Model and Theory – Urgent Vs Important

Time Management PrioritisationManagement model - time and priority management - Urgent & Important Multitasking is the order of the day. Everyday we juggle our work assignments, professional commitments, personal life, family needs and health issues. There is always a huge to-do list to attract out attention and obviously we cannot attend to every need that arises. So the things get done only when they become urgent leading to some things not ever happening and some reaching to the point … [Read more...]

Coaching model – Skill vs. Will

Introduction:The Skill vs. Will matrix is a management tool (made popular in “The Tao of coaching” by Max Landsberg) used to determine what the best management approach is for a given staff member, based on two metrics: their level of skill and their level of will.The skill vs. will method will help you answer two simple yet important questions:How much can that person rely on his or her skills to complete the task?How much does that person really want to complete the task? The … [Read more...]

Reality Coaching – Coaching Motivational Presenters

Introduction I received a phone call asking if I was available to coach a pair of TV personalities preparing to deliver a high profile motivational seminar.  The pair had been asked to run an event together and the rehearsals were not being as successful as they had hoped.Let’s get to know the clients:He had been a presenter on terrestrial TV for some time and a motivational speaker, he was very successful. Let’s call him Joe. She was a sports coach and motivational trainer who had … [Read more...]

Change management models, processes and images

Introduction to Change, change management and change modelsChange and change management is one of those topics that we all seem to talk about and yet we all seem to have difficulty with.For any organizational development (OD) intervention to be effective, change needs to lead or at the very least be managed.Many organizations focus on the project management aspects of change. While this is an important factor - it is not the critical factor. People are. Having said that, it is about … [Read more...]

Reality Coaching – Business Coaching

In the second part of this mini series Mike explores coaching in the business environment.Introduction There are as many flavours of coaching are there are types of ice-cream. Each has its time and place. And like eating ice-cream it is easy to fall into our comfort zone and repeatedly have the same flavour – just because we like it. I am sure you also like many other flavours; it is just easier to have the same favourite.In coaching we often learn from one school or another. Many of us … [Read more...]

Four levels of learning – Conscious competence

The personal competence model Unconscious Incompetence - We don't know what we don't know Conscious Incompetence - We know what we don't know Conscious Competence - We know what we know Unconscious Competence - We don't know what we knowHow to use the Personal competence awareness model:To communicate with and influence learners it is a prerequisite to prepare them for your ideas and for them to accept the ideas of others (in the group).Preparing them requires you to understand … [Read more...]

Creating and maintaining a high performance culture

A High Performance Culture is something many organizations strive to achieve. Many have achieved it in their own unique and distinctive ways. However, certain fundamental common factors need to exist without which a "High Performance Culture" will not be created.In difficult economic time this can be difficult to justify - however now is the time to prepare the organization for the future. Organizational development strategies take time to formulate, develop and deploy - and that is before … [Read more...]

Writing a training session or lesson plan – templates

Templates for writing a training session or a lesson plan can be a confusing task to people new to the world of learning. One of the challenges for a new trainer is the development of a lesson or session plan for a training course or module.The reason this is such a challenge are often simple – tutors do not provide a sample template or format to copy, saying that it is the trainer or teachers choice, however when you are learning this is more of a barrier than an enabler of choice to … [Read more...]

10 day payment pledge – the UK government support for the credit crunch

Prompt Payment Guidance for Public Sector Organisations Do you work for any UK based government department, local authority, NHS or public funded body?  If so this article is for you.Prompt public sector paymentsI have recently completed some work for one of these organisations and they are now late with the payment - and so I am to two of my suppliers. One of them reminded me of the pledge last autumn for all gov departments to pay small business within 10 days - irrespective of the … [Read more...]

Brainstorming technique for innovation, creativity and problem solving – a business strategy

Introduction to Brainstorming   Brainstorming as an approach or technique can be an effective way of generating many ideas on a specific issue which can then be filtered and reviewed to determine which idea or approach is the most appropriate.Brainstorming as a technique is most effective with groups of between 8 and 12 people performed in a relaxed environment.   History of Brainstorming Brainstorming is a technique often used by groups, but can be done alone (although this is not as … [Read more...]

Entrepreneurial Innovation – Fad or key to success?

Entrepreneurial Innovation - Fad or key to success? The world economy is changing… are we reacting fast enough?For many entrepreneurs innovation is just not happening fast enough according to recent articles and research from Boston Consulting Group’s annual study on innovation. Many organisations know that in order to survive and then to grow they need to innovate. In recent years the focus of innovation has been on creativity and the innovative process, but the lack of results show that … [Read more...]

Marketing and SEO for training providers

So you have decided to run a training company, you have identified what it is you want to train and in what sector (see porter five forces ). Now all you need to do first tell the world you exist...wrongMarketing is as important part of running a business as delivering the product or closing the sale. How can you close a sale or deliver a product if people don't know you are there?Some would argue that you need to follow: Top 6 ways to market Training Services 1. Build a … [Read more...]

PESTLE Analysis for Schools or Education

A PESTLE analysis is a tool that can provide prompts to the governors, management and staff involved in the analysis of the changes in the school's environment that could impact future finance, planning and management decisions. It can enable them carry out a more comprehensive analysis.   A PESTLE is usually used in commercial organisations as a part of the strategic development of a business and marketing plan, however a PESTLE analysis can be used as part of identifying the opportunities and … [Read more...]

When interviewing goes beyond HR and the Line Manager

Many organizations are starting to explore a new approach to improving retention through participative selection. There is a belief that when staff are involved in the recruitment decision they are more likely to support the new staff member, and as a consequence retention is improved.Many local authorities have been doing this for some time with mixed results. For the process to be meaningful (and legal) each person must be selected or rejected on defined criteria.  This makes employee … [Read more...]

Going Freelance – So you want to go independent?

Starting out in freelance training - What does it take to be successful? Overview This document is not meant to be a complete how to guide for those wishing to start a consultancy business.  It's purpose is to ask some of the questions and show some information that many other sources fail to do. Introduction to going freelance Many trainers, developers, coaches and facilitators occasionally get the urge to jump ship and do their own thing.  So what is the difference between those that … [Read more...]

Business Coaching – Developing Motivational Speakers

Coaching Motivational Presenters By Mike Morrison   Introduction I received a phone call asking if I was available to coach a pair of TV personalities preparing to deliver a high profile motivational seminar.The pair had been asked to run an event together and the rehearsals were not being as successful as they had hoped.Let's get to know the clients:He had been a presenter on terrestrial TV for some time and a motivational speaker, he was very successful. Let's call him … [Read more...]

Why to use Twitter as a business marketing tool

Why to use Twitter as a business marketing tool Use a new tools in the market as a key strategy? - you must be mad! In a changing economy, it might seem wrong to experiment with mediums such as Twitter for marketing and customer outreach. After all, the more well-established Facebook has a documented 800 million active users, while estimates place Twitter (which twitter doesn't disclose such figures) at around 5 million users. ** update Dec 2011 - Facebook is now 800+ active users and Twitter … [Read more...]

Ansoff matrix – product -v- market grid

Introduction to the Ansoff matrixThe Ansoff product/ market matrix is a tool that helps businesses decide their product and market growth strategy.Ansoff's product/ market matrix suggests that a business' attempts to grow depend on whether it markets new or existing products in new or existing markets.The traditional four box grid or matrix Ansoff modelAlternative Ansoff style matrixA revised version of the Ansoff matrix featuring a 3x3 or nine box grid or matrix.History - The … [Read more...]

Action Learning & Action Learning Sets – Reg Revans

Action Learning & Action Learning Sets Introduction to Action learning So what is Action Learning? A definition of Action Learning Action Learning Set Who is in it? A 'Set' Meeting Action Learning Projects Participating in an Action Learning Set Structuring your timeIntroduction to Action learningWhen devising a management development programme, it is important to ensure that participants are not only 'taught' or trained, but that they have an opportunity to put learning into action. … [Read more...]

Management and leadership skills: What is the difference?

 As our organizations change and adapt so must the people running them - our managers and leaders. In the past, many organizations have neglected to develop and train this group, letting most find their own way to their own unique management or leadership style.The best organizations know that consistency is the name of the game for continued success. At the same time there has been much debate about methodologies - to train or to develop; to feed or to grow.I would define the difference … [Read more...]

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