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Today I am attending an event run by The BILD in association with the UKTI.

I will attempt to live blog from this event – as long as there is a good data connection ;)

The event runs from 10:30 through to 15:30 GMT.

Speakers include:

Richard Parry – Head of Education Exports and Publishing – UKTI

Joy Wilson – Spectrum Training Services

Graham Snape – International Trade Advisor – UKTI

Export for the Learning and Training Market

Like any business, there is opportunity for business growth and development both in the domestic and international markets. The UKTI are a specialist part of the government aimed at helping UK businesses be more successful overseas. this makes good business sense for both the business owner and for the UK as a whole.

RapidBI have been doing more and more international work over the last 5 years, and we are looking to expand this, so hoping to learn some useful tips

The main event:

Written live – sorry for any mistakes!

Welcome to the live blog for #BILDingCPD


and we take our seats for the start of the #bildevent, with Rich Wootten introducing


following a round the room intro bu participants, Richard Parry from UKTI takes the stage #bildevent


UKTI have people in every embassy around the world whose job is to find opportunities for UK businesses #bildevent


UKTI have a limited resource, so now only talk through strategic umbrells organisations like @theBILD #bildevent


UKTI are info providers, take people to markets, #wolce is the goto event for incoming UKTI are connectors #bildevent


UKTI feel they are not hitting the mark in helping corp training providers find export opportunities, they want more @thebild members at their overseas events #bildevent


initial eu opportunities include Spain, Greece and the new emerging east europe #bildevent


pigs, bricks and lots of acronyms being used – i need a translator! #bildevent


think about the market, and what you offer in different places. research and adapt the offer #export #bildevent


private training firms are now in international competition with UK university providers #bildevent


The floor was opened for questions/ thoughts

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First about a French opportunity and the experience of one provider

they found it hard to find sources of opportunity & information.

A case from a uni provixder, saying that purchasers buying “gold standard” does not necessarily meet their needs.

Trade missions may not be right for SME’s – but look at the likes of WOLCE where the buyers are coming to the UK looking for UK based suppliers. meet the commercial officer in the UK, then when you want to go to a country, you will have a “relationship” with them, and it will make the trip easier.

having meetings at a trade meeting – what is the best way to make the most of the 20 min you have?
know what you want to get, know the market you are interested in, what is your product, what are yoiu trying to sell, what is the apatite for your product in the country. what would you need to adapt?

at trade missions, people want to be asked to the table, they dont want to walk up to you. be proactive


Of the 17 people in the room, 50% currently export or work internationally #bildevent

few people in the room knew about registering on the UKTI website


sector specific content on the @ukti site #bildevent

its easy to focus on the big markets and sectirs, but sme’s would be better positioned looking to less mature markets and sectors


the @UKIT team can advise on business professionals in a given country – lawyers etc #bildevent


afternoon session begins #bildevent

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Joy Wilson takes the lead


Joy @spectrain is sharing some experiences of international working and suprises #toenail #bildevent


cultural differences – collectivism and how to use this as a stretegic advantage wene working in some sectors #bildevent


recognise the contribution of we not I in certain cultures #bildevent


look for the person with the most WASTA or klout to get things done #bildevent


Joy is isharing experences related to Geert Hofstede‘s cultural dimensions  #bildevent


when a person asks for a course outlline, do they mean outline, or do theyneed moer detail uncertainainty/ avoidance #bildevent


minimise the uncertainty for certain populations. many like and need structure #bildevent


when working where English is a second language – expect less to be achieved in a given time #bildevent


what is corruption and what is the cultural norm #bildevent


interesting, quite a few people in the room with ipads, but no one else tweeting… strenge. why not share? #bildevent


great session from @spectrain on middle east working #bildevent


Graham from #ukti is being introduced by Rich, James Hardy (london advisor) is also introduced #bildevent


What do ukti do?

  • training programmes – passport to export
  • Gateway to global growth – larger orgs
  • Missions
  • Trade show access programme
  • Research
  • OMIS – commercial office overseas research

each can be used as a pick and mix style.

ITA – international trade adviser

Register on ukti.gov.uk & be alerted to opportunities

Attend a 2 day workshop – “winning & delivering business overseas”

Get country based reports , or pay for sector based reports/ market research.

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Build a relationship with your local ITA – have a plan and work with the ITA to plan export

Who will do this. How much time/ budget will they have

Commercial officers are based in local embassies, paid by ukti or the embassy to undertake research for uk businesses.

Also look at Export Market Research Scheme (EMRS)- a grant for undertaking detailed market research for a new country.


if you respond to a tender on a news feed – its probably too late, talk to commercial officers for advanced notification #bildevent


great event from @bilddev at #UKTI read some key messages athttps://rapidbi.com/learning-to-do-business-overseas-the-bild-ukti/  #bildevent #yam #lrnchat #chat2lrn #cipd


Q&A session for the two regional advisers – South east & London #bildevent


Some people are so desperate for work opportunities, one person has asked self promotional questions at the drop of a hat #bildevent

shame as the individual has not realised what he is doing..


Rich Brings #bildevent on export with the @ukti to a close – a great event – thanks to all that were involved.

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  7. “@RapidBI: great event from @bilddev at #UKTI read some key messages at http://t.co/XHsJYZ2IvV #bildeve…” @UKTI_Education

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