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Business Improvement Review – Coaching Tool

Business Improvement Review – Coaching Version

Business Improvement Review - coaching version (micro business)

While the Business Improvement Review is an effective diagnostic tool with many businesses or organizations we have found that when used with smaller companies, that the depth available through having managers comment on the success of the organization is not always relevant.

The BIR-C has been developed to allow you the consultant or coach work effectively with the owner/ manager.

Using the same proven system and methods the BIR-C works with you and your client to identify areas of strength & weakness.

The BIR-C is ideal for use with Micro-sized organizations.  Business advisers and consultants can use the input from the owner, business partner, accountant or other trusted, knowledgeable individual as well as the optional inputs from staff, suppliers and customers.

The benchmarking reports are ideal tools to measure progress on an annual basis ( benchmarking capability ) and as a consultancy effectiveness evaluation tool.

The benchmarking ability can be used to benchmark against a previous review for a given client – or to an external norm group.

BIR-C applications:

In Business Coaching

Many businesses are at a crossroads and need assistance to cope with the challenges facing the business. Use of the BIR-C offer the client and coach a common framework upon which to build both an action plan and an on-going relationship.

The BIR-C process directly explores the issues affecting the business, prioritize and to manage an action plan for effective growth.

Business Consultancy

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The BIR-C works well with consultancies focused on providing support to businesses who have been trading over a period of 24 months and typically employ less than 5 staff. The process is flexible while ensuring a holistic approach is taken with all clients.

Part of our business diagnostic tool family

The BIR is a family of diagnostic processes. Use the one that is right for your client or your business need. Click on the version logo to find out more.

Strategic business review - team managed businesses Business Review for Coaching - micro business Internal or HR version of our business review

To get a feel for the BIR try our online sample the BIR-solo – instant feedback

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