The Managers Dilemma by Jesse Sostrin – Book Review

The Manager's Dilemma by Jesse Sostrin Balancing the inverse equation of increasing demands + shrinking resources The first thing that struck me about The Manager's Dilemma is the jargon loaded cover. But do not let that put you off. Once you open the book we enter into a practical and well laid out journey through identifying the problem, recognising potential solutions and making changes that work. The book is written in three sections:Embrace the dilemma Balance the equation Flip … [Read more...]

Hidden Strengths by Thuy Sindell & Milo Sindell

Hidden Strengths: Unleashing the Crucial Leadership Skills You Already Have is a book by authors Thuy Sindell and Milo Sindell.The book starts with the premise that to survive in the modern world we need to be agile and adaptive. This book and the associated website set out to provide tools to help readers become more agile. Structured in three parts, the book sets the reader out on a journey of discovery of our existing strengths and the opportunity we have for personal growth. Part 1 - … [Read more...]

The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind

The Four Intelligences of the business mind – by Valeh Nazemoff  This is a short (115 page) book, but it packs some powerful punches. The first truly practical business book applying learning from neuroscience to everyday business.Across seven chapters Nazemoff takes us on a fast paced journey:Your brain, mind and business transformation Finance Intelligence Customer Intelligence Data intelligence Mastermind Intelligence Pattern Recognition Strategy mappingYour … [Read more...]

Win Friends and Customers by Lawrence Bookbinder – Book Review

Win friends and customers by Lawrence BookbinderThis is a small pocket size book great to read on the commute or when traveling. It helps the reader to see below the surface of everyday conversations.The author takes us on a journey through what appear to be everyday interactions and shows us where we may be missing some fundamental opportunities to talk more effectively. this in turn can lead to better customers and repeat business! The book is broken into the following … [Read more...]

Leadership in the Crucible of Work – by Sandy Shugart – Book Review

Leadership in the Crucible of Work by Sandy Shugart Discovering the interior life of an authentic leader In this 233 page book, Shugart takes a different approach to many other leadership authors. “Leadership in the Crucible of Work” neatly houses a collection of essays with thought provoking reflections and questions, all from a real journey of leadership. Who is the author Sandy Shugart? According to the publishers site, Sanford C. “Sandy” Shugart, PhD, stumbled into senior leadership at a … [Read more...]

Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership By Sarah Alexander – Book Review

Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership - From Manager to Leader in your own life By Sarah Alexander Leadership is such a large and extensively written about topic, so where would a new approach start?Alexander structures the book by looking at leadership and the act of leadership through the journey from manager to leader: “Knowing our true value and worth” Knowing our security is within us” “The power of intuited wisdom” “The value of deep faith” “Right Intention…right action” “Letting … [Read more...]

Business Techniques for Growth – Book Review

Written by Thomas H Gray, this book aims to give tools and techniques for smaller business owners. Book Structure: Motivation - self and othersCompensation - for the owner and their team,Incentive plans and non financial rewardsImproving Employee performance - a series of tools and techniques to improve the productivity and engagement of your team membersGrowing Revenue - Understanding where profit comes from, how to magnify key factors and techniques for revenue growth - both … [Read more...]

They’ll Eat Out of Your Hand – Book Review #Leadership

They'll Eat Out of Your Hand If You Know What to Feed Them, is a new book by Dr. Laura Hills This book looks at what the author says are the "30 Essential Communication Skills that Give Highly Successful Career Professionals Their Edge". Split in to six parts, following a 6 point communications mode, Hills provides a well documented journey for developing professionals. Taking a holistic approach Hills takes the reader on a journey through not just one area of communications skills, but and … [Read more...]

The Q-Loop – the art and science of lasting corporate change book review

Q-Loop, the art and science of lasting corporate change by Brian Klapper  Let’s be honest there is an ocean of business books on change and change management, do we really need another? In this case yes! Even the style and layout of this book is differently from the relentless page after page of fully justified text. Even my 21 year old daughter who whilst loves reading usually flicks the business books I have and says “boring” said she liked this, including the “did you know” boxes plastered … [Read more...]

Leadership and Art of Struggle By Steven Snyder – book review

The book - -  is an interesting and unexpected engaging read. For many leadership books "tout" perfect ways of doing things, they suggest that stress and conflict is only for the weak. Snyder takes a more pragmatic approach to explaining some of the tensions and how to navigate them.In this book review I explore the structure and some of the key messages.In his introduction Snyder starts out by saying how spellbound he was looking at the first public demonstration of Lisa, Apple's … [Read more...]

Business Techniques in Troubled Times by Thomas H. Gray – book review

Business Techniques in Troubled Times by Thomas H. Gray This book starts out with the premise that it is the availability of business advice not been the problem, but the value and relevance that advice provides. The author pursues a real issues are around “how do I know I need help?” And “what advice can I trust?” In his book Gray aims to provide solutions to both of these issues, helping the reader know when they do need help in the business and identifying the advice they can trust. Book … [Read more...]

The Fearless Frontline by Ray Attiyah – book review

The Fearless Frontline by Ray Attiyah As a leaders and manager, do you feel that much of your time is consumed by urgent, but unimportant tasks? Why is it that as managers and leaders we are expected to spend so much of our time working in the business, rather than on the business? In his book, Ray Attiyah says that leaders must learn to spend more time ON the business and less time IN the business. Book structure: Contentsmeet the marathon manager developer fearless culture empower … [Read more...]

Interviewer, Heal Thyself

Interviewers rarely get a chance to hear much from the people they've been interrogating. But that does not mean that interviewers have it right or that a bad interview is always the interviewee’s fault. There is plenty of room for job interview help on the employer’s side of the interview equation. The Unprepared For the interviewee, success is all about preparation, but the same holds true for the interviewer. There are interviewers who know little about the job they’re trying to fill, … [Read more...]

When can you start? – Book Review

Every now an again there is an author who approached a common activity in a new way. For me Paul Freiberger has done this with a book about interviews skills and approaches.When can you start? by Paul. Freiberger Who is "When can you Start?" for? This is book for people looking to change jobs or approaching interviews for the first time. But I would also suggest that anyone that has not had an interview for a while consider Paul's wise words.Written in a warm conversational tone the … [Read more...]

Beyond Tribalism – Book Review

Beyond Tribalism by Celia de Anca a review   Beyond Tribalism - beyond the cover This is a 300 page book with a smattering of figures and tables, 15 in total. At first look a traditional "heavy" flick showing page after page of text in a uniform layout.The forward to Beyond Tribalism is by Professor Emeritus Arpad von Lazar of Tufts University, who says This is an important book about circumstance, a condition and a behavioral and structural given with which we are … [Read more...]

The Outstanding Organization – Book Review

The Outstanding Organization by Karen Martin, published by McGrawHill.The Outstanding Organization is a 215 page book for anyone involved in the strategic direction and decision making of an organization. The Outstanding Organization is broken into six main sections:Cracks in the foundation Clarity Focus Discipline Engagement Adopting habits that payAs a book, The Outstanding Organization is well researched with a plethora of  mini case studies and examples. Linked to … [Read more...]

Ready for Change – book review

Ready for Change - Edited by Cora Lynn Heimer RathboneThis is a change management book aimed at Leaders, managers, Human Resources and organizational change professionals looking to be ready for change. Initial reaction - Ready for Change One thing I do first when looking at a management book for the first time is look at the design. Are there illustrations,  models or tables helping to communicate key messages - and this book is full of them!  Over 44 in just 260 pages.This may sound … [Read more...]

Consequences – Diverse to Mosaic Britain

A few weeks ago I was offered Susan Popoola's book, Consequences for review at a networking event. Not for me thanks Now to be honest this is not the sort of book I would usually buy, or for that matter read. On the tube (underground/ subway in London) on the way home, with nothing else to read I started to flick through. I was hooked. I had read over a third before reaching my local station. Sit up and listen This is a hard hitting, no holds barred look at modern society in a diverse … [Read more...]

22 Laws of Marketing

Making Marketing Work As a business we often need to undertake marketing as well as sales activity (short term and long term views). But how do we do it? What can we learn from the giant international companies and brands?While waiting for a conference call, I noticed this book on my book shelf, and dug it out for a quick read - its been some times since I last looked at it. As I was thumbing through I realised that there was actually some great and practical ideas here so thought - I must but … [Read more...]

innovation equation creativity risk

The Innovation Equation - Building Creativity and Risk Taking in your organisation Book Title: The Innovation Equation: Building Creativity and Risk Taking in your organisation Author: Jacqueline Byrd & Paul Lockwood Brown Publisher: Jossey-Bass Pfeiffer ISBN: 0-7879-6250-3 Reviewer: Mike Morrison The Innovation Equation is a book aimed at explaining some of the principles and hard-won secrets behind successful innovation. It aims to clarify the characteristics of differing cultures and … [Read more...]

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