Microsoft could eat LinkedIn for breakfast – but will it spit it out again? #HRBLOG

Microsoft & Linkedin - Heaven or nightmare? Is this disruptive change from the big behemoths? Over the last few days, there has been increased talk about the decision for Microsoft to bid for LinkedIn. What could a blend of Microsoft & LinkedIn really achieve? Background to the media comments on Microsoft & LinkedIn Microsoft have been quoted as overpaying for the purchase of LinkedIn (again)That LinkedIn is past its sell-by-date and on the declineThat Microsoft has a … [Read more...]

Has Microsoft just killed the HR software & CRM market? #LinkedIn #HRSS16 #RECEX16 #HRBLOG

Microsoft to acquire Linkedin. If you have not already read the news, yesterday Microsoft announced that it was on track to buy LinkedIn later this year. This is causing some upsets in many corners. Why would a Business software & services supplier (Microsoft) buy what most people think as a CV warehouse? Why over pay? If you look at the figured it is clear that Microsoft are paying over the odds per user. In addition is this a copy of many other bad tech purchases over the years or is this … [Read more...]

A Comprehensive Guide to Common LinkedIn Profile-Building Questions #HRBlog

Many of us have a LinkedIn profile, and there are many common LinkedIn profile-building questions that this article seeks to address. First off, when did you last update your profile? When did you add that MOOC course? - is your profile up to date or stagnant?Networking is the primary way to go about looking for a new job. Spread your net far enough, and you will eventually catch something. LinkedIn is the premiere job networking social media site. It enables users to form “connections” with … [Read more...]

LinkedIn it’s not just for job search #HRBlog

LinkedIn is more than just a job search and CV hosting tool. Being or getting active on linkedin raises your profile. The problem that many users create for themselves is only being active when looking for work or a new role. LI gives us tools to raise our profile too.Effective use of LinkedIn requires ongoing balance. When in a stable (employed) role, we often use LinkedIn for connecting, learning and sharing. When needing or seeking new opportunities we can use it to raise our profile even … [Read more...]

Can you trust a LinkedIn profile? Will recruiters trust yours?

For many of us our LinkedIn profile is our CV or resume. Can you trust a LinkedIn profile? We need people to trust what we have on the screen. It's our sales page. Unfortunately some people seem to treat it as a game of the worst kind. Our Skills One of the features that LinkedIn have introduced is skills endorsements. These can only be given by first connections. That is people that 'know us'. They are supposed to be endorsements that we can do certain things or that we know about certain … [Read more...]

Purpose of LinkedIn – Ninja tips to raise your profile increasing prospects #hrblog

What is the purpose of LinkedIn? Many will say that LinkedIn doesn't work. They do not get jobs through it. As a consultant they do not get work through it. They also say that LinkedIn cannot be used for raising your profile to increase job or consulting prospects. Why do they say that? Simple, they have a profile and expect work to come to them. Worse, they have a basic headline only profile that gives NO INFORMATION. Having the profile is much like having a product. Getting it on the shelf in … [Read more...]

Follow the leader – How to raise your LinkedIn Profile #hrblog

Some time ago I published a discussion in a group for people looking for work helping them by showing how to raise your LinkedIn Profile. This has been repeatedly removed by moderators on LI. Why? Because it works!After the initial discussions were deleted, I published a post on the LinkedIn publishing platform Pulse. You can see one of the original posts: - if you get a post not found message, … [Read more...]

Top tips for you on getting the most out of LinkedIn for Graduates

Are you getting the most out of LinkedIn? Are you a recent graduate or job hunter? New to the world of work? Here are some top tips to help you get the most out of LinkedIn Getting the most out of LinkedIn can be hard and sometimes scary. You do have a profile on Linkedin...right? Are you getting the most out of LinkedIn and your profile there? Job sites LinkedIn like most "job sites" will not work for you, you need to make it work. It's a tool, not a service which will feed you jobs on a … [Read more...]

LinkedIn or LinkedOut – the social game changer – The 800000 missing communities – where are they?

There is change, and there is change.  LinkedIn or LinkedOut – the social game changer. Recent changes will change the social landscape - and not for the better.Go back 10 years and Myspace rules the social media world.  Yahoo led the field in groups and communities. Linkedin was new, Facebook was a newborn. Twitter was the twinkle in someone’s eye. People who wanted to look for work online used or Things change. But one change that started less than 1 year ago … [Read more...]

Top Tips For Harnessing The Power Of LinkedIn To Get Your Next Role

Let LinkedIn Find You a JobOk so you have a profile but how do you go about Harnessing the power of LinkedIn?However, you need to help it before it can help you.If you took the time and effort to click a link that leads to this article, you're either: a) unemployed and looking for work, b) about to be unemployed and looking for work, or c) unhappy in your present job and looking for something better. There's also a strong possibility that you've read somewhere how the social … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Groups, why they don’t work for you

To answer this we can gain some insight with a tale of two LinkedIn groups. But before we look at this lets have some context. You do use LinkedIn for more than just job search…. Don’t you? LinkedIn groups are often formal or informal communities focussed on a sector, industry or profession. With the right selection of LinkedIn group memberships you can keep up to date with industry news, ask and answer questions (building your credibility), make business connections and friends, as will as … [Read more...]

Messaging a person requesting to connect on LinkedIn

On LinkedIn many users say that they cannot message people that request to connect, so generally accept the request. What many people do not realise is that you can message them.   Here is a piece that many help you communicate with people requesting to connect without you actually accepting the connection first. I would also always advocate looking at their profile to see if you could have met etc in the past How to communicate without connecting Just go … [Read more...]

Linkedin groups – Post & make it readable

Using LinkedIn groups effectively Linkedin is a great network, but one of the problems in the LinkedIn groups is the PRESENTATION summary of what is being discussed.Linkedin groups allows titles of posts to be over 180 characters - way to long. worse - they "hide" the place to start the body of the message, and many users miss it.Even seasoned users seem to either not be aware of the "title" and "body" options inside the LinkedIn groups. Starting a Discussion in LinkedIn Groups This … [Read more...]

7 tops ways of promoting your website

7 key ways to promote your business & website It is all very well having a website - but how do people know its there - and more importantly do the great modern gods (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) know you exist? do they think your site is important?Relevant - Does your website CLEARLY say what you do & don't do? - its all very well people finding your site - but you need them to contact you. Ensure your offer is obvious - ask for friends & family what they make of your site. … [Read more...]

Are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube a Waste of Time? A digital marketing strategy

Are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube a Waste of Time? yes - if you are inconsistent, don't have a marketing plan and invest the wrong amount of time and effort.What does digital marketing mean to you?Today I received an email that offered a webinar that covered:The top 3 proven strategies for ensuring LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube add value to your business Why the WRONG STRATEGY can hurt you even more than NO STRATEGY. How automation DONE RIGHT … [Read more...]

ecademy or linkedin which is better for business

Ecademy or LinkedIn - which is better for business? I know that ecademy is loved by its members, unfortunately many of us/you dismiss LinkedIn as being for CV or recruitment, but not for doing business.Less than 2 weeks ago I simultaneously places an advert in marketplace and posted in LinkedIn about a webinar I was running.The content was almost identical with one exception - the link.On ecademy the view rate was listed as 372, however suffice to say we had over 300 registrations … [Read more...]

Social media expert or wannabe?

Social media expert or wannabe? ... or how to spot a fake social media expert.Let me start this piece by saying that I am not a social media “expert”. I use social media for marketing and promoting my business, but It is not a service that I routinely do for people. What frustrates me is people that claim to be experts in helping businesses in social media, but are blatantly not.The more you look around, the more people there are that proport to be “experts” in this area. Why are there … [Read more...]

Farewell Social Media – Hello Social Business

Social technology is THE productivity tool Social media has changed the way many of us communicate, engage and collaborate, yet to many organizations "social media" is a dirty word. With many employers believing social media to be Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, IT departments all over are increasingly blocking employee access to these sites.The simple reality is that organizations cannot stop staff from using social media, all they can do is help employees find increasingly innovative ways … [Read more...]

15 reasons I will unfollow you on twitter

Reasons I will unfollow you on twitter Following a post on connecting or more accurately not connecting on LinkedIn a few weeks ago, this prompted me to write a short series on other social networking tools.Please read this in the context of how and why I use Twitter. My/ our context for Twitter For me and the RapidBI team, Twitter is both a marketing and engagement tool. I (RapidBI) use twitter to reach potential customers or website users. My interest in you is as much about what you … [Read more...]

Managing Change Successfully – a case study #cipd11

Managing Change Successfully One of the sessions at this year’s #cipd11 annual conference was led by GSK, looking at the approach they took to transforming their organisation.As many people know, the pharmaceutical industry (like many others) has over the last few years had to radically change some of their working practices and approaches. GSK was no exception.Like many industries the culture and business climate that GSK is/ was operating within was changing. Customers and purchasers … [Read more...]

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