

If you want the BIR™ to be used in your organisation please contact us or one of the BIR facilitators.

If you are interested in training to be certified in facilitating the BIR™ see our training pages for dates of open programs or contact us for an in-house program.

To find out how you can use the BIR™ in your organisation or with your clients email us or phone on 0208 230 0980 (or 0870 7669651)

* Our products are not endorsed nor are they recommended by the © holders for the Investors in People or EFQM awards.
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