A Comprehensive Guide to Common LinkedIn Profile-Building Questions #HRBlog

Many of us have a LinkedIn profile, and there are many common LinkedIn profile-building questions that this article seeks to address. First off, when did you last update your profile? When did you add that MOOC course? - is your profile up to date or stagnant?Networking is the primary way to go about looking for a new job. Spread your net far enough, and you will eventually catch something. LinkedIn is the premiere job networking social media site. It enables users to form “connections” with … [Read more...]

Stop Start Continue Change Management Model

Stop Start Continue Change Management Model Introduction to the model - SSCCThe stop start continue change management model is a useful 'quick and dirty' tool for looking at service improvement. It can also be used as a technique for generating ideas, solving problems, and negotiating behavior changes between two groups, individuals, or departments Using the four basic titles (STOP START CONTINUE CHANGE) look at a service or offer and consider each of the actions, top stop elements (or the … [Read more...]

Action Learning (sets) – Reg Revens An experiential learning methodology

Action Learning (sets) - Reg Revens An experiential learning methodology What is Action Learning? Action learning is based upon the concept of learning by reflection (or reviewing) on an experience Action Learning & Action Learning SetsIntroduction to Action learningSo what is Action Learning?A definition of Action LearningAction Learning Set Who is in it?A 'Set' MeetingAction Learning ProjectsParticipating in an Action Learning … [Read more...]

Performance Reviews & Performance Appraisals are already gamified #hrblog

Do you have performance reviews or appraisals of any kind? Do they have a score or rank included in them? then rad on!Readers of this blog will know that I have been interested in gamification for some time. Even traveling to New York to learn from one of the biggest names in the industry, Gabe Zichermann. Last week I was at one of the UKs leading conferences for Learning and development #cipdLDshow. On several occasions I found myself hearing other professionals and practitioners in the … [Read more...]


PESTLE Analysis micro site - History - Introduction - Templates - HR example - Schools & Education - PEST-G The PEST or PESTLE Analysis in Schools & Education A PESTLE analysis is a tool that can provide prompts to the governors, management and staff involved in the analysis of the changes in the school’s environment that could impact future finance, planning and management decisions. It can enable them carry out a more comprehensive analysis.A PESTLE is usually used in commercial … [Read more...]

Knowledge Understanding Action

Knowledge Understanding Action Introduction to KUA Knowledge Understanding Action is the principle that RapidBI base all of our programs, products and developments. We recommend that the approach to organizational development and change management follow this simple structure:Knowledge - learn principles, information, behaviours and concepts Understanding - from that knowledge develop your understanding of what is meant and what it might mean. Action - to do - to do something … [Read more...]

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Models

Research into Employee Engagement and SatisfactionEmployee Engagement and Satisfaction Models, There are many models on the market and each provider claims that their model is based on empirical research. For this I am sure, however for each organization that undertakes this they appear to arrive at different conclusions.So are they all correct or are they all incorrect?The jury is out on this. What we do know is that no two organizations are the same and that the prevailing … [Read more...]

Green Bean bag thoughts #cipdLDshow 2016 @martincouzins @rapidbi #cipd

Each year the CIPD hold an annual conference and exhibition looking that the world of Learning and Development. This show is known as then CIPDLDShow (or HRD if you are old enough!).Followers of this blog would have seen several entry's over the years. This year as well as a few blogs and individual videos here are some collaboration reflections.The conference takes place at Olympia in West London. It's a 2 day conference and exhibition.Mike Morrison and Martin Couzins review … [Read more...]

Critical Success Factors (CSF’s) Made Easy. A step by step guide

Critical Success Factors - Analysis How to Determine the Critical Success Factors for your organization Identify>> Determine>> Deploy>> Measure What are Critical Success factors? This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview and application of Critical Success Factors. use the links below to jump to the section of most interest. What are Critical Success Factors (CSF's)?Being practical when using CSF'sAcademic Background/ HistoryTypes of Critical … [Read more...]

Cone of Experience – Dale

Dale's Cone of ExperienceThe Cone of Experience is a visual model meant to summarise Dale's classification system for the varied types of mediated learning experiences.Please read carefully. All is not as it first seems! The original labels for Dale's ten categories in the Cone of Experience were:Direct, Purposeful Experiences Contrived Experiences Dramatic Participation Demonstrations Field Trips Exhibits Motion Pictures Radio, Recordings, Still Pictures … [Read more...]

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