Blogs do they work for you

Web 2.0 and all that it means… blogs, twitter, interaction etc but what does it mean?Humans are social animals, we need to be part of a social group, a hierarchy. With the demise of the extended family, the nuclear family and more and more isolation perhaps it was inevitable that we will need to find a ‘new social group’.It is curious that over the past 15 years membership of voluntary organisations has changed. We no longer go to the ‘clubs’ that we once did to feel part of some … [Read more...]

Innovation creating an organizational wide culture of executive innovation

Executive innovation – creating the culture Ever heard your people say…“What we need in this organization is innovation” or “Creativity will give us the edge”.Executives and leaders often utter these words with little realisation of the difficulties of bringing about a fundamental shift in the behaviour necessary to create an innovation culture across the organization. “We can empower people to bring new ideas, we’ll run some workshops on creativity” if only it were that simple. But … [Read more...]

Innovation – Individual or team effort – “Collective Leadership”

Today I read an interesting blog article on Innovation which starts with:"To generate creative business ideas, breakthrough innovators must be fiercely tested and wisely deployed (…) Truly innovative people are rare. Perhaps, 5% or 10% of the high potential managers within a company at any given time have the skills and attributes to become innovators.”Read Jeffrey Cohn, Jon Katzenbach, and Gus Vlack’s paper, “Finding and Grooming Breakthrough Innovators,” on HBR."  The author … [Read more...]

Executive Innovation the key to success

Is Executive Innovation the key to success?The world economy is changing… are we reacting fast enough? For many executives innovation is just not happening fast enough according to recent articles and research from Boston Consulting Group’s annual study on innovation. Many organisations know that first in order to survive and then to grow they need to innovate. In recent years the focus of innovation has been on creativity and the innovative process, but the lack of results show that this … [Read more...]

Not What Why

When situations are difficult it is easy to remain task focused (what), but does this help us maintain a future resistant approach?Schein in “Organizational Culture and Leadership”  says “what happens in organizations is fairly easy to observe, but in the effort to understand why such things happen, culture as a concept comes into its own”If leadership is the key to the future success of our organisation then culture is the lock. In a world where we are very short term-ist (just look … [Read more...]

Has Microsoft just killed the HR software & CRM market? #LinkedIn #HRSS16 #RECEX16 #HRBLOG

Microsoft to acquire Linkedin. If you have not already read the news, yesterday Microsoft announced that it was on track to buy LinkedIn later this year. This is causing some upsets in many corners. Why would a Business software & services supplier (Microsoft) buy what most people think as a CV warehouse? Why over pay? If you look at the figured it is clear that Microsoft are paying over the odds per user. In addition is this a copy of many other bad tech purchases over the years or is this … [Read more...]

Introduction to Knowledge – Understanding – Action The RapidBI approach to Change

Introduction to KUA™ Knowledge -> Understanding -> ActionKnowledge leads to Understanding which can be applied into effective Actionis the process and principles that RapidBI base all of our programs, products and development upon.We recommend that when starting any OD or change intervention that you follow this simple, yet effective process:KNOWLEDGE - learn the principles, underpinning information and concepts UNDERSTANDING - from that knowledge develop your … [Read more...]

Why change management often fails to deliver management expectations

Why do most change management initiatives fail? Many of us are involved in change management and yet we often do not learn from previous mistakes as to why change management often fails to deliver. Change happens but we often fail to deliver management expectations.Over the past 15 years The RapidBI team have researched and investigated the reasons why many organizational change and improvement initiatives fail to deliver bottom line results. Indeed many change and improvement initiatives … [Read more...]

Why business improvement fails to deliver

Why business improvement fails to deliver Why business improvement often fails to deliver. This article explores the reasons why so many business improvement initiatives fail to deliver.Over the past 10 years The RapidBI team have researched and investigated the reasons why many business change and improvement initiates fail to deliver bottom line results. Indeed many change and improvement initiatives don't just fail to add to the bottom line, the often suck valuable resources from the … [Read more...]

Why can’t people follow instructions? #changemanagement #HRblog

Why can't people follow instructions? Or maybe more accurately why wont people follow instructions?This was brought home to me recently during some small changes in a community group I run online. It got me thinking about how we implement change, and why change management programs often fail to meet expectations.In the worlds of project management, software updates and software deployment (CRM, ERP etc), training and in fact any change management situation where we need people to stop … [Read more...]

Kurt Lewin change theory three step model – unfreeze, change, freeze

Kurt Lewin three step model change theory Introduction to the change model The Kurt Lewin change theory model is based around a 3-step process (Unfreeze-Change-Freeze) that provides a high-level approach to change. It gives a manager or other change agent a framework to implement a change effort, which is always very sensitive and must be made as seamless as possible.The Kurt Lewin change theory or model can help a leader do the following three steps:Make a radical change Minimize … [Read more...]

Motivating difficult trainees during training

It is said there is no such thing as a “difficult trainee”, just the unknown and our reactions to that. Not everyone is like a spring lamb or an inquisitive 3 year old! We have all been there,  seen it and done it before, indeed many have the T-Shirt. Often, when things are new and we believe passionately about it, on occasions we can seem a “little” too over enthusiastic. J This can happen in your training too. As trainers we can appear to be “too full on” or almost as a disciple for the … [Read more...]

HR needs to split operations & strategic activities – needing to live the company values

For years HR has been fighting to have a seat at the top table. It wants to be seen as more relevant and important to the business.The simple reality is that HR is neither operational or strategic to many organisations, and the reason is simple….. a lack of customer care. Many of us have dropped the ball. We have been playing the wrong game, on the wrong court, with the wrong ball! If we want to be strategic we need to talk $$$, that is a topic for another blog (watch this space), on another … [Read more...]

Crowdsourcing, risk and the new rules required

or what to do when crowdfunding goes wrong?If anyone has seen the news over the last 12 months, there has been a raise in a new phenomenon – crowd sourcing. This is where the power of the crowd is used to help fund projects, that often conventional funding would not support, or for people without the connections to conventional funding.  Definition of CROWDSOURCING : the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of … [Read more...]

SWOT analysis

SWOT Analysis The SWOT analysis is an effective planning tool used to understand the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business. It usually involves specifying the objective of the business or project and identifying the internal and external factors that are supportive or unfavourable to achieving that objective. A SWOT analysis is often used as part of a strategic planning process. SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, … [Read more...]

…and I’m expected to attend training?

Business, customers, expectations, time pressures, different employees, change. Wherever we look these days things are changing and more often than not it appears to be out of our control. Then on top of this we are expected to attend training, is it really necessary? Does the training have to be for that long? Can’t I just attend for a day? I have a job to do you know. Some great questions If your employer is providing more than just a couple of hours of training, then they consider it … [Read more...]

Innovation Drivers for change

Innovation Drivers Innovation is that buzz phrase that many, many firms aspire to. The look at processes, and hiring innovative and bright people. But are we missing the point? Learning from history - the drivers of innovation Almost every point in history, when there have been problems that needed solving, especially when resources were sparse  we have seen wonderful innovation. Whilst we may not like the context, the second world war gives some brilliant examples - Wallis's bouncing bomb, … [Read more...]

Manners online and forum/ platform culture

Manners online and forum/ platform culture - are they the same? There have recently been some discussions about the culture of social media sites and this sometimes gets confused with "manners" - but are they the same thing?In the real world as children and young adults we learn how to act with politeness, respect, and courtesy.However in the virtual world or world of social media, manners are still developing.This slideshare shows some great tips for social media manners … [Read more...]

Ready for Change – book review

Ready for Change - Edited by Cora Lynn Heimer RathboneThis is a change management book aimed at Leaders, managers, Human Resources and organizational change professionals looking to be ready for change. Initial reaction - Ready for Change One thing I do first when looking at a management book for the first time is look at the design. Are there illustrations,  models or tables helping to communicate key messages - and this book is full of them!  Over 44 in just 260 pages.This may sound … [Read more...]

What is Business Transformation?

What is Business Transformation? Increasingly in the worlds of project management, change and organizational development the term Business Transformation is being used. But what does it mean? What is exactly is Business Transformation?Is it change re-branded? Is it outsourcing? Is it a way for IT companies to sell additional services?In this unique piece Mike explores Business Transformation and looks at how this approach can be used in your company. He gets behind the hype and looks at what … [Read more...]

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