Management and leadership skills: What is the difference?

 As our organizations change and adapt so must the people running them - our managers and leaders. In the past, many organizations have neglected to develop and train this group, letting most find their own way to their own unique management or leadership style.The best organizations know that consistency is the name of the game for continued success. At the same time there has been much debate about methodologies - to train or to develop; to feed or to grow.I would define the difference … [Read more...]

From leadership to training & L&D

Your opportunity to request content on this siteOver the past 12 weeks I have been posting many short 'nuggets' on leadership, while I have a number of these to go I am now planning the next series - Training or Learning and Development.So here is your opportunity to contribute - what would you like to see added? what do you want mini-blog entries on? I expect that many topics will be developed into full entries, but these mini blog pieces have proved very popular.Just add your thoughts to … [Read more...]

GROW into a coaching model

GROW -- Goals - Reality - Options - WillThe GROW model in coaching has been around for some time. It was first made popular by Sir John Whitmore and described in his book Coaching For Performance in 1992. It is widely believed that GROW was originally developed by Graham Alexander, who worked with Whitmore.The GROW model has been used successfully by coaches in sport and business as well as by many organizations as part of a change towards a coaching style of management.How to use … [Read more...]

Leadership models

  +++NEWSFLASH New revised layouts and now over 250 models available see them here+++  This is an old page, maintained for reasons of continuity,  please visit our updated page here  Leadership models and theories are tools that help to shape the way we think, manage and run our organisations.This page lists some of those leadership models found to be of value by the team at RapidBI. This is a historical page - our updated page can be found hereJump straight down the page to … [Read more...]

Flow – The formula for optimal success (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi)

Flow - The formula for optimal success (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi) Flow is a concept developed by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, in his book "FLOW" he describes peoples experience of what makes an experience genuinely satisfying or what it is like to be in the state of flow.Flow is a state of consciousness which can be achieved on an individual path, providing optimal performance.In the book Csikszentmihalyi lists a number of fact which accompany an experience of flow: 1. Clear goals … [Read more...]

Pareto's Principle – The 80/20 rule

Introduction to 80-20In 1906, Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto created a mathematical formula to describe the unequal distribution of wealth in his country, observing that twenty percent of the people owned eighty percent of the wealth.In the late 1940s, Dr. Joseph M. Juran inaccurately attributed the 80/20 Rule to Pareto, calling it Pareto's Principle. While it may be misnamed, Pareto's Principle or Pareto's Law as it is sometimes called, can be a very effective tool to help you manage … [Read more...]

Cut or increase innovation in a recession?

Innovation, is it a burden or opportunity when things are difficult?This morning I was reading an article in Business Week about the need for organizations to cut back on innovation (article). The article starts with the opening line "When times get tough, one of the first things we do is think about what we can do without, like cutting latte consumption from five a week to two" with which I totally agree.  However an assumption in the article drives the reader to believe that INNOVATION … [Read more...]

Why Organisational Development often fails to deliver

Organisational Development (OD) is the name or label given to many HR and training related strategies, but it is more than that.Bennis in his early work "Organizational Development: nature, origins & prospects" defines OD as: "a response to change, a complex educational strategy intended to change the beliefs, attitudes, values and structure of organizations so that they can better adapt to new technologies, markets and challenges" This is just as true today as it was in … [Read more...]

Black Swan events – or unknown unknowns

Black Swan events - or unknown unknowns #BlackSwan #InnovationIt was once believed that all swans were white, because until that time the only swans had been seen (northern hemisphere) were white. It was believed that all swans were white and that black (or any other colour) could not exist.The belief was destroyed when a Black Swan was discovered in Australia. Hence the term “Black Swan” became used for unpredictable or unforeseen events - the unknown unknowns...As the changes … [Read more...]

Innovation – Individual or team effort – “Collective Leadership”

Today I read an interesting blog article on Innovation which starts with:"To generate creative business ideas, breakthrough innovators must be fiercely tested and wisely deployed (…) Truly innovative people are rare. Perhaps, 5% or 10% of the high potential managers within a company at any given time have the skills and attributes to become innovators.”Read Jeffrey Cohn, Jon Katzenbach, and Gus Vlack’s paper, “Finding and Grooming Breakthrough Innovators,” on HBR."  The author … [Read more...]

HR trends survey 2016 in just one word #hrblog #cipd #oneword

Introduction to One Word HR Trends SurveyWhat is the One word HR trends survey 2016? Early in 2015 we ran a simple survey among HR professionals. They were given 10 topics and asked for one word which represented there understanding or meaning for that word or phrase. This produced some interesting results. So twelve months on I thought we could repeat the process. The results are fascinating. In the first survey we had just over 500 responses, in this later version we had just under 400 … [Read more...]

Leadership Competences – how effective are you?

Leadership Competence, just how effective are you in managing tasks and people? Leadership and management competencies are often used by larger organizations to identify peoples strengths and development needs. Often these frameworks are expensive and complex. One framework we have used in the past is this simple 55 item competence framework. It is based on 3 key factors:Managing yourself, Managing tasks, and Managing others.You can use this list to look at the statements, rate … [Read more...]

Demystifying the Psychological Contract

If I put five HR Professionals in a room and asked them to define the Psychological Contract and its value, why would I expect to return later to find at least four different opinions? What is the Psychological Contract? As so often in HR, we have before us a term which has been created, in all good faith, to describe observations of human behaviour in employment that we cannot quite quantify, but can see are significant. “Engagement”, “Motivation”, “Job satisfaction“ and even “Leadership” are … [Read more...]

Why training fails – time for a new approach?

Time for a new approach to learning in business?Over the years I have looked at a number of books, blogs and articles and in various LinkedIn groups to do with training and developing people. Many of these are about management, leadership and developing people for the future.There seems to be a common theme.... new ways of doing things. A reinforcement of the message that the old ways did not get what you wanted. Here is a new, improved and better way. A new and shiny approach if you … [Read more...]

Gamification in leadership and development

Gamification in Leading and DevelopmentGamification, the framing of an activity like a game to make it more motivating is not a new concept. The concept of gaming has been around for years – credit card companies and airline reward programs for example. (1)Gamification is not literally a game, but using game mechanics and thinking to create a game-like experience. (4) The most basic characteristics of gamification in action are: (9)Simple, recognizable cues for the next … [Read more...]

Leadership – #oneword #HR #CIPD

In 2015 100s of HR professionals were asked a simple question in a survey… in one word describe…LEADERSHIPParticipants were invited from the CIPD Members LinkedIn group, the CIPD communities, and the CIPD Facebook group. 616 participated. Of those, over 70% have been in HR for more than 11 years.Not all questions were mandatory. The demographics for this were:Processing of one word data. During data analysis, spellings were corrected, and capitalisation resolved. No words were … [Read more...]

Leadership in the Crucible of Work – by Sandy Shugart – Book Review

Leadership in the Crucible of Work by Sandy Shugart Discovering the interior life of an authentic leader In this 233 page book, Shugart takes a different approach to many other leadership authors. “Leadership in the Crucible of Work” neatly houses a collection of essays with thought provoking reflections and questions, all from a real journey of leadership. Who is the author Sandy Shugart? According to the publishers site, Sanford C. “Sandy” Shugart, PhD, stumbled into senior leadership at a … [Read more...]

Leaders Eat Last – an #infographic

Some weeks ago I had an email asking if I would share an infographic on this blog. To be honest I was too preoccupied with moving countries to properly consider the request.Today whilst looking through some messages I tagged I found the emails, and you know what...? The graphic contained some really interesting stuff. Below is the infographic on leadership Written by the team at Thales, they have published this informative infographic on leadership. They say they have gathered most of our … [Read more...]

Leaders cannot be nice all the time

Being a leader is not about being hard, aggressive or overly “macho”. It is about doing things through others, often for their reasons. The goal of the leader is to get things done on the journey to a set destination. Of course often the leader is setting the destination, other times it is set by another leader in the business and we need to deliver our elements in our own way.Individuals cannot have their own way all the time When one of the team is used to getting their view accepted all … [Read more...]

Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership By Sarah Alexander – Book Review

Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership - From Manager to Leader in your own life By Sarah Alexander Leadership is such a large and extensively written about topic, so where would a new approach start?Alexander structures the book by looking at leadership and the act of leadership through the journey from manager to leader: “Knowing our true value and worth” Knowing our security is within us” “The power of intuited wisdom” “The value of deep faith” “Right Intention…right action” “Letting … [Read more...]

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