Thinking about vision – Ten 100-year predictions that came true

Thinking about vision and talking about it are very different things. We all talk about corporate vision, mission statements. Some even talk about "futurists". Now until today I did not even realise that there was a professional association for futurists! or Thinking about vision Recently I read this great post on the BBC news site about an American civil engineer called John Elfreth Watkins Jr made a number of predictions about … [Read more...]

RapidBI Daily Business Cartoon #6

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SWOT analysis (TOWS matrix) Made Simple

SWOT Analysis Made Simple - History, Definition, Tools, Templates & WorksheetsHow to do a SWOT analysis SWOT analysis made simple - date reviewed April 2016This page has been developed to help you to carry out a SWOT  or TOWS analysis. It can be used for strategic planning or business review purposes. This page is comprehensive. It contains many examples, templates and outlines. Go straight to the free Templates (below) Template 2 Template 3 Template 4 Page Contents (there is a … [Read more...]

When is a DeepDive not a Deep Dive

So When is a deepdive not a deep dive? It is interesting how the use for a name in a given field changes over time. Or to be more realistic how a sexy name for an interesting subject gets hijacked by others without really understanding or respecting difference?In innovation, marketing and management the term Deep Dive was a methodology originally made popular by Ideo. It was a brainstorming or idea creation methodology.Then came along Stanford with their DeepDive ( … [Read more...]

PRINCE2 Project Management – 7x7x7 #PMOT

PRINCE2 Project Management. We hear this talked about in many organizations, but what is it really? What is PRINCE2 Project Management? The organization that sets the standard say that it is: PRINCE2 (PRojects INControlled Environments) is a process-based method for effective project management. PRINCE2 is a de facto standard used extensively by the UK Government and is widely recognised and used in the private sector, both in the UK and … [Read more...]

Chase to the bottom – or do you know of a free tool to…? #hrblog

Do you know of a free too to...? When was the last time you asked the question "Do you know of a free tool ...?" Was this your first attempt at solving the problem or last resort? Are free tools really free or is the cost hidden? Do we really understand all the costs involved?Many of our readers know that we are active in some of the HR and learning & Development online communities. Sometimes questions asked spark ideas and thoughts to share. This piece is one of them.The article … [Read more...]

Do you trust strangers with your bank account? Internet security for small businesses

Most smaller businesses have a web presence of some kind. We have to. In 2016 it is a key part of the marketing mix. But is it secure? Would you trust a stranger with access to your bank account? Internet security for small businesses I like to think that I am security conscious. I am aware of my online security (even this site is SSL). I only grant access to my accounts with great caution. Change passwords often. Not using the same passwords in lots of different places.But today whilst … [Read more...]

Mental Health, HR and Training #HRBlog

Mental health issues impact on 1 in 4 adults. If you are not personally affected, then the chances are people around you are. Some years ago I had an interesting experience on a training course. I have mentioned this to a few people in the past but never written publicly before. Talking therapies in the workplace are on the rise. They certainly have their place, but are people aware of the dangers as well as the opportunities.Some of my readers know that I have been a long term … [Read more...]

Why can’t people follow instructions? #changemanagement #HRblog

Why can't people follow instructions? Or maybe more accurately why wont people follow instructions?This was brought home to me recently during some small changes in a community group I run online. It got me thinking about how we implement change, and why change management programs often fail to meet expectations.In the worlds of project management, software updates and software deployment (CRM, ERP etc), training and in fact any change management situation where we need people to stop … [Read more...]

Have your team leaders lost their grip? Time to train managers #hrblog

Have your team leaders lost their grip?It's a straight forward question: Have your team leaders lost their grip?Managers, most of us have one. They are not always called managers of course. Sometimes they are called supervisors, team leaders, deputy manager, leader, VP, Boss. Whatever we call them or their official job title, they are our “line manager”.We rely on them for guidance in our jobs. For support when things are not going well. For praise when things go well. For many … [Read more...]

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