Why Organisational Development often fails to deliver

Organisational Development (OD) is the name or label given to many HR and training related strategies, but it is more than that.Bennis in his early work "Organizational Development: nature, origins & prospects" defines OD as: "a response to change, a complex educational strategy intended to change the beliefs, attitudes, values and structure of organizations so that they can better adapt to new technologies, markets and challenges" This is just as true today as it was in … [Read more...]

Organizational Diagnostic Reviews

What is a Diagnostic Review? Before exploring the function and content of a Diagnostic Review lets understand what we mean.Diagnostic - Refers to something that is used to determine the cause or disorder in a function/ organization.Review - A commentary, often with criticism or correction. Also a report providing a critical consideration of a work or activity. A diagnostic review examines an organizations management and financial systems and practices. Diagnostic reviews are generally … [Read more...]

organisational assessment tools

Organisational Diagnostics, Development and Assessment Tools Introduction to Organisational Diagnostics Development and AssessmentDiagnosing organisational development (OD) needs Assessing and diagnosing organisational development (OD) needs is different from training needs assessment. The Business Improvement Review (BIR) is a diagnostic tool or instrument which enables managers, clients and stakeholders identify what is needed in an organisation to identify changes needed.Let's start … [Read more...]

Business Diagnostic Models

Business Diagnostic Models There are many business diagnostic models available but are they all the same? DAVID LEYSERMAN said:A business diagnostic can refer to an activity or a tool used to carry out the activity and of course there are different tools for different jobs. Some diagnostic tools are quick and dirty questionnaires while others are elaborate exercises with scientifically validated outcomes. Diagnostics range from a general business health check through to drilling down into … [Read more...]

School Improvement Review – SIR

RapidBI is Looking Back to School In the last few weeks we have been approached and asked if we have a BIR suitable for the education market. One of the problems with the BIR in this context is the structure of the organisation and its relationship to its customers (the students). While the BIR will work well for the management of the education establishment, it will not be as successful at looking at teacher and student engagement. Nor will it take into account the limitations on "marketing" … [Read more...]

New workshop for consultants, business advisers and OD specialists

New 1/2 day workshop for coaches, consultants, business advisers and OD specialists In these difficult economic times it is getting harder for clients to justify spend, which is having an impact on providers of all sizes.For some time users of RapidBI's Business Improvement Review (BIR), have used the tool to help identify client needs, prioritise actions and provide a way of evaluating outcomes and measuring progress (benchmarking) made. Now the team at RapidBI have taken our accreditation … [Read more...]

Assess the health of your business – FAST!

Assess the health of your business As the economy stays tight for many businesses, now is the time to carry out a health check to look at what is and what is not happening in a healthy way.Its easy to focus on the day-to-day, but taking a short amount of time to work on the business rather than work in the business can pay dividends.Many smaller firms talk to their accountants on a regular basis, and sure this can help, but its not just financial health you need to keep an eye on. While … [Read more...]

The BIR business diagnostic & health check

Why should you carry out a regular, independent health check of your business? Effective use of these tools can provide benchmarks of performance and evaluation of change initiatives. rapidbi.com … [Read more...]

How to select the appropriate business improvement diagnostic

How to select the appropriate business improvement diagnostic The RapidBI team have developed a range of diagnostic tools suitable for identifying business planning strategies and management culture improvements for many organizations - but how do you select the one that is right for you?The BIR is a strategic diagnostic tool which looks at all parts of an organization, with a view to identifying areas for improvement. The BIR can also be used to measure the effectiveness of organizational … [Read more...]

Organizational Mirror

Organizational Development - Organizational Mirror Methods Organizational Development TechniquesThe aim of the process is to recognize and clarify dysfunctional activity by mirroring so as to strengthen boundary differentiation amongst groups and individuals and hence their capacity for adaptation to the organizational task.The process typically follows three broad stages: information-gathering, formulation and implementationIntelligent MirrorAny OD technique worth applying … [Read more...]

Organisational Appraisal – The short cut to effective business development

What is an Organisational Appraisal? An Organisational Appraisal is a process which can look at an organisation and appraise it in a given context. Some tools appraise an organisation in preparation of an award (for example, EFQM, Business Excellence, Baldridge, Investors in People etc) others look at the performance of an organisation in preparation for a buy-out/ buy-in, raising venture capital etc.The Business Improvement Review is an Organisational Appraisal tool with the purpose of … [Read more...]

How To Write A Business Diagnostic Tool

How To Write A Business Diagnostic Tool How To Develop A Business Diagnostic - a recipe for successTool, the BIR has taken many 100's of hours to develop. What makes this level of investment different from one person writing a diagnostic tool?How to write a business diagnosticIdentify the need and scope Collect 10 experts in the fields of finance, marketing, operatons and HRM/D Spend 150 days brainstorming best practice in each of the keys areas common to an effective … [Read more...]

holistic organizational development

Holistic Organizational Development Organizational Diagnostic - self adminstered - Go to the BIR/ OD tools micro siteWhat is Holistic Organizational Development?Holistic Organizational Development is development activity looking at the whole organization, systems, people culture etc.It looks at people and how they interact with the organization to deliver is products and services.Holistic Diagnostic approaches include everyone in the organization - top down, as well as explore … [Read more...]

holistic diagnostic tools

Holistic Diagnostic Tools Introduction to Holistic Diagnostic ToolsA Holistic Diagnostic tool is to help Change agents to work with an organization to develop strategies for improvement.They can be used by both internal and external consultants and advisers.Holistic Change & GrowthAll organizations, large and small, are facing increasing pressure for higher levels of productivity, return on investment, shareholder value and other measures of performance.These sometimes … [Read more...]

BIR Business Improvement Review

BIR Business Improvement ReviewWhat is the BIR?The Business Improvement Review is a form of structured SWOT analysis. It follows the PRIMO-F methodology for looking at all internal factors in a balanced way.Developed with the knowledge of 11 business advisers, the BIR has taken over 10 man years to design, develop, refine and deploy. It contains over 200 years of experience of running companies from 5-50,000 employees.Unlike most 'diagnostic' tools, the BIR does not attempt to … [Read more...]

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