Which is better for business – Twitter or status.net

This morning I heard that Identi.ca has changed its name to status.net

Which is better for business?

While no-one can deny the success of twitter, one of the significant edges twitter had was its added value from a SEO point of view. Unfortunatly now all tweets have the nofollow tag active, so while twitter is a great communication channel it has lost its edge. In comes Identi.ca or now status.net

Offering the same great micro-blogging service (at the moment) all links are follow links, so added value to business users. At the moment I push all my tweets to identica, however I am keeping an eye on this open source solution and hoping that it will infact be a better platform in the longer term.

To help future-proof yourself have you got an identica user name yet?

Management and Leadership development are importent to you and of course to the team here at RapidBI. We hope you find this information valuable, if you do please tweet or facebook like this page. Thanks

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  1. Robin Millette says:

    One thing to keep in mind is that StatusNet (was known as Laconica) supports the OMB spec. meaning all the different installations have the potential to talk to each other. http://Identi.ca/ and are two of the bigger sites using StatusNet. You can have an account on either of these sites or any other one supporting the OMB spec. (OpenMicroBlogger also supports this already; Drupal is scheduled to have support for it and so is Jaiku) and subscribe to (aka “follow”) anyone on any of those sites.


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