Big Bundle of ready to use training courses – Course-ware materials & trainers notes

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A ready to use resource for managers and trainers. Everything you need to deliver a time management course.


Includes: Facilitators guide, leader guide, participant materials, slides, certificate template, evaluation form, Professional and clearly written training course materials and detailed trainers/ facilitators notes.

All of our materials have been tried and tested. They are practical, easy to use and fun to deliver.

Courses in the bundle include:

  • Assertiveness
  • Time and priority management
  • Appraisal skills
  • Effective listening skills
  • Conflict management
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Customer care
  • Change management
  • Develop a training program
  • Create a departmental training plan
  • Managing the training function
  • Confident presentations
  • Coaching skills

Bonus – webreporter communications activity

These packs are designed for line managers to use with their people. Experienced trainers may feel that the content is too basic. These packs are produced to be used easily and add value in the business or with service based people.


Product Description

Big Bundle of Soft Skills and Management Courses

Business Learning Resources

Course outline:

14 complete sets of soft skills training materials. Detailed trainers notes, handouts, activities etc. all ready for full customization.

What’s it for?

This pack contains all of our currently available ready to use soft skills courses, handouts and most importantly trainers guides.

How long does it take?

Each course takes 3 to 3.5 hours to run. Ready to use straight from the download, or you can fully customize to meet your internal customers needs

Courses in the bundle include:

  • Assertiveness, training course materials
  • Time and priority management, training course materials
  • Appraisal skills & Performance management, training course materials
  • Effective listening skills, training course materials
  • Conflict management, training course materials
  • Dealing with difficult people, training course materials
  • Customer care, training course materials
  • Change management, training course materials
  • Develop a training program, training course materials
  • Create a departmental training plan, training course materials
  • Managing the training function, training course materials
  • Confident presentations, training course materials
  • Coaching skills for managers, training course materials

Bonus – webreporter communications team exercise/ activity

RapidBI’s ready to use training course materials
Ready to use management training materialsSave TimeReady to use management training materialsRestriction free
Ready to use management training materialsMultiple use/ re-useReady to use management training materialsBrand/ customise
Ready to use management training materialsEdit all materialsReady to use management training materialsCost effective
Ready to use management training materialsGeneral facilitation guideReady to use management training materialsCourse leader guide
Ready to use management training materials PowerPoint slidesReady to use management training materialsParticipant handouts
Ready to use management training materialsInstant downloadReady to use management training materialsCost effective
Ready to use management training materialsSuitable tor managers to useReady to use management training materialsSuitable for new trainers to use
Ready to use management training materialsDetailed notes & guideReady to use management training materials100% money back guarantee

Please note, like all our materials you can use these with your participants but materials must not be copied and sold as materials in any form.

Big Bundle Training Course Materials & Resources for Soft Skills and Management Courses

These materials are designed for managers to use internally. They are NOT designed for professional trainers to buy and sell to customers.

Management & soft skills training materials for sale for you to download and use today. Buy securely using PayPal

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