50 Tips for Using Twitter in Business

50 Tips for Using Twitter as a Marketing ToolTwitter is the communication tool of the moment. In 2008 if you had asked anyone about Twitter they would have thought that you were a bit of a geek - now many people are using it for social, learning and business purposes.Twitter is a powerful way to hear about the 'hear and now' thoughts on a key topic - not just from people you know or follow you - but from anyone interested in the topic - all in 140 character bite sizes pieces.Twitter can … [Read more...]

Blogs do they work for you

Web 2.0 and all that it means… blogs, twitter, interaction etc but what does it mean?Humans are social animals, we need to be part of a social group, a hierarchy. With the demise of the extended family, the nuclear family and more and more isolation perhaps it was inevitable that we will need to find a ‘new social group’.It is curious that over the past 15 years membership of voluntary organisations has changed. We no longer go to the ‘clubs’ that we once did to feel part of some … [Read more...]

A Comprehensive Guide to Common LinkedIn Profile-Building Questions #HRBlog

Many of us have a LinkedIn profile, and there are many common LinkedIn profile-building questions that this article seeks to address. First off, when did you last update your profile? When did you add that MOOC course? - is your profile up to date or stagnant?Networking is the primary way to go about looking for a new job. Spread your net far enough, and you will eventually catch something. LinkedIn is the premiere job networking social media site. It enables users to form “connections” with … [Read more...]

Fun Friday – weekly office cartoon #311 #ff Facebook recruitment

Some office fun for a Friday afternoon - Facebook recruitment Fun Friday – weekly office cartoon #311 "I need your Facebook password before I can hire you. If you're not on Facebook, I need you to join and post a bunch of personal stuff you don't want me to know about!"Facebook Recruitment! … [Read more...]

Fun Friday – weekly office cartoon #275 #ff

Some office fun for a Friday afternoon Office Cartoon 275"I read on Facebook you want me to pass the salt" … [Read more...]

Do you cover all your social media with all of your content?

Do you cover all your social media with all of your content?Many of us write blogs and articles on LinkedIn, on our own blogs or as a guest blogger on other peoples sites.The perceived wisdom of the SEO and marketing gurus is to push your piece everywhere. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn status, all of your LinkedIn groups, StumbleUpon etc. In fact everywhere you can. But is this "push everywhere" a help or a hindrance? Certainly the wider you promote the content, the more people will see … [Read more...]

Social media in HR Infographic

The CIPD have recently published an infographic on the use of social media at work. The graphic is based on some research they have completed looking at our usage (or not) of these powerful collaboration tools.What is interesting to me is that 61% of employers that responded to the survey do not use any form of collaborative or social platform within the business.From experience I know that even the firms that have them are struggling to make them work, but when they are used, they … [Read more...]

Good Weather For Ducks – losing the art of communications due to social media

Watching a piece on the news this morning, was a piece that claimed social media was in fact anti social. This is true, many of us would prefer to look at our mobiles than strike up a conversation.In years gone past we would have used phrases about the weather as an icebreaker to talk to strangers. Simple phrases like "good weather for ducks" or "it's wet again" or "wow its hot.. do you think it will last?". These are simple ice breakers that people have used for years, they are simple … [Read more...]

It’s not all about social media

Social media is what it is all about. But is it?Today on twitter someone was asking for ideas to promote a local food business on facebook. Now don't get me wrong, I use social media a lot. But are we using it as an excuse to avoid doing "real" marketing too?I'm beginning to think that many people are confusing social media with marketing channels. It can be, but only if you spend a lot of time and money on it. For the average small business, the real power in social media is in its … [Read more...]

Social Media and Social Business – what do we mean?

As we move into a world where "social" is put on every HR and marketing strategy, much like "i" has been put on technology, are we at a risk of over complicating and confusing people.We are in the early hours of a new revolution, and I fear that many people are using what they consider to be "cool" or "sexy" titles rather than describing what is happeningSocial - It's not the emperors new clothesThere really is a sea change happening in the way we communicate - and this tide cannot … [Read more...]

Manners online and forum/ platform culture

Manners online and forum/ platform culture - are they the same? There have recently been some discussions about the culture of social media sites and this sometimes gets confused with "manners" - but are they the same thing?In the real world as children and young adults we learn how to act with politeness, respect, and courtesy.However in the virtual world or world of social media, manners are still developing.This slideshare shows some great tips for social media manners … [Read more...]

HR Must Embrace Social Media

Human Resources - gate keepers or enablers According to a survey by SilkRoad, over 75% of HR professionals feel that they are being left behind when it comes to social media.With a 91% of firms claiming to use social media to evaluate potential candidates, what we all do online can make or break our next career change. Knowing what we should (and should not be doing), is becoming increasingly important. Collaboration through Social Media One of the nirvana of HR is employee engagement. … [Read more...]

You reap WHAT you sow – what does this mean in marketing?

Social media marketing - tips for success in 2010 Read my 9 top tips for social media marketing  below.As entrepreneurs and smaller businesses marketing is a vital yet difficult concept for many of us. Many of us hate it and want to find the "quick fix".What prompted me to write this article was receipt this morning of a 'newsletter' I get that goes straight to my junk mail. It is from Kenneth Yu "the Puppet Master" (take care with his sites as they take a lot of processing power and clever … [Read more...]

Twitter tools are changing the way we can use twitter

Twitter tools are changing the way we can use twitter Twitter is used by many different people, using many different twitter tools (and twitter tools are changing the way we can use twitter),  for many different reasons:entertainment, connections, communicatuion, promotion, selling, making money, engaging with people, building relationships, managing customer expectations, creating customers etcIf you use twitter for business (especially if you use twitter tools rather than just apps), … [Read more...]

6 ways for social media (twitter) to work for marketing

What makes a successful social media marketing strategy? As more and more people go freelance, marketing is increasingly important. Yet at a time when there are more freelance trainer, consultants & advisers, only a few seem to get the importance of having a serious approach to marketing.Often I get questions in email and phone calls from people about why some people get success and some don’t get success from social media and twitter as marketing tools.Where social marketing includes: … [Read more...]

Networking or not working? – The value of social networking

For those of us that use the net during work time, there are two types of networking sites, those that can aid learning, productivity and build business relationships and those that can slow or even stop work in its tracks. In this article, I explore the risks to individuals and businesses in the growing use of personal contact sites. Personality typesAre you the type of person that enjoys getting post or personal emails. For some of us, personal messages from people they know (or don’t … [Read more...]

10 tips for engaging people

Managers engage, so do we as 'community' champions Having a community or network (intranet or social network) is one thing, growing it and building trust is quite another.  Engagement of users, be they employees or customers is vital for the strategy to be sustainable and successful. Remember the 90:9:1 rule, our goal must be to beat this.As organizations become more geographically diverse, having the ability to share knowledge, communicate and network is a competitive advantage. Using … [Read more...]

socatwalk – a collaboration story of social media into social business

View the story "#socatwalk" on Storify #socatwalk Time-line from the #socatwalk event at marketing Week Live. the event was run by Collaboration matters. Taking Social Media & using it as a tool for and with Social Business tools & strategies. #twitter #IBM #socialbiz #rapidbi Storified by Mike Morrison · Tue, Jul 03 2012 04:15:05 RT @marie_wallace: The Future of #Retail | Marie's Ramblings & Ruminations http://bit.ly/Lh2PnG #socatwalk #ibmsocialbiz #ibmcnx #socbiz … [Read more...]

Social Media – Fad or Business as Usual

Social Media - Fad or "Business as Usual"? On one discussion group in which I am an active participant, a member (of a closed professional group) said that social media was just a fad. Now this was in the context of the problems that social media is causing regarding data protection, confidentiality, brand positioning etc.is social media a fad? or is there more going on that many of us have yet to realise?FAD, a definitionFree dictionary defines fad as: A fashion that is taken up … [Read more...]

Social media & social business in small enterprises

Social media & social business in small enterprisesOne of the major changes under way in very large and global businesses is the adoption of collaboration tools. Often these are social media based software tools which allow people from different business units or divisions to collaborate with others.In an organisation which is not in competition with other divisions this makes sense, but what about small businesses?Many of us in “micro businesses” collaborate on projects and … [Read more...]

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