Employee Engagement the solution in difficult times

Employee Engagement – the solution in difficult times? Yet another weekend where the news broadcasts and the Sunday papers have been full of the economic doom and gloom. With many of the retail stores starting with 20% & 25% discounts with four weeks before Christmas you know things are changing.If the key to survival is employee talent, then retention of talent has got to be a prime drive. But security is not the only factor, often when organizations offer redundancy, it is those that … [Read more...]

guide to employee satisfaction & engagement surveys

A guide to Employee Satisfaction Engagement SurveysA guide to conducting employee engagement and satisfaction survey. This page outlines the key steps and requirements of a successful staff or employee survey.EESS Home - Employee Engagement Satisfaction - Guide to surveys - EESS overviewA guide to conducting employee engagement and satisfaction surveys Employee survey techniques have developed  significantly over the past few years, with web based technologies it is … [Read more...]

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Models

Research into Employee Engagement and SatisfactionEmployee Engagement and Satisfaction Models, There are many models on the market and each provider claims that their model is based on empirical research. For this I am sure, however for each organization that undertakes this they appear to arrive at different conclusions.So are they all correct or are they all incorrect?The jury is out on this. What we do know is that no two organizations are the same and that the prevailing … [Read more...]

Demystifying the Psychological Contract

If I put five HR Professionals in a room and asked them to define the Psychological Contract and its value, why would I expect to return later to find at least four different opinions? What is the Psychological Contract? As so often in HR, we have before us a term which has been created, in all good faith, to describe observations of human behaviour in employment that we cannot quite quantify, but can see are significant. “Engagement”, “Motivation”, “Job satisfaction“ and even “Leadership” are … [Read more...]

Gamification to Increase Employee Motivation and Engagement

Can you really use gamification to increase employee motivation and engagement?Is gamification just the latest management fad?As organizations have become more focused on business objectives, gamification has increased because it can help the workplace become more engaging and productive.Gamification changes the rules of engagement and inspires employees to change behaviors as a result. The prediction is that by 2015, 40 percent of Global 1000 organizations will use gamification as … [Read more...]

Recruiting and engaging volunteers what is your strategy

Recruiting and engaging volunteers is one thing, but how do you retain them once they are through the door and completed basic training? Having a wide diversity of volunteers brings a community and richness that adds value beyond words.For organisations that rely on volunteers, recruiting and engaging those volunteers becomes a key performance indicator for that 'business'. I say business because any organisation set up to provide services must be solvent, and that means making a profit or … [Read more...]

Good Weather For Ducks – losing the art of communications due to social media

Watching a piece on the news this morning, was a piece that claimed social media was in fact anti social. This is true, many of us would prefer to look at our mobiles than strike up a conversation.In years gone past we would have used phrases about the weather as an icebreaker to talk to strangers. Simple phrases like "good weather for ducks" or "it's wet again" or "wow its hot.. do you think it will last?". These are simple ice breakers that people have used for years, they are simple … [Read more...]

Gamification in business

Gamification is a word we are starting to hear a lot about.What is Gamification? In essence gamification is turning something, a process or experience into a game. A game where the 'player' can earn points or status.The desire to play games is inherent in many people, and the growth of social media is testimony to this. For it is a rare discussion about social media when comparisons between the number of friends, followers or likes a person has is not central to the intended … [Read more...]

10 Employee Engagement Survey Mistakes

Why Employee Engagement Surveys often fail Employee engagement is one of those "holy grails" that many HR, OD and management professionals seek to achieve for their organizations. Today I was reading an interesting blog by US firm Performancepoint LLC.In the article they list 10 comon mistakes:1. Conducting an in-house survey 2. Putting the onus on managers 3. Questions that spread discontent 4. Findings that aren't actionable 5. Using the goals of others 6. No follow-up on … [Read more...]

10 tips for engaging people

Managers engage, so do we as 'community' champions Having a community or network (intranet or social network) is one thing, growing it and building trust is quite another.  Engagement of users, be they employees or customers is vital for the strategy to be sustainable and successful. Remember the 90:9:1 rule, our goal must be to beat this.As organizations become more geographically diverse, having the ability to share knowledge, communicate and network is a competitive advantage. Using … [Read more...]

The Importance of Employee Engagement #HR #CIPD

The Importance of Employee Engagement Employee engagement is one of the key pillars on modern human resources. Through tools like Employee Engagement Surveys we can measure and note changes for the better.. or worse based upon decisions and actions taken in the way that we run our businesses.The infographic below was produced by the National Research Business Institute Inc (NBRI), out of some recent research into actions and behaviours of engaged and dis-engaged workers.Like the NBRI, … [Read more...]

Defining Practical Employee Engagement

Defining Practical Employee Engagement The term Employee Engagement has been prolific over the past few years but what does it really mean? How can we use this to really make a difference?This question was asked of me by a writer I have been in discussions with for some time, and she was surprised that we do not have the definition clear on this site. Well it was buried, but here puts it into context.There are several definitions on the web including: The Work Foundation’s … [Read more...]

10 top tips for guaranteed employee engagement

Essential activities to ensure your people are engaged Talent management  and engagement are current buzz phrases and in this context employee engagement seems to be climbing up the agenda again.The environment in which we operate is changing at so many levels at a political, environmental, social, technological, economic and legal. These changes mean we need to find ways of both changing and yet providing some level of stability or consistency.Recently, several requests have been made … [Read more...]

Social Media, Talent Management & Communications #cipd11

Social Media – the power of communications using internal & external talentSocial business is born and its all change for Human Resources, marketing, communication, engagement,talent management... At one level or another we have all been impacted by some form of social media, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Blogs, Yammer, Sametime, MSN etc. Over the last few months we have seen the Arab Spring, and many other changes to the society in which we live. On a day to day basis it is not … [Read more...]

Employee Engagement & Talent Management #cipd12

Engagement – heads they win, tails you lose Who are “THEY”?Why your competitors of course.This article contains some of my thoughts and reflections from Day 2 of the annual CIPD conference in Manchester UK.The recurring theme and thought at this years CIPD annual conference for HR professionals has been engagement. Some speakers have spoken about the value engagement provides to the level of customer engagement and retention, others about productivity, but the overriding factor has … [Read more...]

HR It’s all about the business customers #cipd11

HR It’s all about the business customers An interesting first day at #CIPD11 yesterday.Through a diverse range of sessions:Leadership, People Management & Growth – Sir Terry Leahy (ex tesco) Building Organisational Culture – William Rogers, CEO UKRD Managing Change Successfully – Natalie Woodford, GSK Challenging Traditional Management Thinking – John Seddon, Vangard Turning Customers into Fans - Nicky Brimmer, O2 Telefonica UKOver the next few days I am sure that each … [Read more...]

Talent Management – how to shoot yourself in the foot in the future!

Talent Management - Easy today... pain tomorrow Most of us agree that the success of any organization is down to the quality of its people. So why do we fail to realise that talent management is not just about the “top 50” people, but those with the potential to be in the top 50 at some point in the future, as well as talent that will enable our organization to be competitive in a sustainable way. Talent is NOT just about tomorrow’s leaders, it is about next week’s skills and next months … [Read more...]

Top Tips to Manage and Coach a “Micro-Manager”

Tips to Manage and Coach a "Micro-Manager" Have you ever had one of those managers that need to see every little step, make sure you are doing the task "their way"?Frustrating isn’t it?This is worse for the organization as why have both of you employed if you are both in effect doing the same job. Micromanagement is usually used in a negative connotation and definitely points towards excessive control or close attention to finer details. A micromanager is created when a person is … [Read more...]

10 No or Low Cost Employee Morale Boosters

Simple Management StepsIn difficult times all managers are challenged with keeping staff engaged and morale high (or even up!). "Boosters" are activities that can have short term but duplicable results in lifting morale in individuals and teams. Morale boosters can take the form of recognition, compensation or special perks or privileges. Here are 10 no or low cost morale boosters to get you started: Ideas - Employee morale often improves when staff feel they are valued and … [Read more...]

A Guide to Conducting Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Surveys

A guide to Conducting Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Surveys Employee survey techniques have developed  significantly over the past few years, with web based technologies it is easier and cheaper than ever to collect and manage data.In the past, any HR driven initiative was seen as tactical and of little real benefit to the organization as a whole. Now many enlightened organizations see HR and employee surveys as a powerful business improvement tool.Customers now have a greater range … [Read more...]

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