July 7 Bombings 2005 – 2015 – One Ambulance Volunteers Reflections Ten Years On


Not my usual blog - July 7 Bombings 2005 - 2015 a VERY personal reflection. Two weeks ago I received an email asking if I would be prepared to produce a case study in case the press wanted the views of a volunteer as the ten year anniversary for 7/7 (July 7 Bombings in London) approached. This caused me to reflect as to what I would, and would not share about that day.  It was tough on many, many levels. The agreed output from that discussion is published in full below. Then a few days … [Read more...]

Fun Friday – weekly office cartoon #286 #ff

Fun Friday RapidBI-Cartoon (286)

Some office fun for a Friday afternoon Fun Friday – weekly office cartoon #286 "What's the point of arguing if nobody keeps score and the winner doesn't get a trophy?"   … [Read more...]

Demystifying the Psychological Contract

Psychological contract

If I put five HR Professionals in a room and asked them to define the Psychological Contract and its value, why would I expect to return later to find at least four different opinions? What is the Psychological Contract? As so often in HR, we have before us a term which has been created, in all good faith, to describe observations of human behaviour in employment that we cannot quite quantify, but can see are significant. “Engagement”, “Motivation”, “Job satisfaction“ and even “Leadership” are … [Read more...]

A Comprehensive Guide to Common LinkedIn Profile-Building Questions

Common LinkedIn Profile-Building Questions

So you have a LinkedIn profile, and there are many common LinkedIn profile-building questions that this article seeks to address. Networking is the primary way to go about looking for a new job. Spread your net far enough, and you will eventually catch something. LinkedIn is the premiere job networking social media site. It enables users to form “connections” with people they know. 89% of recruiters have found a new hire via LinkedIn. Learning how to grow you network on LinkedIn will provide … [Read more...]

Fun Friday – weekly office cartoon #283 #ff

Fun Friday weekly office cartoon RapidBI-Cartoon (283)

Some office fun for a Friday afternoon Office Cartoon 283 "Because my generation cares about the planet!"   … [Read more...]

Fun Friday – weekly office cartoon #282 #ff

Fun Friday weekly RapidBI-Cartoon (282)

Some office fun for a Friday afternoon Office Cartoon 282 "Communicating with dead people is easy. Communicating with live people is hard!" … [Read more...]

The future of HR in an ever shrinking world of work

Looking to the future of HR and work

The world of work has changed, but is HR changing fast enough? What is the future of HR? It is all very well saying that HR needs to do things differently as well as different things, but what things? How? Why? Where has HR come from? It helps to understand the history of HR a little. In the UK the CIPD track this on their web site and capture the early journey in this statement: The CIPD, as we know it today, started life in 1913 as the Welfare Workers’ Association. We’ve been helping … [Read more...]

How to Build a Competency Matrix (Skills Matrix)

Competence matrix skills matrix hands on

All businesses having competent people is important. The more competent our people, the better they perform. In safety critical environments, more than almost any other business environment, it is critical to understand who knows what. Having competency maps or competency matrices can help. What is a competency or skill? The UK based CIPD (professional body for Human Resource professional) says: Competence or competency? 'Competency' and ‘competencies’ may be defined as the behaviours … [Read more...]

Fun Friday – weekly office cartoon #280 #ff

Fun friday RapidBI-Cartoon (280)

Some Office Fun for a Friday Afternoon Office Cartoon 280 "You have been working awfully hard lately. If you need a little fresh air and sunshine, go to www.fresh-air-and-sunshine.com" … [Read more...]

Is the 90 9 1 dead? Is this relevant in 2015 and beyond? Do people still lurk?

social community engagement 90 9 1 rule 70 20 10 rule

2015 update on 90-9-1 & 70-20-10 Is the 90-9-1 rule for online community engagement dead? Is it dead, different or a distraction? Crystal in her blog starts exploring the 90-9-1 rule based on the 2012 BBC research which suggests that 77% of people are creators. I will come back to this later. Certainly it can be a distraction if you apply the 90-9-1 with any weight. Certainly it is different, but dead..? Let's explore things a little. Setting the scene - why write this update on 90-9-1 … [Read more...]