50 Tips for Using Twitter in Business

50 Tips for Using Twitter as a Marketing ToolTwitter is the communication tool of the moment. In 2008 if you had asked anyone about Twitter they would have thought that you were a bit of a geek - now many people are using it for social, learning and business purposes.Twitter is a powerful way to hear about the 'hear and now' thoughts on a key topic - not just from people you know or follow you - but from anyone interested in the topic - all in 140 character bite sizes pieces.Twitter can … [Read more...]

Why to use Twitter as a business marketing tool

Why to use Twitter as a business marketing tool Use a new tools in the market as a key strategy? - you must be mad! In a changing economy, it might seem wrong to experiment with mediums such as Twitter for marketing and customer outreach. After all, the more well-established Facebook has a documented 800 million active users, while estimates place Twitter (which twitter doesn't disclose such figures) at around 5 million users. ** update Dec 2011 - Facebook is now 800+ active users and Twitter … [Read more...]

Centurion pitch – the key to success in social marketing?

We have all come across  the following marketing strategies (in one shape or form):Minute to win it Elevator pitch Get your point over in 30 seconds or lessAll of which work well in a given situation or context, but how does this translate to the world of social networking? Here we operate in a world where the message is everything, but people need to be drawn-in to be interested to:ReTweet or post your message Be interested enough to proactivly find out more about … [Read more...]

6 ways for social media (twitter) to work for marketing

What makes a successful social media marketing strategy? As more and more people go freelance, marketing is increasingly important. Yet at a time when there are more freelance trainer, consultants & advisers, only a few seem to get the importance of having a serious approach to marketing.Often I get questions in email and phone calls from people about why some people get success and some don’t get success from social media and twitter as marketing tools.Where social marketing includes: … [Read more...]

Who is responsible for marketing? – all change in the business world

Who is responsible for marketing? If we Google or Bling "who is responsible for marketing" we get marketing, directors or everyone. Indeed many thought leaders on marketing say: "Everyone in your company should be aware of the marketing message, visions, and goals of the company, and should reflect that message in everything they do that is related to the product and your customers."Which is a truism, but how many organizations actually actively encourage all staff to participate. On a regular … [Read more...]

100 Thoughts on Business – banks using social media

Connecting with Business Leaders In the last couple of days I have seen more and more about the #100thoughts events programme from the HSBC. On the event website they describe the events as: "We are currently identifying 100 leading business thinkers in each of our regions across the UK. They will be invited to attend one of our sixteen planned national business events, where they will get the opportunity to network with like-minded businesses and gain insight into how others are meeting the … [Read more...]

Making Twitter Work for Business – #connectingHR

Making Twitter & Networking Work for Business At a networking event last night in London #connectingHRamonst the many discussions were several on Twitter and its use in HR and business. The event was the first independent HR based tweetup in the UK and was very successful and well attended - over 100 registered and I would estimate that approximately 60-70 people were in attendance.One comment I heard was  "I expected it to be a room full of people on laptops and geeks, but these are real … [Read more...]

What is a business blog? A marketing tool?

What is a Blog? Lets look at the background behind this technology, so we can understand where it is coming from.Research into the history behind blogs suggests that it was Pyra Labs is the company that adopted the word Blogger, and made the service a big success (now known as Google blogger/ blogspot).The people that were the co-founders of Pyra Labs were Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan. "Pyra" was also the name of the company's first product. It was a web based application which combined a … [Read more...]

Why blog? Is it a Marketing tool?

Why blog? For some time I have been promoting Twitter as a good thing for people running small businesses to do, but recently I have been asked “why blog” and what is the value to small businesses and freelance consultants and trainers.I guess that because I have been doing this for some time that I overlooked the basics. This article is the first is a short series to show why and how to blog for business.People and business blog for a wide range of reasons including:Providing a “space to … [Read more...]

Twitter as a marketing tool for training courses & events

Using Twitter to market your training event As the training market changes, increasingly more and more trainers are looking to promote their on-line and open courses events, But how do you get people to attend and how do you keep costs down?If you are a member of TrainerBase or Training journal (TJonline), both have the ability to promote your events, however it is doubtful if either can fill a course. Some use paid for services, where a high percentage of the revenue goes to attracting … [Read more...]

Twitter as a marketing & CRM tool

Twitter: your CRM & marketing channel Its about more than just followers...Over the past 12 months in my twitter contributions I have often included tips to help those involved in using twitter for their business (marketing). I often get requests to publish a full set - so here is a list of my current thinking about using twitter as a tool for building relationships for future business. In no particular order (other than alphabetical)...Add value - share interesting or useful info, … [Read more...]

10 ways to lose twitter followers – or ways to encourage people to unfollow you

10 easy ways to lose Twitter followersIn this 'wild west' time of twitter, while businesses are exploring how to make the most from this excellent and powerful communication tool, and small businesses are looking to exploit this free (low cost) medium, many of us are looking for ways to increase our followers.In the hunt for new followers are we at risk of long term damage to our reputation?As an avid user of Twitter I have found it to be a powerful communication and marketing … [Read more...]

Modern Marketing – You don’t know what you don’t know

The world of business, sales, marketing and communications is changing, the question is are you 'up' with the new strategies or will you be scampering around for the scraps after the main pack have eaten?Use of social media as a part of an organizations marketing and sales strategy should not be overlooked.10 key questions to ask your senior managers (or yourself)Do you have enough information to decide whether to ignore or engage new technologies? Do you know what your … [Read more...]

2-minute Twitter guide for marketing

Twitter is currently one of the fastest growing communication tools available to organizations big and small. While origionally designed as a social networking/ chat tool, it is rapidly finding its way as a marketing and training tool.Twitter is both a social and marketing tool - don't abuse either approach. If your tweets are mainly business - tell people in your bio or DM (if you must). If its mainly personal declare it too - sure you many lose some followers in the short term, but gain in … [Read more...]


Make the most of social media for marketing Ok so you are one of those people (like me) that uses social marketing sites as part of your marketing strategy?Is your approached integrated or haphazard? Did you know that you can feed your blog posts to your twitter account or face book etc?You have to be careful about content as each is a slightly different audience, however if you can have more activity with less effort all the better.Tools like Twitterfeed help take your blog … [Read more...]

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