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Developing performance or executive coaching can be a difficult challenge, especially where coaching is not an established development vehicle.

Much has been written about coaching in the work place, little has been written about the work of external coaches and their methods.

In this series of articles, Mike Morrison Performance Coach, has documented a number of real life coaching case studies.  They are put here to create an awareness of the challenges facing a performance coach working as an external agent of change.

While the methods used may seem unusual, they were used to get the change required in the client.

The breadth of approaches demonstrates the challenges facing coaches today and the risk of following a set methodology.  Remember the coachee is a learner – it is important to put the learner at the centre not the process.

Using solid principles of psychology provides the coach with additional underpinning knowledge and tools as opposed to methodology alone.

Article 1 – Real Coaching

Article 2 – Business Coaching

Article 3 – Life Coaching

Article 4 – Coaching Motivational Speakers

Life Coaching Article

Director & CEO Coaching

Business Coaching

Motivational Speaking

Coaching Sports performers

Coaching Models

There are many models available to coaches including GROW, CLEAR, CIGAR, 7 C’s, OSCAR, POWER, GAINS, STEER, Stop Start Continue Change, TGROW etc… It does not matter which one you use as long as it is appropriate for the client, their approach and their need at the time. Sticking to one model may develop mastery in that model but in our view one size does not fit all. Mike and the team at RapidBI listen to the client and then use the model or models appropriate to the needs of the client. When looking at the interventions above, see if you can spot what model is being used and when…

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