50 Tips for Using Twitter in Business

50 Tips for Using Twitter as a Marketing ToolTwitter is the communication tool of the moment. In 2008 if you had asked anyone about Twitter they would have thought that you were a bit of a geek - now many people are using it for social, learning and business purposes.Twitter is a powerful way to hear about the 'hear and now' thoughts on a key topic - not just from people you know or follow you - but from anyone interested in the topic - all in 140 character bite sizes pieces.Twitter can … [Read more...]

Marketing and SEO for training providers

So you have decided to run a training company, you have identified what it is you want to train and in what sector (see porter five forces ). Now all you need to do first tell the world you exist...wrongMarketing is as important part of running a business as delivering the product or closing the sale. How can you close a sale or deliver a product if people don't know you are there?Some would argue that you need to follow: Top 6 ways to market Training Services 1. Build a … [Read more...]

Why to use Twitter as a business marketing tool

Why to use Twitter as a business marketing tool Use a new tools in the market as a key strategy? - you must be mad! In a changing economy, it might seem wrong to experiment with mediums such as Twitter for marketing and customer outreach. After all, the more well-established Facebook has a documented 800 million active users, while estimates place Twitter (which twitter doesn't disclose such figures) at around 5 million users. ** update Dec 2011 - Facebook is now 800+ active users and Twitter … [Read more...]

Ansoff matrix – product -v- market grid

Introduction to the Ansoff matrixThe Ansoff product/ market matrix is a tool that helps businesses decide their product and market growth strategy.Ansoff's product/ market matrix suggests that a business' attempts to grow depend on whether it markets new or existing products in new or existing markets.The traditional four box grid or matrix Ansoff modelAlternative Ansoff style matrixA revised version of the Ansoff matrix featuring a 3x3 or nine box grid or matrix.History - The … [Read more...]

Centurion pitch – the key to success in social marketing?

We have all come across  the following marketing strategies (in one shape or form):Minute to win it Elevator pitch Get your point over in 30 seconds or lessAll of which work well in a given situation or context, but how does this translate to the world of social networking? Here we operate in a world where the message is everything, but people need to be drawn-in to be interested to:ReTweet or post your message Be interested enough to proactivly find out more about … [Read more...]

90-9-1 rule or theory for marketing, communication & social media

Social Network Contribution Ratio 90:9:1 The use of social media to support marketing has increased in recent times.  How can we use this to develop our business?Is the 80/20 rule applicable to social networks, forums and web 2.0? Is the 90-9-1 Rule the new Pareto Principle  for web 2.0 and other online environments?Lets start by understanding that this is not a "rule", but some say a modern "Myth of Community Participation".To me the "99-9-1 rule" is a tool or guide to help manage … [Read more...]

Going Freelance in difficult times – consulting and training

Many people believe that one of the most successful ways of starting as a freelancer and maintaining a growing consulting or training business is to specialise or to find your own niche. What is a business niche? A niche business is one with a focus or area of specialisation. It is a market segment that particularly suits your experience, knowledge, talents, interests and personality. It is a segment of the market that you can make your own. You make it yours because it fits your expertise and … [Read more...]

Ansoff matrix – product market grid – Management theory & model

Introduction to the Ansoff matrix Igor Ansoff, known as the father of strategic management, was a mathematician and business manager. In the 1950s his work was developed and eventually published providing managers and the marketing world with a simple, practical tool that is in use 50 years later.In essence the Ansoff product/ market matrix is a tool that helps businesses decide their product and market growth strategy.Ansoff's product/ market matrix suggests that a business' attempts … [Read more...]

Evaluating the impact of training – another failure

Evaluating the impact of training is this as successful as we would like to believe?On one forum I regularly visit was the question:I am currently trying to answer a question for my course, but have hit a slight problem. The question I need to answer for my written project is:- Conduct an analysis to determine the effects that training has had on the success of your organisation. I was planning on writing about Customer Service training we have been running on going for the last 18 … [Read more...]

Do you cover all your social media with all of your content?

Do you cover all your social media with all of your content?Many of us write blogs and articles on LinkedIn, on our own blogs or as a guest blogger on other peoples sites.The perceived wisdom of the SEO and marketing gurus is to push your piece everywhere. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn status, all of your LinkedIn groups, StumbleUpon etc. In fact everywhere you can. But is this "push everywhere" a help or a hindrance? Certainly the wider you promote the content, the more people will see … [Read more...]

Plain English communications?

Today I received a great email, its text without the advert is below:Dear Mike,   I’m going for the plain English approach here because I want to keep things simple, in the hope you’ll find time to get back to me. We (xxxx) are a full service integrated demand generation agency with specialties in working with technology, ecommerce and people services businesses. Our goal has always been to deliver high impact and measurable campaigns that really do deliver outstanding results. This … [Read more...]

Can online forums damage my small business

Can Online Forums Damage My Small Business? The fact that word on the Internet travels so quickly can be beneficial to small businesses regarding advertising and word of mouth recommendations. Unfortunately, it can also be detrimental if the wrong thing is said.With all the different social media sites and forums online, any business needs to stay abreast of what is and is not acceptable. Is there a choice? Can any business afford not to be online or on social networks and forums? I … [Read more...]

Marketing Excellence #TDAD13

Some events are public, some are private. Sometimes we are lucky to be allowed to attend a private event and share.This is a blog on marketing excellence from a trade event somewhere in the South East of England for a group of elite professionals in the marketing space.For commercial reasons I cannot say where this marketing excellence event is happening, or who it is for, but I can share some of the great learning taking place.  Marketing Excellence Speakers The lead speakers … [Read more...]

You reap WHAT you sow – what does this mean in marketing?

Social media marketing - tips for success in 2010 Read my 9 top tips for social media marketing  below.As entrepreneurs and smaller businesses marketing is a vital yet difficult concept for many of us. Many of us hate it and want to find the "quick fix".What prompted me to write this article was receipt this morning of a 'newsletter' I get that goes straight to my junk mail. It is from Kenneth Yu "the Puppet Master" (take care with his sites as they take a lot of processing power and clever … [Read more...]

Don’t let SEO burst your budget

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is specialist, expensive and you need to know what you are doing... don't you? Right?... wrong!The current commercial and financial climate that we are operating in is causing most of us to tighten our belts and think twice about spending. This especially true for Training, HR and other small consultancies and entrepreneurs. SEO has always been seen as a "technical" area and only for the specialists.Few people have said that you can do it yourself with … [Read more...]

7 tops ways of promoting your website

7 key ways to promote your business & website It is all very well having a website - but how do people know its there - and more importantly do the great modern gods (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) know you exist? do they think your site is important?Relevant - Does your website CLEARLY say what you do & don't do? - its all very well people finding your site - but you need them to contact you. Ensure your offer is obvious - ask for friends & family what they make of your site. … [Read more...]

Twitter tools are changing the way we can use twitter

Twitter tools are changing the way we can use twitter Twitter is used by many different people, using many different twitter tools (and twitter tools are changing the way we can use twitter),  for many different reasons:entertainment, connections, communicatuion, promotion, selling, making money, engaging with people, building relationships, managing customer expectations, creating customers etcIf you use twitter for business (especially if you use twitter tools rather than just apps), … [Read more...]

6 ways for social media (twitter) to work for marketing

What makes a successful social media marketing strategy? As more and more people go freelance, marketing is increasingly important. Yet at a time when there are more freelance trainer, consultants & advisers, only a few seem to get the importance of having a serious approach to marketing.Often I get questions in email and phone calls from people about why some people get success and some don’t get success from social media and twitter as marketing tools.Where social marketing includes: … [Read more...]

Who is responsible for marketing? – all change in the business world

Who is responsible for marketing? If we Google or Bling "who is responsible for marketing" we get marketing, directors or everyone. Indeed many thought leaders on marketing say: "Everyone in your company should be aware of the marketing message, visions, and goals of the company, and should reflect that message in everything they do that is related to the product and your customers."Which is a truism, but how many organizations actually actively encourage all staff to participate. On a regular … [Read more...]

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