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Business Improvement Review – Human Resources version. Organizational Development and Culture Change.

Business Improvement Review – Human Resources version – OD diagnostic

Business Improvement Review - Human Resources version (OD) - organisational diagnosis BIR-L leadership Improvement Review

While the Business Improvement Review is an effective diagnostic tool with many businesses or organizations we have found that internal consultants, HR departments/ teams only want to look at the people management and leadership aspects of their organization.

The BIR-HR (soon to be re-branded LIR – Leadership Improvement Review) has been developed to allow you the consultant, coach or business partner work effectively with the organization to improve your people management.

As an organizational development approach the BIR-HR provides a rapid and proven method of capturing the strengths and developmental areas in any organization. This product is not bound by any single management or leadership model, this means it can provide you with information about what is actually occuring, it is then for you to determin if this is appropriate or not for your organization at this time.

For organizations that are working towards Investors in People, Baldridge (MBNQA), Business Excellence or EFQM, the BIR-HR provides the fastest strategic positioning capture available today.

Using the same proven system and methods the BIR-HR works with you and the organization to identify areas of strength & weakness and develop appropriate action plans.

Using our benchmarking reporting tool (included), some of our customers are using this as a staff survey which they compare changes year on year or quarter on quarter.

This is a straight forward product that you can use in your own organizations with little training. Full email support is provided as standard and telephone coaching is available.

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Part of our business diagnostic tool family

The BIR is a family of diagnostic processes. Use the one that is right for your client or your business need. Click on the version logo to find out more.

Strategic business review - organisational diagnosis Business Review for Coaching - organisational diagnosis in smaller organisations Internal or OD version of our business review - organisational diagnosis

To get a feel for the BIR try our online sample the BIR-solo – instant feedback

Organizational Diagnostic

Many OD specialists struggle to work strategically in a consistent manner due to organizational pressures for ‘quick wins’, the BIR was developed to provide a starting structure for organizational development work based on a robust, yet strategic and practical diagnostic process.

Without an effective organizational diagnosis process many change and growth processes are prone to failure before they begin.

The BIR organizational diagnostic is not based on any one academic or management model, but a suite of models to identify good and best practice.

The BIR is unique in that it does not attempt to say what is right or wrong.  Our diagnostic approach enables the practitioner to identify WITH the organization what is a strength and what is a weakness at a given point in time. This helps to create ownership, which is one of the reasons why the BIR-HR is so successful. Quite simply what works with one organization will not work with another – a major flaw in the practice of some consulting organizations approaches.

Our Preferred Diagnostic Methodology

This is designed to deliver a robust and practical diagnosis of an organizations current reality in relationship to its desired competitive position. The BIR survey identifies current reality within the organization and its desired position with respect to:

  • Business Purpose and Direction
  • Organization Structure
  • Processes and Systems
  • Culture
  • People
  • Management Style
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Using this as a gap analysis, the process will enable you to prioritize the opportunities for improvement and develop strategies for change and actions for implementation.

Qualitative research can be used to augment this analysis of organizational effectiveness. This may include conducting semi-structured interviews with executives and focus groups with managers and staff.

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