Training Needs Analysis TNA – sample templates

Training Needs Analysis TNA - sample templates The links below will provide access to a sample TNA form and an example how the same data can be used for developing personal development plans.TNA Sample data collection form and Sample Output for PDP useThe original article published in TrainingZone is printed below:TNA: Knowing Where to Start Your JourneyIn this practical guide, Mike Morrison goes through the stages of an IT training needs analysis.Introduction to … [Read more...]

Writing a training session or lesson plan – templates

Templates for writing a training session or a lesson plan can be a confusing task to people new to the world of learning. One of the challenges for a new trainer is the development of a lesson or session plan for a training course or module.The reason this is such a challenge are often simple – tutors do not provide a sample template or format to copy, saying that it is the trainer or teachers choice, however when you are learning this is more of a barrier than an enabler of choice to … [Read more...]

Going Freelance – So you want to go independent?

Starting out in freelance training - What does it take to be successful? Overview This document is not meant to be a complete how to guide for those wishing to start a consultancy business.  It's purpose is to ask some of the questions and show some information that many other sources fail to do. Introduction to going freelance Many trainers, developers, coaches and facilitators occasionally get the urge to jump ship and do their own thing.  So what is the difference between those that … [Read more...]

Action Learning & Action Learning Sets – Reg Revans

Action Learning & Action Learning Sets Introduction to Action learning So what is Action Learning? A definition of Action Learning Action Learning Set Who is in it? A 'Set' Meeting Action Learning Projects Participating in an Action Learning Set Structuring your timeIntroduction to Action learningWhen devising a management development programme, it is important to ensure that participants are not only 'taught' or trained, but that they have an opportunity to put learning into action. … [Read more...]

From leadership to training & L&D

Your opportunity to request content on this siteOver the past 12 weeks I have been posting many short 'nuggets' on leadership, while I have a number of these to go I am now planning the next series - Training or Learning and Development.So here is your opportunity to contribute - what would you like to see added? what do you want mini-blog entries on? I expect that many topics will be developed into full entries, but these mini blog pieces have proved very popular.Just add your thoughts to … [Read more...]

Advice for new trainers

Relax & Relate.. the first 5 minutes are the most importantFollow the 3 Golden Rules:Relax & Relate - the most important 'work' is often done before the event starts, when you meet and build rapport individually with the learners. Agree the Agenda with the group - Use the phrase 'It's your course', to encourage involvement and ownership - especially with resistant participants. Agree a clear 'Course Protocol' - i.e. what's 'ok' and not ok, e.g. Ok: contributing, being … [Read more...]

Going Freelance in difficult times – consulting and training

Many people believe that one of the most successful ways of starting as a freelancer and maintaining a growing consulting or training business is to specialise or to find your own niche. What is a business niche? A niche business is one with a focus or area of specialisation. It is a market segment that particularly suits your experience, knowledge, talents, interests and personality. It is a segment of the market that you can make your own. You make it yours because it fits your expertise and … [Read more...]

Tips for those thinking about going freelance in training or consultancy

How to become a freelance trainer or consultant So you want to go independent as a freelance trainer or consultant? Do your own thing?How do you go about starting out in freelance training? Overview on going freelance - or How to become a freelance trainer This document is not meant to be a complete how to guide for those wishing to start a consultancy business. It's purpose is to ask some of the questions and show some information that many other sources fail to do. Tips and ideas which … [Read more...]

Evaluating the impact of training – another failure

Evaluating the impact of training is this as successful as we would like to believe?On one forum I regularly visit was the question:I am currently trying to answer a question for my course, but have hit a slight problem. The question I need to answer for my written project is:- Conduct an analysis to determine the effects that training has had on the success of your organisation. I was planning on writing about Customer Service training we have been running on going for the last 18 … [Read more...]

What is an Internship? Why should you do one?

At its most basic level an internship programme could be said to be: An internship programme is a planned work experience opportunity offered by an employer. There should be no expectation of employment after completing the programme/ experience. People in these roles are called interns. The intern role is to work at an organisation for a fixed, limited period of time. Interns are usually undergraduates or post graduates. Most internships last for any length of time between 1 week and 12 … [Read more...]

Chase to the bottom – or do you know of a free tool to…? #hrblog

Do you know of a free too to...? When was the last time you asked the question "Do you know of a free tool ...?" Was this your first attempt at solving the problem or last resort? Are free tools really free or is the cost hidden? Do we really understand all the costs involved?Many of our readers know that we are active in some of the HR and learning & Development online communities. Sometimes questions asked spark ideas and thoughts to share. This piece is one of them.The article … [Read more...]

Mental Health, HR and Training #HRBlog

Mental health issues impact on 1 in 4 adults. If you are not personally affected, then the chances are people around you are. Some years ago I had an interesting experience on a training course. I have mentioned this to a few people in the past but never written publicly before. Talking therapies in the workplace are on the rise. They certainly have their place, but are people aware of the dangers as well as the opportunities.Some of my readers know that I have been a long term … [Read more...]

Have your team leaders lost their grip? Time to train managers #hrblog

Have your team leaders lost their grip?It's a straight forward question: Have your team leaders lost their grip?Managers, most of us have one. They are not always called managers of course. Sometimes they are called supervisors, team leaders, deputy manager, leader, VP, Boss. Whatever we call them or their official job title, they are our “line manager”.We rely on them for guidance in our jobs. For support when things are not going well. For praise when things go well. For many … [Read more...]

HR trends survey 2016 in just one word #hrblog #cipd #oneword

Introduction to One Word HR Trends SurveyWhat is the One word HR trends survey 2016? Early in 2015 we ran a simple survey among HR professionals. They were given 10 topics and asked for one word which represented there understanding or meaning for that word or phrase. This produced some interesting results. So twelve months on I thought we could repeat the process. The results are fascinating. In the first survey we had just over 500 responses, in this later version we had just under 400 … [Read more...]

So Much Training, So Little to Show for It

So much training, so little to show for it in our organizations. Why is this often the case?Back in 2012 the Wall Street Journal published a piece looking at this. They concluded that businesses needed to do:Better training needs analysis (TNA) - not just what but who Design - what where how follow up - testing to see if people have learnt. Are they applying the new ways?Research from the The American Society for Training and Development claimed that only 10% of learning goes … [Read more...]

Training is like PPE – A lack of budget does not mean no training

We have all been there at one time or another. Budgets are tighter than expected. Often external spend is reduced to a minimum.A lack of budget should not mean training stops. It means we need to start thinking differently. Its innovation time! Attending courses are not the only way to train and develop people. Sometimes we need to focus on the end result, the learning needed and not the journey – how that knowledge of skill should be achieved.When as part of a Personal Development … [Read more...]

eLearning – a tick box exercise that fails at ticking boxes? #HRBlog

Increasingly as firms look to “do more with less”. Training such as health & safety and compliance training is delivered using eLearning platforms.In the past much of this training was Click next>>Click next>>Click next>>test. You have passed/failed.But thankfully things have moved on. If only a little at times. There are challenges Whilst we are more than 15 years after the turn of the millennium, many internal networks and their capacity set the limits for what … [Read more...]

Not another training course – Coping with famine to feast of learning in business

From time to time it seems like we go from famine to feast. We have no training for months, then like a buss many come along at once!Many of us value learning new skills and knowledge. Indeed this is why quiz shows are so popular on TV. It is also why pub quiz nights are so popular at our local pubs and clubs. It is a mix of the social and the mental stimulation.We like to learn stuff. Some of us prefer to learn things around our specialisms. Others like to learn anything that broadens … [Read more...]

State of Employee Training 2015 according to #Intercall #infographic

Today I came across this interesting summary of the State of Employee Training 2015. It has been published by Intercall.In their article State of Employee Training 2015 they include the data and graphic shown below.We all know that when done well, training can add a lot of value both to organisations as well as the growth and performance potential of individuals. But with increasing budget and time challenges, training is often the first casualty. How is the state of training relevant … [Read more...]

Repetition – the neglected L&D tool with declining attention spans

Are our attentions spans declining? To learn new things, do we need to practice for 1000s of hours, or can we just learn in bite sized pieces? Are our attention spans declining or reducing with social media and the connected world? Can we really learn all we need in just a fw short minutes, or are we tied to investing time and resources to developing people?Lets start with a popular set of beliefs which have become popular in recent years. The 10,000 hour rule - of practice to create … [Read more...]

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