Top tips for you on getting the most out of LinkedIn for Graduates

Are you getting the most out of LinkedIn? Are you a recent graduate or job hunter? New to the world of work? Here are some top tips to help you get the most out of LinkedIn Getting the most out of LinkedIn can be hard and sometimes scary. You do have a profile on Linkedin...right? Are you getting the most out of LinkedIn and your profile there? Job sites LinkedIn like most "job sites" will not work for you, you need to make it work. It's a tool, not a service which will feed you jobs on a … [Read more...]

Fun Friday – Wellness & meeting skills – weekly office cartoon #346 #ff #hrblog

Wellness & Meeting skills Fun Friday – Wellness & meeting skills – weekly office cartoon #346 "I'm looking over the agenda for our Wellness Workshop. You forgot to schedule cigarette breaks!" Fun Friday – Wellness & meeting skills – weekly office cartoon #346 … [Read more...]

Learning – are we evolving or regressing – Things Trainers wont tell you! #hrblog

How we learn – and making it work for us With regards to learning are we evolving or regressing Some years ago I was asked to speak at an international conference on elearning. What I was talking about is not relevant, but what I learnt from the keynote speaker has changed my approach to training and learning and development. The speaker concerned was Professor Heinz Wolf from Brunel University ( . What follows is not ‘word for word’ but roughly … [Read more...]

Training is like PPE – A lack of budget does not mean no training

We have all been there at one time or another. Budgets are tighter than expected. Often external spend is reduced to a minimum. A lack of budget should not mean training stops. It means we need to start thinking differently. Its innovation time! Attending courses are not the only way to train and develop people. Sometimes we need to focus on the end result, the learning needed and not the journey – how that knowledge of skill should be achieved. When as part of a Personal Development … [Read more...]

Fun Friday – Listening skills – weekly office cartoon #345 #ff

Fun Friday – Listening skills – weekly office cartoon #345 "Your opinion is very important to me. So maybe you should save it for a special occasion." … [Read more...]

eLearning – a tick box exercise that fails at ticking boxes? #HRBlog

Increasingly as firms look to “do more with less”. Training such as health & safety and compliance training is delivered using eLearning platforms. In the past much of this training was Click next>>Click next>>Click next>>test. You have passed/failed. But thankfully things have moved on. If only a little at times. There are challenges Whilst we are more than 15 years after the turn of the millennium, many internal networks and their capacity set the limits for what … [Read more...]

Fun Friday – Customer service – weekly office cartoon #338 #ff

Some office fun for a Friday afternoon - Customer Service - Fun Friday "This matter requires immediate action. I'll get someone to ignore it right away!" … [Read more...]

Fun Friday – office with a view – weekly office cartoon #337 #ff

Fun Friday – office with a view – weekly office cartoon #337 "A cubical with a periscope is not the same as an office with a window...let's not nitpick." … [Read more...]

attendance, absence, presenteeism and big data #cipd15

Just because someone is at their desk, does not mean they are adding value! In Manchester this week is the annual conference of the CIPD, the annual gathering of professionals working in Human Resources (HR). A theme running through several of the sessions this year is the challenge of businesses and organisations to connect, engage and motivate their people. In the past many organisations have put in place systems to manage and reduce absence at work. In fact this very week several … [Read more...]

Not another training course – Coping with famine to feast of learning in business

From time to time it seems like we go from famine to feast. We have no training for months, then like a buss many come along at once! Many of us value learning new skills and knowledge. Indeed this is why quiz shows are so popular on TV. It is also why pub quiz nights are so popular at our local pubs and clubs. It is a mix of the social and the mental stimulation. We like to learn stuff. Some of us prefer to learn things around our specialisms. Others like to learn anything that broadens … [Read more...]

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