Future proof your business – Effective Business Planning

Future proof your business - Effective Business Planning In the current economic climate, the most many of us can do is batten down the hatches and hope that we can weather the storm.Many of us will be looking to cut and minimise expenses and costs (which is the right thing to do) but what costs do we cut? Where should we be investing?In the previous downturns those that kept looking forwards were the ones which recovered quickest and have made more profit.  Identifying what we should … [Read more...]

Change management models, processes and images

Introduction to Change, change management and change modelsChange and change management is one of those topics that we all seem to talk about and yet we all seem to have difficulty with.For any organizational development (OD) intervention to be effective, change needs to lead or at the very least be managed.Many organizations focus on the project management aspects of change. While this is an important factor - it is not the critical factor. People are. Having said that, it is about … [Read more...]

Porters five forces

Michael Porter's Five Forces Michael Porter's five forces is a model used to explore the environment in which a product or company (or business unit) operates. Five forces analysis looks at five key areas mainly the threat of entry, the power of buyers, the power of suppliers, the threat of substitutes, and competitive rivalry. New Entrants SuppliersIndustry competitors and extent of rivalryBuyers Substitutes Introduction The model of the Five Competitive Forces … [Read more...]

Why change initiatives fail to deliver

Why do change initiatives fail to deliver the expected results?It does not matter how many books you have read or how many change management projects you have been involved in. Some are successful. Some change initiatives fail. The real question is, can we identify failure early before any damage is done? And what can we do to reduce our change initiative from failing? What does research say about change initiatives failing? The HBR claims that 70% of change initiatives fail, Gallup claim … [Read more...]

Change Management – #oneword #CIPD #HR

In 2015 100s of HR professionals were asked a simple question in a survey… in one word describe…CHANGE MANAGEMENTParticipants were invited from the CIPD Members LinkedIn group, the CIPD communities, and the CIPD Facebook group. 613 participated. Of those, over 70% have been in HR for more than 11 years.Not all questions were mandatory The demographics for this were:Processing of one word data. During data analysis, spellings were corrected, and capitalisation resolved. No words … [Read more...]

Ready for Change – book review

Ready for Change - Edited by Cora Lynn Heimer RathboneThis is a change management book aimed at Leaders, managers, Human Resources and organizational change professionals looking to be ready for change. Initial reaction - Ready for Change One thing I do first when looking at a management book for the first time is look at the design. Are there illustrations,  models or tables helping to communicate key messages - and this book is full of them!  Over 44 in just 260 pages.This may sound … [Read more...]

Social networking in L&D is it effective?

Most learning professionals agree that interaction is key to learning and development.Increasingly groups and communities are being developed both within our organizations and using third party sites like LinkedIn , Facebook etc for networking. But is it working? there is a considerable amount of anecdotal evidence (and some research) to show that there is a ratio for success - 90:9:1where one person created or initiated the environment nine people edit, moderate or drive the … [Read more...]

Organizational Diagnostic Reviews

What is a Diagnostic Review? Before exploring the function and content of a Diagnostic Review lets understand what we mean.Diagnostic - Refers to something that is used to determine the cause or disorder in a function/ organization.Review - A commentary, often with criticism or correction. Also a report providing a critical consideration of a work or activity. A diagnostic review examines an organizations management and financial systems and practices. Diagnostic reviews are generally … [Read more...]

London Marathon Change or Transition Model

When looking to lead change: The Marathon EffectThe Marathon Effect or Model is taken from William Bridges, author of Managing Transitions, Making the Most of Change. It is often known as Bridges three stage model.Bridges focus for success to manage the ending and to help people to let go.Bridges three stage model:Change is external Transition is internal Change -v- TransitionTransition is what affects us, not change. A transition starts with an … [Read more...]

Its not going to happen here! – change management psychology

It's not going to happen here! - change management psychologyChange management psychology - Death, Taxes and change - some say are the only consistants in lifeSome people love and welcome change - not all change - but a partuicular change at a particular point in time. The change may be instigated by our partner, boss, peers, suppliers, technology etc. These are all factors of change management psychology. Having the skills to effectively manage the effects of change management should be … [Read more...]

Organizational Change & Traffic Management & Flow

Managing change - the hidden factors of flow Recently while thinking about how change is implemented and impacts organizations, I can across an interesting article on traffic flow.In the UK on our motorways we now have "active traffic management" systems where lanes are closed & opened by control staff, and often used in conjunction with variable speed limits. Most drivers hate these as they usually slow the traffic up by 10 mph. Does this really work to manage traffic jams? and more … [Read more...]

Managing Change in Organizations

Managing Change in Organizations Welcome to our page on change management.For organizational development to be effective, change needs to be managed. Many organizational focus on the project management aspects of change. While this is an important factor - it is not the critical factor. People are.Often when undertaking change processes in organizations we focus on the process, the project management. Often when change fails it fails because we have not taken into account the impact … [Read more...]

Change Management Project Template

Change Management TemplatesMany people are looking for a template on which to base their change management project. While the team at RapidBI do not believe that these are successful or complete tools, many people are not sure where to start.Therefore we provide the template below to act as an aid memoir providing the structure of the project at its initial stages.Remember each change management project is different, and managing the process parts of a change project is only the tip … [Read more...]

Supporting Change in Organisations

How do we support change in organizations? How do HR support change and change management in organisations? This is a HUGE subject. As this question is being asked of HR people more and more in the current climate, this is the first of a series of articles looking at not just change management, but the supporting role that HR, OD and training professionals can make.Lets start out by understanding what the phrase "Support organisations going through change". Now by this I am assuming that we … [Read more...]

But we are different

In our industry we're unique I read an interesting post yesterday entitled "We're Unique". the full title of the piece was "We’re Unique” (Sure You Are)" and the intro that led me to read this was interesting, however when I went to the blog I was disapointed that the actual article was no much longer than the initial introduction.In itself the article stated the obvious but did not give any hints tips or ideas on how to change the situation.There was me expecting to read some … [Read more...]

Clean Sheet Review Tool

What is a Clean Sheet Review? With an increasing need for organizations to review their effectiveness and costing, more and more managers and organizational development practitioners have to undertake “Clean Sheet Reviews”.What is a “Clean Sheet Review” and how do you do one?It is in essence a process of collective (or organizational) forgetting or wiping the slate clean and starting with a blank sheet of paper. Starting again from scratch.Within the context of Business Process … [Read more...]

Tools of Change Management

Introduction to change, change models and tools of change management For any organizational development (OD) intervention to be effective, change needs to be lead or at the very least managed from a people perspective.Many organizations focus on the project management aspects of change. While this is an important factor - it is not the critical factor. People are.Having said that, it is about balancing the development or change of both at the same time - see our business growth model. … [Read more...]

Hidden Dangers of 25% budget cuts

In tough times we need to make tough decisions How to cut 25% budget without spiting your face.With public sector organisations all over the UK (and others) facing mandatory cuts of 25% budget cuts across the board, many are going to make mistakes they will live to regret.Whether we like it or not the target has been set. The goal for leaders now is to make appropriate cuts.A couple of weeks ago I ran a leadership and change management programme for a group of senior leaders in … [Read more...]

What is Best Practice?

What is Best Practice and Good PracticeIntroduction to best practiceOften in business we hear about Best Practice and Good Practice, but what does it mean? Where and when should we use it?To help us out lets look at some definitions:Definitions - Practice To do or perform habitually or customarily; make a habit of: practices courtesy in social situations. To do or perform (something) repeatedly in order to acquire or polish a skill: practice a dance step. To give lessons or … [Read more...]

The BIR business diagnostic & health check

Why should you carry out a regular, independent health check of your business? Effective use of these tools can provide benchmarks of performance and evaluation of change initiatives. rapidbi.com … [Read more...]

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