HR trends survey 2016 in just one word #hrblog #cipd #oneword

Introduction to One Word HR Trends SurveyWhat is the One word HR trends survey 2016? Early in 2015 we ran a simple survey among HR professionals. They were given 10 topics and asked for one word which represented there understanding or meaning for that word or phrase. This produced some interesting results. So twelve months on I thought we could repeat the process. The results are fascinating. In the first survey we had just over 500 responses, in this later version we had just under 400 … [Read more...]

Disruptive innovators – Can your organization cope?

Wanting change is one thing but can your organization cope with disruptive innovators? We often hear that businesses and organizations of all sizes crave to be more innovative. They certainly do not want to be 'out of date', and want to keep providing customers with the products and services they need. But do we really understand innovation and the costs? Do we really want innovative companies? Are we prepared to disruptive our whole industry, and put some of our cash cows to bed?There … [Read more...]

Leadership Competences – how effective are you?

Leadership Competence, just how effective are you in managing tasks and people? Leadership and management competencies are often used by larger organizations to identify peoples strengths and development needs. Often these frameworks are expensive and complex. One framework we have used in the past is this simple 55 item competence framework. It is based on 3 key factors:Managing yourself, Managing tasks, and Managing others.You can use this list to look at the statements, rate … [Read more...]

Corporate values and behaviours – Dangers of not walking the talk #hrblog #linkedin

Corporate values or core values as some call them have been in management texts for many years. As more and more business leaders complete education and training, so more and more firms have written value statement. But are they just marketing or is it really a tool to run a business by? Hit the self-destruct button! In this piece we look at one business that has hit the self destruct button by saying one value is important, but employees clearly have not got the memo!Understanding Core … [Read more...]

So Much Training, So Little to Show for It

So much training, so little to show for it in our organizations. Why is this often the case?Back in 2012 the Wall Street Journal published a piece looking at this. They concluded that businesses needed to do:Better training needs analysis (TNA) - not just what but who Design - what where how follow up - testing to see if people have learnt. Are they applying the new ways?Research from the The American Society for Training and Development claimed that only 10% of learning goes … [Read more...]

Learning – are we evolving or regressing – Things Trainers wont tell you! #hrblog

How we learn – and making it work for us With regards to learning are we evolving or regressingSome years ago I was asked to speak at an international conference on elearning. What I was talking about is not relevant, but what I learnt from the keynote speaker has changed my approach to training and learning and development.The speaker concerned was Professor Heinz Wolf from Brunel University ( . What follows is not ‘word for word’ but roughly … [Read more...]

Training is like PPE – A lack of budget does not mean no training

We have all been there at one time or another. Budgets are tighter than expected. Often external spend is reduced to a minimum.A lack of budget should not mean training stops. It means we need to start thinking differently. Its innovation time! Attending courses are not the only way to train and develop people. Sometimes we need to focus on the end result, the learning needed and not the journey – how that knowledge of skill should be achieved.When as part of a Personal Development … [Read more...]

Repetition – the neglected L&D tool with declining attention spans

Are our attentions spans declining? To learn new things, do we need to practice for 1000s of hours, or can we just learn in bite sized pieces? Are our attention spans declining or reducing with social media and the connected world? Can we really learn all we need in just a fw short minutes, or are we tied to investing time and resources to developing people?Lets start with a popular set of beliefs which have become popular in recent years. The 10,000 hour rule - of practice to create … [Read more...]

Key Performance Indicators – Sample KPI’s

Key Performance Indicators - Some Sample KPI's Human Resource Key performance Indicators - KPI examplesEmployee Development Key performance Indicators - KPI examplesFinance and Business Key performance Indicators - KPI examplesHealth and Safety Key performance Indicators - KPI examplesEnvironmental Key performance Indicators - KPI examplesKey performance Indicator - KPI overviewGo to our main Key Performance Indicator (KPI) page KPI's in action- Example Key Performance … [Read more...]

If it’s not written down, it didn’t happen

Picture this scene.You are asked to be a witness in court about an unfortunate incident that happened some time ago. You believe you can recall what happened, to who and when.The date of the case arises. You are sitting on the witness bench outside the court. People are walking backwards and forwards to different parts of the building. As each person walks past you hear their footsteps echo around the large hall, heavy boots to heels, clipping. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow.Every … [Read more...]

How to Build a Competency Matrix (Skills Matrix)

All businesses having competent people is important. The more competent our people, the better they perform.In safety critical environments, more than almost any other business environment, it is critical to understand who knows what. Having competency maps or competency matrices can help. What is a competency or skill? The UK based CIPD (professional body for Human Resource professional) says: Competence or competency?'Competency' and ‘competencies’ may be defined as the behaviours … [Read more...]

Is the 90 9 1 dead? Is this relevant in 2015 and beyond? Do people still lurk?

2015 update on 90-9-1 & 70-20-10 Is the 90-9-1 rule for online community engagement dead? Is it dead, different or a distraction? Crystal in her blog starts exploring the 90-9-1 rule based on the 2012 BBC research which suggests that 77% of people are creators. I will come back to this later. Certainly it can be a distraction if you apply the 90-9-1 with any weight. Certainly it is different, but dead..? Let's explore things a little. Setting the scene - why write this update on 90-9-1 … [Read more...]

From customer service training to great customer experience

Customer service excellence and customer service training is about more than just being polite!One of the challenges in many businesses today is improving “customer services”.We need to look at how organizations set up and manage their customer service teams. Often people that are customer facing are the most junior in the business. They have the least amount of job or life experience. They are often the lowest paid.Of course these are massive generalisations. But you get the … [Read more...]

Toolism – 5 management tools that are past their sell by date

Toolism - 5 management tools we rely on that are past their sell by date Unlike the food we buy in the shops which come with Sell by, Use by and Best before dates, the management tools we use come with no such context or advice. We believe the hype with which they are sold to us.What do Human Resources, Change Management, Learning & Development and Consulting have in common? All professionals in this arena rely on tools or processes. Many of these tools and processes have been around … [Read more...]

Strategic or operational business functions, is there an option?

For a long time professions such as Human Resources and Marketing have aimed to be strategic players. Often some functions are sub contracted, with the “strategic stuff” retained in house.Is this sustainable?What might be operational one day is strategic the next! IT is a great example of this.Can everything be outsourced? How do we know what can and cannot be outsourced effectively? Strategic or Operational What do Businesses need? Well they need both, operational and strategy. … [Read more...]

Curating and Transferring Knowledge & Collaborative Social Learning in the Workplace #cipdldshow

Speakers for this sessionRoy Davis - AstraZenecaCarol Read & Kate Pound - Horizons GroupChaired by Julian Stodd - Seasalt Learning Julian opens the session - wearing googleglass - but no explanation as to why yet! and yet he was reading his notes from a tablet & not using the strength of glass for notes!!! Roy Davis takes to the stage.Roy provided an overview of their business and an outline of a major project to move a facility from one part of … [Read more...]

Gamification to Increase Employee Motivation and Engagement

Can you really use gamification to increase employee motivation and engagement?Is gamification just the latest management fad?As organizations have become more focused on business objectives, gamification has increased because it can help the workplace become more engaging and productive.Gamification changes the rules of engagement and inspires employees to change behaviors as a result. The prediction is that by 2015, 40 percent of Global 1000 organizations will use gamification as … [Read more...]

Why training fails – time for a new approach?

Time for a new approach to learning in business?Over the years I have looked at a number of books, blogs and articles and in various LinkedIn groups to do with training and developing people. Many of these are about management, leadership and developing people for the future.There seems to be a common theme.... new ways of doing things. A reinforcement of the message that the old ways did not get what you wanted. Here is a new, improved and better way. A new and shiny approach if you … [Read more...]

Game based learning vs gamification

Game based learning and gamification are the same thing? Right?No.Whilst they are based on the same origins, they are very different things. So what is Game based learning vs gamification ?  Some basic definitions to get us started: Gamification definition: “Gamification takes game elements (such as points, badges, leaderboards, competition, achievements) and applies them to a non-game setting. It has the potential to turn routine, mundane tasks into refreshing, motivating … [Read more...]

Business Value Realization – BVR

What is business value realization? Several sources define value realization as: “The value extracted from a process or project shown over time” A demand of businesses is the ability for organizations to generate more ‘value add’ from existing products, processes and customers. Different disciplines have in the past used different language to mean value realisation in one flavour or another. This can be seen to include the term “evaluation” in Learning and Development, ROI in capital terms. … [Read more...]

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