Fun Friday – weekly office cartoon #275 #ff

fun friday Some office fun for a Friday afternoon Office Cartoon 275

Some office fun for a Friday afternoon Office Cartoon 275"I read on Facebook you want me to pass the salt" … [Read more...]

Call Centre Data Protection & privacy – take action to protect yourself now!

call centre data protection

Double standards by call centre staff & utilities firms with our data and our privacy Call centre data protection - suppliers that have our data claim they take this stuff seriously. But do they really? Is it just a one way street? do they honestly believe that data protection only works one way? we have rights about our data and need to be protective about it too. It's a busy afternoon.You get a call from one of your utilities companies.They introduce themselves...ok … [Read more...]

Toolism – 5 management tools that are past their sell by date

management tools use by date

Toolism - 5 management tools we rely on that are past their sell by date Unlike the food we buy in the shops which come with Sell by, Use by and Best before dates, the management tools we use come with no such context or advice. We believe the hype with which they are sold to us.What do Human Resources, Change Management, Learning & Development and Consulting have in common? All professionals in this arena rely on tools or processes. Many of these tools and processes have been around … [Read more...]

Fun Friday – weekly office cartoon #274 #ff

Fun Friday – weekly office cartoon #274 #ff

Some office fun for a Friday afternoon Office Cartoon 273"We have a surplus of solutions, so I need you to create a bunch of new problems." … [Read more...]

Strategic or operational business functions, is there an option?

Strategic or operational what can we outsource?

For a long time professions such as Human Resources and Marketing have aimed to be strategic players. Often some functions are sub contracted, with the “strategic stuff” retained in house. Is this sustainable? What might be operational one day is strategic the next! IT is a great example of this.Can everything be outsourced? How do we know what can and cannot be outsourced effectively? Strategic or Operational What do Businesses need? Well they need both, operational and strategy. One is a … [Read more...]

Hidden Strengths by Thuy Sindell & Milo Sindell

Hidden Strengths - Book Review - book cover

Hidden Strengths: Unleashing the Crucial Leadership Skills You Already Have is a book by authors Thuy Sindell and Milo Sindell.The book starts with the premise that to survive in the modern world we need to be agile and adaptive. This book and the associated website set out to provide tools to help readers become more agile. Structured in three parts, the book sets the reader out on a journey of discovery of our existing strengths and the opportunity we have for personal growth. Part 1 - … [Read more...]

Fun Friday – weekly office cartoon #273 #ff

Fun Friday RapidBI office Cartoon (273)

Some office fun for a Friday afternoon Office Cartoon 273"Experts say that power napping can actually increase productivity. I want you to nap longer and harder than our competitors!" … [Read more...]

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Curating and Transferring Knowledge & Collaborative Social Learning in the Workplace #cipdldshow

Curating and Transferring Knowledge & C

Speakers for this sessionRoy Davis - AstraZenecaCarol Read & Kate Pound - Horizons GroupChaired by Julian Stodd - Seasalt Learning Julian opens the session - wearing googleglass - but no explanation as to why yet! and yet he was reading his notes from a tablet & not using the strength of glass for notes!!! Roy Davis takes to the stage.Roy provided an overview of their business and an outline of a major project to move a facility from one part of … [Read more...]

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