When interviewing goes beyond HR and the Line Manager

Many organizations are starting to explore a new approach to improving retention through participative selection. There is a belief that when staff are involved in the recruitment decision they are more likely to support the new staff member, and as a consequence retention is improved.Many local authorities have been doing this for some time with mixed results. For the process to be meaningful (and legal) each person must be selected or rejected on defined criteria.  This makes employee … [Read more...]

HR trends survey 2016 in just one word #hrblog #cipd #oneword

Introduction to One Word HR Trends SurveyWhat is the One word HR trends survey 2016? Early in 2015 we ran a simple survey among HR professionals. They were given 10 topics and asked for one word which represented there understanding or meaning for that word or phrase. This produced some interesting results. So twelve months on I thought we could repeat the process. The results are fascinating. In the first survey we had just over 500 responses, in this later version we had just under 400 … [Read more...]

Human Resources #oneword #HR #CIPD

In 2015 100s of HR professionals were asked a simple question in a survey… in one word describe…Human Resources Participants were invited from the CIPD Members LinkedIn group, the CIPD communities, and the CIPD Facebook group. 613 participated. Of those, over 70% have been in HR for more than 11 years. Not all questions were mandatory. The response rate for this question was 614 out of the 616 participants. The demographics for this were: Processing the Survey Data During data analysis, … [Read more...]

HR needs to split operations & strategic activities – needing to live the company values

For years HR has been fighting to have a seat at the top table. It wants to be seen as more relevant and important to the business.The simple reality is that HR is neither operational or strategic to many organisations, and the reason is simple….. a lack of customer care. Many of us have dropped the ball. We have been playing the wrong game, on the wrong court, with the wrong ball! If we want to be strategic we need to talk $$$, that is a topic for another blog (watch this space), on another … [Read more...]

Succession Planning or Contingency Planning

Succession Planning or Contingency Planning is one of those things that is often talked about, but often considered too complex for many smaller businesses to understand - or even justify the perceived cost of undertaking such activity.And yes to those in the know, Succession Planning can be one of the most important human resource functions to sustaining business performance. What is Succession Planning? The CIPD define Succession Planning as: as a process for identifying and developing … [Read more...]

All change for the CIPD – #cipd12

In the UK, the world’s largest chartered institute for Human resource professionals are in the middle of their annual conference and exhibition.In another blog I have been tweeting and blogging live some of the key points, but felt that this topic deserves a specific mention. New CEO of CIPD Just a few short months ago (July 2012), Peter Cheese took control of the reins of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) from Jackie Orme.Orme herself, led the institute … [Read more...]

Top 100 Tweeters on Human Resources April 2012

RapidBI in top 100 Tweeters on Human Resources April 2012 Many of you may know Evan Carmichael’s site. Using a range of tools Evan measures and publishes top blogs and tweeters on a range of business related topics.His current one is the top 100 tweeters on human resources. And I am proud to say that @RapidBI is not only in the top 100, but we are number 6, Having been in the top 10 three out of the last four months.We include only the top 50,  It’s a great list of twitter folk to … [Read more...]

Counter-offer to a resigning employee? Human Capital, Talent & Retention

Counter-offer to a resigning employee?In our previous post (maintaining performance during notice periods) we explored the issues of the psychology of change. These looked at the value of retaining people throughout their notice.This and psychological state is valid when an employee has an offer and tenders their resignation, and we consider offering a counter-offer to keep this talent.Counter-offers fall under the same category although many may not see it this way.When an … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why Talent Leave our Businesses

5 Reasons Why Talent Leaves Businesses Retaining talented people is an important role of both line management and human resources. There are without doubt 100s of excuses people give when leaving a company, especially in "exit interviews".Exit interviews are great for the business and HR, but lets get real - most employees do not want to risk their reference on saying the boss was an idiot, or that it was a controlling environment and that the style of management actually stopped people … [Read more...]

Businesses – are we in 2011 or 1911?

Human Resources, internships, apprentices and the future of work for all of us Are we practicing modern human resource policies or those over 100 years old?There has been a significant change in the last few years in how graduates and undergraduates are developed and employed. Indeed this directly impacts most of us working today in one way or another. Most of these changes are purported to be for the benefit of both business and individuals and businesses alike. But are they?What got … [Read more...]

9 Signs Your HR Manager is Bad

Signs of an Ineffective HR Manager This morning I came across an article with an unusual angle on HR at bnet – it is called "9 signs your hr manager is terrible" compiled by Suzanne Lucas.This would be an interesting article to read if it were not for the “clipart photo gallery” style of this piece. Here I have taken some of the key points and raised some of the factors they raise. I'm not sure that many HR managers would disagree with many of these statements, however if we … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing Strategy for HR Professional Services Providers – what is a digital marketing strategy?

Digital Marketing Strategy - do you have one?What is digital marketing?Many of us use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other web 2.0 tools, but is it activity or is it strategy? Does it matter? Do we need a digital marketing strategy?The difference to me is in the results. It is all very well being seen on the social media sphere, but does it add value to your business? Does it generate more income that you would have without the activity. re you putting the right effort effort … [Read more...]

The Dangers of Social Networking – Duplicity

Social Networking Destroyed My Life Some months ago we published a humorous piece on "The Dangers of Social Networking in 2010". This was generally well received, and has been linked to by several other authors exploring the problems of using Twitter, FaceBook and other Social networking tools as part of business or education. There are some real dangers and some real opportunities in the business and learning contexts.Recently I have been reading more and more about teachers being … [Read more...]

Training Needs Analysis for HR Professionals – Sample Template

Human Resources TNA Template The seventh in our series of Training Needs Analysis templates is for our own part of the organization. We are often overlooked, so here is a template to get you thinking.Training Needs AnalysisIdentifying Needs in a Human Relations (HR) DepartmentThe training needs analysis is used by any legitimate organization to determine areas of job performance in which an employee needs training. The survey or assessment pinpoints the skills that the employee needs in a … [Read more...]

Making Twitter Work for Business – #connectingHR

Making Twitter & Networking Work for Business At a networking event last night in London #connectingHRamonst the many discussions were several on Twitter and its use in HR and business. The event was the first independent HR based tweetup in the UK and was very successful and well attended - over 100 registered and I would estimate that approximately 60-70 people were in attendance.One comment I heard was  "I expected it to be a room full of people on laptops and geeks, but these are real … [Read more...]

Nine Box Grids for Talent Management

Tool for identifying & retaining key talent in organizations - 9 box grid Background to the Nine Box Grid The nine box grid or matrix, is believed to have originated within McKinsey to assess different business units and to prioritise the investment in individuals. This was developed for GE in the late 1960s and 1970s to enable them assess the potential of individuals in its business and prioritize their investment and overall strategy. It is claimed that it is based on the Boston … [Read more...]

CIPD factsheets – an A-to-Z of HR topics & resources

CIPD factsheets - essential information for any manager & practitioner  An A-to-Z of HR and management related factors is an easy to read and easy to apply style.The CIPD produce a wonderful set of regularly updated and reviewed factsheets on a wide range of HR and management based topics., While some are available to members only, the majority are available to all.This pages lists those available as at January 2010. Please note all links open in new windows.UPDATE … [Read more...]

Identifying levels of Training Needs Analysis (TNA) #hrblog

We need to understand the Levels of training needs analysis (TNA) in order to be able to design a learning or training solution.What is a Training Need? To carry out a Training Needs Analysis, we first need to understand what a 'Training Need' is.A training need is the gap between current and future knowledge or skills, that can be bridged by training or learning activities.  We often refer to this as capability and learning requirements.There may be other gaps that need to be met … [Read more...]

business improvement review -human resources (BIR-hr)

Business Improvement Review - Human Resources version. Organizational Development and Culture Change. Business Improvement Review - Human Resources version - OD diagnostic While the Business Improvement Review is an effective diagnostic tool with many businesses or organizations we have found that internal consultants, HR departments/ teams only want to look at the people management and leadership aspects of their organization. The BIR-HR (soon to be re-branded LIR - Leadership … [Read more...]

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