Going freelance in training, HR or as a coach

Going Freelance... So you want to go independent but do you know what it takes to be successful? Starting out in freelance trainingOverviewThis document is not meant to be a complete how to guide for those wishing to start a consultancy business. It’s purpose is to ask some of the questions and show some information that many other sources fail to do.IntroductionMany trainers, developers, coaches and facilitators occasionally get the urge to jump ship and do their own thing. So … [Read more...]

Going freelance in training or HR – how much to charge

Going freelance in training or HR - how much to charge With organisations laying staff off, HR and training are no exception to potential job losses. This leaves many to think about going freelance. Knowing how much to charge is one challenge. Often people in the consulting and freelance world under value their services, and equally purchasers are increasingly unrealistic about what they expect to pay.Some time ago I was asked to present to a local CIPD group about 'going freelance' and in … [Read more...]

Going Freelance – So you want to go independent?

Starting out in freelance training - What does it take to be successful? Overview This document is not meant to be a complete how to guide for those wishing to start a consultancy business.  It's purpose is to ask some of the questions and show some information that many other sources fail to do. Introduction to going freelance Many trainers, developers, coaches and facilitators occasionally get the urge to jump ship and do their own thing.  So what is the difference between those that … [Read more...]

Going Freelance in difficult times – consulting and training

Many people believe that one of the most successful ways of starting as a freelancer and maintaining a growing consulting or training business is to specialise or to find your own niche. What is a business niche? A niche business is one with a focus or area of specialisation. It is a market segment that particularly suits your experience, knowledge, talents, interests and personality. It is a segment of the market that you can make your own. You make it yours because it fits your expertise and … [Read more...]

Tips for those thinking about going freelance in training or consultancy

How to become a freelance trainer or consultant So you want to go independent as a freelance trainer or consultant? Do your own thing?How do you go about starting out in freelance training? Overview on going freelance - or How to become a freelance trainer This document is not meant to be a complete how to guide for those wishing to start a consultancy business. It's purpose is to ask some of the questions and show some information that many other sources fail to do. Tips and ideas which … [Read more...]

Company Formation for Freelance Consultants and Trainers

Forming your own consultancy company With so many people being made redundant at the moment, many are considering taking their pay-off and investing some of it into setting up their own freelance business. Where your skills are readily transferable, it may be possible to set up as a freelance consultant and sell your services to a range of companies. What makes freelance consultants different? Consultants and trainers, by definition, provide advice and guidance to others requiring those … [Read more...]

Freelance – Five Golden Rules to Consider as a Consultant

Thinking of going freelance as a consultant? I spend a lot of my marketing time on the LinkedIn platform. I find the groups particularly valuable. Today I commented on a group discussion, and it led me to thinking about the golden rules for freelancing or consulting. As an experienced business adviser and a freelance consultant. I consider five key golden rules for freelance success to be: 1) - never more than 20% or your turnover from one client (its too dangerous & not sustainable) 2) … [Read more...]

Should I Come Home to a New Business Venture?

Opening up your own business out of your own home sounds like the dream job, doesn’t it?   Because of the benefits of being your own boss and working from the comfort of your couch, more and more people are choosing to pursue this career choice. What exactly does it take, though, to make this new business venture a success?     Home business ideas   If you’re thinking of coming home to a new business venture, you first need an idea. Spend some time brainstorming what it is you like to do. … [Read more...]

Marketing plan for a training company

How to develop a marketing plan for your training company What is a marketing plan? A Marketing Plan is sometimes called a marketing strategy, in essence it is an action plan of what it is you are going to do to promote your business. Like any SMART goal  it is a written plan that states the marketing goals and the objectives to be achieved over a specified period of time.So if you are currently in business or looking to set up a training company or starting out in freelance training, the … [Read more...]

The 5 Traps to Avoid – Increasing Trend for People Going Freelance

How to have a sustainable business model With the economy showing little in the way of recovery, every day there seems to be more and more people looking towards self-employment, in particular in the freelance or contracting markets.This is having a strange impact on the supply and demand in the profession. People are often despirate for work, so set low rates - custonmers like the thought of saving so hire at the lowest cost... but what is the real cost?When contracting or freelancing, … [Read more...]

Why blog? Is it a Marketing tool?

Why blog? For some time I have been promoting Twitter as a good thing for people running small businesses to do, but recently I have been asked “why blog” and what is the value to small businesses and freelance consultants and trainers.I guess that because I have been doing this for some time that I overlooked the basics. This article is the first is a short series to show why and how to blog for business.People and business blog for a wide range of reasons including:Providing a “space to … [Read more...]

What is happening in the world of L&D (Training)? Is it changing?

Experienced L&D people are bleeding out of organisations and going freelance While talking to a colleague, he confirmed that there appears to be a trend in the training world at the moment. This trend is supported by the change in readership of both my site and blog are getting.Here is the thought - I'd appreciate your views on this: Experienced professionals are leaving organisations and going freelance, leaving behind managers and less experienced individuals to carry on delivering.The … [Read more...]

Attracting clients in a freelance market space – lessons from MLM

How do we attract and retain clients when we are working as a freelancer? As trainers or consultants we get a meeting booked, we have a successful meeting and we are asked to submit a proposal. Often after submission of a proposal we are disappointed when we are not successful, thinking that it was a 'done deal' when we left the initial meeting. But how do we get the initial meetings? the more meetings, the more proposals, the more proposals the greater opportunity of a contract being … [Read more...]

Freelancing in training, coaching & consultancy: How to stand out from the crowd

Freelancing in training, coaching & consultancy Over the summer time (and early in the new year) we often reflect on our position and of our career options. Some of us start looking for new roles, others for different challenges like going freelance. In the current economic climate of course some of us may not have a choice.In this article I collate my experiences and those of other freelance providers. The list is presented in a (near) logical order, however the order presented is … [Read more...]

Work finding and tenders for freelance trainers

Work finding and tenders for freelance trainers Are you a freelance or independent trainer? There are many freelance and independent trainers in the UK.The aim of this page is to highlight the most effective way of positioning yourself and find work or tenders for work. Find a trainer type databases There are many of these find a trainer type databases on the internet … [Read more...]

Certified Learning Practitioner (CLP)

Certified Learning Practitioner  CLP - Trainer Assessments This is a historical page and the standard appears not to be developing - June 2015 How do you find externally accredited trainers?In 2008 TrainerBase launched the Certified Learning Practitioner (CLP) standard covering independent and freelance trainers. A unified standard which looks at personal, design, delivery and commercial skills. THE standard for purchasers of training to look for in their … [Read more...]

The Lone Trainer

The Lone Trainer Join the LinkedIn Lone trainers network for free   Are you a Lone Trainer? Are you a Lone Trainer? you may be a freelance trainer or a trainer inside an organisation. This pages has been set up to help promote and support the networking of lone trainer both inside and external to organisations. training can be a lonely profession, often trainers have small or non existent budgets, yet we are expected to deliver excellent services.Trainers working in isolation without … [Read more...]


Mike Morrison Profile Mike Morrison is an established coach, trainer and business advisor.* Developing Trainers & Coaches* Presentation & Influencing skills* Developing Manager & Leader PerformanceIntroductionMike Morrison has over 9 years experience designing and delivering training programmes for clients.Before founding RapidBI, Mike worked as a Business Adviser, working with 100's of companies and before that was Training Manager for a large private … [Read more...]

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