Marketing plan for a training company

How to develop a marketing plan for your training company

no marketing plan imageWhat is a marketing plan?

A Marketing Plan is sometimes called a marketing strategy, in essence it is an action plan of what it is you are going to do to promote your business. Like any SMART goal  it is a written plan that states the marketing goals and the objectives to be achieved over a specified period of time.

So if you are currently in business or looking to set up a training company or starting out in freelance training, the one thing you need is a clear plan – well in fact two plans… a business plan (a simple one page plan will do) and a marketing plan.

A marketing plan looks at three factors:

  1. Where is your business now?
  2. Where do you want/ need your business to be? (and why)
  3. How are you going to get your business there?

Jumping straight to step (2) or three is a waste of time without REALLY understanding (1) – where is your business now (are you now)? What do you do? Who do you do it with? For how much?

We need to follow some sound principles…

Knowledge -> Understanding -> Action

We need Knowledge of where we are – we need to understand or make sence of this in order to take appropriate Action


A  Marketing Plan Template (example)


Executive Summary – What is the plan about – one or two simple paragraphs

Business Overview 

– What do you do – be specific (to say you run management training courses is too vague)

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Target market – who do you do it do/ with? The narrower & more specific the better

Vision – what do you want to be ?

Mission – Why are you in business? what is your purpose?

Current Analysis – where are you now ? what do you do? who to? for how much?

External Analysis – What is happening in the environment in which you are, or want to operate?

Conduct a PEST/ PESTLE analysis

Internal Analysis

Conduct a PRIMO-F analysis

Use the PESTLE & PRIMO-F data to complete a comprehensive SWOT analysis. Use this to consider where you are, where are you going and how are you going to get there?


Marketing Strategies – your plan

Consider what approaches (strategies) are required to achieve your desired goals. Look at:

  • Marketing Mix (4 ps – product, place, pricing, promotion)
      • Your target market
      • Service/ product strategy
      • Pricing  approach
      • Promotional strategy- how do people know you exist?
      • Customers – acquisition, maintain – also see Ansoff matrix

Implementation Plan

What needs to be done. What actions.. by who… by when


Resourcing requirements

  • How much money/ cash you need for your business plan
  • Investment from you ?
  • The people involved – is this just you? associates? partners?

This template will work equally well for a coaching or consulting company.

About Mike Morrison

Mike Morrison is a consultant and change agent specialising in developing skills in senior people to increase organizational performance.
Mike provides training & development in senior management, leadership, change management & other strategic programs to an international client base.
Mike is also founder & director of RapidBI, an organizational effectiveness consultancy.


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