How To Have An ‘Almost Stress Free’ Office Move

Moving in to new offices can be a very exciting time for a company. It most likely signals a new start, in bigger premises, as your business continues to grow and become more successful.However, you have to get there first and with moving house being rated as one of life’s most stressful events, an office move is no different. In fact, it is possibly more stressful. Aside from coordinating the move itself, the process can also have a detrimental effect on business if not approached … [Read more...]

Best Practices are dead. Adopting Promising Practices

Think about it just for a moment - what is a best practice?Many best practices come as universal and standardized practices maybe within a specific industry as for example PRINCE2, MSP, PMBOK and in other fields TQM, JIT, BPR, CSR, 360, or all the best practices connected to the -ing words - as for example downsizing, outsourcing, insourcing, offshoring, benchmarking, partnering. Now think about a best practice that you are considering to adopt, one that you are adopting and implementing or … [Read more...]

Does your training really make an ethical difference?

Training takes a large slice of of most companies compliance budgets, anything from a quarter to a half. So is it effective? [1]Measuring training effectiveness remains a weakness of many L&D programmes and compliance and ethical training seems no different.  However, the escalating cost of compliance work is worrying senior managers. Many see the present situation as a black hole into which resources keep being relentless absorbed.To make more sense of training for compliance it is … [Read more...]

Five reasons your business is losing money

Running a business is about making money and ensuring everything is running as smoothly as possible. Sometimes, though, it's easy to get caught up with a myriad of other things and not notice that your business is haemorrhaging money. Here are some reasons your business might be losing money instead of making it.InefficiencyBusiness processes that take a lot of time or are done in a convoluted way could lose your business money. For example, if your document storage process involves … [Read more...]

5 innovative ways to launch your small business

Starting your own business is the ultimate roller coaster, but once you have your concept and your finances in line, it starts to get exciting and the next step is the big launch. Below are five ways in which you can effectively launch your new business:Hold an eventWhy not hold an event to launch your business or product? A successful launch can be very effective for small businesses in building awareness, but it does involve a lot of organizing. You’ll need to think about everything … [Read more...]

Seven tips for improving your ecommerce strategy

Regardless of what you sell, there are a number of ways to improve your ecommerce strategy to help you sell more, enhance customer loyalty and get your brand name known. Here are some tips that could take your ecommerce business to the next level. Invest in mobile With more than a third of online purchases being made via a mobile device, it's so important you have a responsive website that makes it easy for mobile users to place an order. Once your website is up to scratch and works on a … [Read more...]

Four ways to improve your event speaking

Believe it or not, there’s more to speaking at an event than simply turning up to the venue and walking out on stage. Just because the best speakers make their presentations seem effortless, it doesn’t mean they are! A lot of work goes into honing a speaker’s persona, as well as the individual details of each presentation.While it’ll take more than a single article to make you into a master of public speaking, the pointers that we have collected below should put you on the right … [Read more...]

Ten of the greatest business leaders and what they gave the world

These are the men who broke the business world mould. In fact they usually broke it several times, creating new ones and breaking them as well. The great business leaders, the ones who often find their way long before they are taken on after being spotted on a site such as are an amalgam of farseer, scientist, accountant and, yes, philanthropist – here are ten who have all of those qualities and much more.Richard Branson – commercial space travel? True entrepreneurs … [Read more...]

The Real Cost of Health and Safety to a Business

Health and safety regulations can sometimes seem unimportant. The things that you have to do can often seem ridiculous. However, did you know that these regulations could help to save your business a lot of money? You’d be surprised how much you could end up paying out from not providing simple things like medical cabinets and wet floor signs. Below you’ll discover the true cost of health and safety and why it’s important to make sure your business is compliant.How much can it cost you if a … [Read more...]


Conferences and events can be priceless for some businesses. Social media is a great platform for maintaining regular dialogues and interaction with customers and clients but there’s still a place in today’s world for a live event: they can be a powerful way to build loyalty, increase and enhance a company’s reputation, and market your services. However, planning a successful live event is not easy. Let’s take a look at some of the elements you must consider. Venue Where you hold your event … [Read more...]

Combining & Merging Technologies: Collaborative working to find product solutions

When it comes to finding the best solutions, two heads are often better than one. Contractors can achieve much more by combining their knowledge of their own field with the expertise of another company in a related field. But how should contractors go about this?Choosing the right partner is essential to ensure the best outcome for the customer. This is even more important when acting as the principal contractor, as any work done by an external company will reflect on the main contractor. It … [Read more...]

Breaking Good: office coffee breaks unite workers and stimulate creativity

Coffee breaks are a very important part of the work culture and provide employees with an excellent way to bond. While the coffee break was only brought into the work environment relatively recently, it has been a growing trend in the last century to enjoy a cup of coffee mid-morning. This pick-me-up can optimise productivity all day long, as well as give employees some personal time to talk or relax. Healthier EmployeesCoffee doesn’t just lead to a happier state of mind; it also has a … [Read more...]

Top five trends from CES 2014

Las Vegas is not just home to bright lights, glittering casinos and stunning coastlines. Every January it plays host to the International Consumer Electronics Show (commonly referred to as CES), which unveils a host of mind-blowing gadgets, clever updates and crazy concepts to the people. It's an exciting display of imagination, creativity and competition, so what were the top five trends from CES 2014 and what can we expect throughout the coming year?Convertibles and hybrid laptopsThis … [Read more...]

Securing the Workplace with a Unified Video Management System

Security is undoubtedly one of the foremost considerations when starting up a business, regardless of nature and size. The main purpose of having efficient video surveillance storage and management solutions is protecting the business and the area it encompasses. However, customers and site workers can also benefit from being assured of their safety. Business owners and executives can also monitor their employees’ work-related activities more effectively through a functional video management … [Read more...]

How Thin Clients Help Streamline IT Management

Desktop virtualization opens up a new world of IT flexibility as far as businesses are concerned and thin client technologies play an important role in streamlining many of the associated processes.Thanks in part to thin clients from Dell, managing desktop computers and the applications being used within an organization need no longer be the power-hungry, data intensive, costly and often time consuming processes they once were.Thin Clients – the AdvantagesThin clients function as … [Read more...]

Organisation is the Route to Success in the Business World

Businesses are regularly swamped with customer details, deliveries, product information and accounts, as well strategies and future plans. It is so easy to become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information that surrounds a company, which is why organisation is essential.How can a business function properly if its data is a mess and its employees are basically working blind?As soon as poor organisation skills take hold the mess it creates begins to grow and becomes a difficult job … [Read more...]

Raising Awareness: Do Awareness Months Work?

 One recent example is Hearing Awareness Month, which took place in September.  Championed by hearing care providerHidden Hearing, they offered 20,000 free hearing tests in an attempt to raise awareness of hearing loss and encourage anyone unsure of their hearing ability to seek help. Hearing loss in the UK affects one in six people in some way with varying degrees of impairment, but many can be treated using hearing aids or other medical treatments. The biggest hurdle is getting people … [Read more...]

The Components of a Good CV

Applying for a new job is one of the hardest tasks you have to do, mainly because it’s so important to you emotionally as well as personally. If you can get the application right, then you’ve done a lot of the hard work that goes into sealing a new job – the rest, obviously, is down to your performance in the interview. The search process can be long and drawn out which often affects your morale, but on other occasions you might find something very quickly, it’s all down to luck. Quite often, … [Read more...]

Embracing Modern Technology: How Much is Too Much?

Tablet computers, cloud storage, smartphones and super-slim laptops are everywhere in the modern age and it seems that the only way to get ahead, remain on trend or get the job done to the highest quality is to invest in the latest and greatest gadgets that the technology world has to offer.In order to keep up with today’s digital audience, many businesses are now incorporating social media into their marketing strategies, while others are replacing humans with computers in the more advanced … [Read more...]

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