Coaching model – Skill vs. Will

Introduction:The Skill vs. Will matrix is a management tool (made popular in “The Tao of coaching” by Max Landsberg) used to determine what the best management approach is for a given staff member, based on two metrics: their level of skill and their level of will.The skill vs. will method will help you answer two simple yet important questions:How much can that person rely on his or her skills to complete the task?How much does that person really want to complete the task? The … [Read more...]

Reality Coaching – Coaching Motivational Presenters

Introduction I received a phone call asking if I was available to coach a pair of TV personalities preparing to deliver a high profile motivational seminar.  The pair had been asked to run an event together and the rehearsals were not being as successful as they had hoped.Let’s get to know the clients:He had been a presenter on terrestrial TV for some time and a motivational speaker, he was very successful. Let’s call him Joe. She was a sports coach and motivational trainer who had … [Read more...]

Reality Coaching – Business Coaching

In the second part of this mini series Mike explores coaching in the business environment.Introduction There are as many flavours of coaching are there are types of ice-cream. Each has its time and place. And like eating ice-cream it is easy to fall into our comfort zone and repeatedly have the same flavour – just because we like it. I am sure you also like many other flavours; it is just easier to have the same favourite.In coaching we often learn from one school or another. Many of us … [Read more...]

Business Coaching – Developing Motivational Speakers

Coaching Motivational Presenters By Mike Morrison   Introduction I received a phone call asking if I was available to coach a pair of TV personalities preparing to deliver a high profile motivational seminar.The pair had been asked to run an event together and the rehearsals were not being as successful as they had hoped.Let's get to know the clients:He had been a presenter on terrestrial TV for some time and a motivational speaker, he was very successful. Let's call him … [Read more...]

GROW into a coaching model

GROW -- Goals - Reality - Options - WillThe GROW model in coaching has been around for some time. It was first made popular by Sir John Whitmore and described in his book Coaching For Performance in 1992. It is widely believed that GROW was originally developed by Graham Alexander, who worked with Whitmore.The GROW model has been used successfully by coaches in sport and business as well as by many organizations as part of a change towards a coaching style of management.How to use … [Read more...]

Leadership models

  +++NEWSFLASH New revised layouts and now over 250 models available see them here+++  This is an old page, maintained for reasons of continuity,  please visit our updated page here  Leadership models and theories are tools that help to shape the way we think, manage and run our organisations.This page lists some of those leadership models found to be of value by the team at RapidBI. This is a historical page - our updated page can be found hereJump straight down the page to … [Read more...]

Tips for those thinking about going freelance in training or consultancy

How to become a freelance trainer or consultant So you want to go independent as a freelance trainer or consultant? Do your own thing?How do you go about starting out in freelance training? Overview on going freelance - or How to become a freelance trainer This document is not meant to be a complete how to guide for those wishing to start a consultancy business. It's purpose is to ask some of the questions and show some information that many other sources fail to do. Tips and ideas which … [Read more...]

Have your team leaders lost their grip? Time to train managers #hrblog

Have your team leaders lost their grip?It's a straight forward question: Have your team leaders lost their grip?Managers, most of us have one. They are not always called managers of course. Sometimes they are called supervisors, team leaders, deputy manager, leader, VP, Boss. Whatever we call them or their official job title, they are our “line manager”.We rely on them for guidance in our jobs. For support when things are not going well. For praise when things go well. For many … [Read more...]

Building an Agile Development Strategy Aligned to Changing Business Needs #cipdldshow

Building an Agile Development Strategy Aligned to Changing Business NeedsSarah Mellor - John Lewis PartnershipJo Kelly - WaitroseEloise McNeile & Lucero Tagle - GoogleChaired by Peter Cheese - CEO CIPDPeter Cheese sets the scene on one of the most popular session at this years CIPD L&D conference. We are now in a VUCA world. agility, adaptability and resilience is increasingly important. In order to support businesses in this context, L&D will be pivotal to … [Read more...]

The best training should always be led by your manager

Being a manager is a journey, from our first days as team leader or supervisor through middle and senior roles to director level.  The more senior we become, the more of our time should be spend on developing our people. It is easy when we get promoted to keep doing the things we used to do, but as we can see from the graphic below, we should be spending time on our people not just “doing things”. As a team leader we start to take on people development activities, and as we progress, we do less … [Read more...]

Reality Coaching – Real Coaching – A Case Study

Introduction Have you noticed that over the past few years the use of the word ‘coaching’ has been increasing within the business environment?  What started this trend? Was it that coaching really works or was it that companies started to outsource their training departments and as a consequence it was more cost effective to ‘train’ one on one? What ever the reason the reality is that coaching is here and it is here to stay.So what makes a good (or great) coach – well that is the easy one … [Read more...]

Reality Coaching – Life Coaching

Ok so you have done your training and in so doing bought your coaching toolbox, now how do you use these things?Before we get into the meaning of life (coaching) lets go back in time a little.One day while sitting in the office you suddenly notice that the world is talking about coaching. Over the coming days, weeks and months your interest grows, you start searching the web for training, information and ideas. You may even post a request for help on an industry based networking … [Read more...]

Eight things coaches & trainers do well

Create rapport and give undivided attention Help set clear goals to ensure positive outcomes Ensure learners drive the process - never ‘over-helping’ Clarify objectives and deadlines Praise skilfully and genuinely, reinforcing positive effort Give feedback well, both observation and interpretation Provide appropriate structure that supports learning Intuitively seeing when to change a plan or directionFrom: Daniel Robin … [Read more...]

The #1 reason coaching fails to contribute to the bottom line

Why coaching fails more than it succeeds Over the last couple of weeks I have been increasingly aware of the fact that coaching is seen as a panacea for people development, and yet each article I read seems to say very different things. Then last week I received some feedback on our "ready to use coaching training pack" (Manager as a coach) from a purchaser. Judging by the time to purchase to complaint they could not have read the materials however, feedback is feedback.Let’s start here, … [Read more...]

A high performing individual does not make a good manager/ team leader

How does your company select its' supervisors, team leaders or managers? More often than not, the "best" technical person in the department is selected to both aid their retention and to solve a "gap" in the organization. This is fine in theory - but in practice will fail more than it succeeds.The skills and attitudes required to be an effective team leaders or manager are very different from being technically competent. Indeed one may argue that know HOW to do the job may be a disadvantage … [Read more...]

History of Coaching – A True Insight into Coaching

History of Coaching Coaching is everywhere. It is the hot topic of management, leadership and people development. This article explores the history of coaching through the ages.There are as many forms of coaching methodologies are there are coaches, so is there a “right” way? Or is the term “coaching” a generic word for one-to-one guidance, help or support?A True Insight into CoachingThe origination of the term ‘Coaching’ started in the later part of the 1880s and this term has been … [Read more...]

The BIR business diagnostic & health check

Why should you carry out a regular, independent health check of your business? Effective use of these tools can provide benchmarks of performance and evaluation of change initiatives. … [Read more...]

New Management/ Leadership & Coaching Models

More... more... you wanted more so here they come... Thanks to the success of our 100 management models, RapidBI is proud to announce the launch of set #2 - another 100+ management models. Again in a simple graphical form you can use in your presentations and training courses.As 2010 is almost upon us the old set have been updated and refined. A new cleaner style has been developed by one of our designers.The new set contains more models covering:Management Leadership … [Read more...]

What is happening in the world of L&D (Training)? Is it changing?

Experienced L&D people are bleeding out of organisations and going freelance While talking to a colleague, he confirmed that there appears to be a trend in the training world at the moment. This trend is supported by the change in readership of both my site and blog are getting.Here is the thought - I'd appreciate your views on this: Experienced professionals are leaving organisations and going freelance, leaving behind managers and less experienced individuals to carry on delivering.The … [Read more...]

What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

In many places the words mentoring and coaching ar used interchangably - are they the same? or are there subtle differences? … [Read more...]

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