What came first, the job or the experience? #HRBlog

Every year 1000s of graduates and others face the challenge of "Come back when you have more experience". But it's not just graduates. It is people from the military.People from public sector organizations trying to work in the private sector. people trying to change sectors. people trying to change careers. You get the picture.It's tough, but rather than make assumptions on the past we look at some ways to break this cycle The problem - Job or Experience? The problem is often said … [Read more...]

Applying LEAN to HR, Training and other administration based departments #HRBlog

The term Lean has been in manufacturing organizations for many years. Increasingly organizations are applying Lean to HR and Training departments too. Lean Thinking Many take it to be a process to do with the improvement of manufacturing efficiency. Indeed it was in the Toyota factories that the process started. Even in Toyota in the early days it was about a lot more than manufacturing processes. It covered supply, sales, logistics and administration of all kinds.In the last 5 years, … [Read more...]

Why change management often fails to deliver management expectations

Why do most change management initiatives fail? Many of us are involved in change management and yet we often do not learn from previous mistakes as to why change management often fails to deliver. Change happens but we often fail to deliver management expectations.Over the past 15 years The RapidBI team have researched and investigated the reasons why many organizational change and improvement initiatives fail to deliver bottom line results. Indeed many change and improvement initiatives … [Read more...]

A Comprehensive Guide to Common LinkedIn Profile-Building Questions #HRBlog

Many of us have a LinkedIn profile, and there are many common LinkedIn profile-building questions that this article seeks to address. First off, when did you last update your profile? When did you add that MOOC course? - is your profile up to date or stagnant?Networking is the primary way to go about looking for a new job. Spread your net far enough, and you will eventually catch something. LinkedIn is the premiere job networking social media site. It enables users to form “connections” with … [Read more...]

Knowledge Understanding Action

Knowledge Understanding Action Introduction to KUA Knowledge Understanding Action is the principle that RapidBI base all of our programs, products and developments. We recommend that the approach to organizational development and change management follow this simple structure:Knowledge - learn principles, information, behaviours and concepts Understanding - from that knowledge develop your understanding of what is meant and what it might mean. Action - to do - to do something … [Read more...]

When is a DeepDive not a Deep Dive

So When is a deepdive not a deep dive? It is interesting how the use for a name in a given field changes over time. Or to be more realistic how a sexy name for an interesting subject gets hijacked by others without really understanding or respecting difference?In innovation, marketing and management the term Deep Dive was a methodology originally made popular by Ideo. It was a brainstorming or idea creation methodology.Then came along Stanford with their DeepDive ( … [Read more...]

PRINCE2 Project Management – 7x7x7 #PMOT

PRINCE2 Project Management. We hear this talked about in many organizations, but what is it really? What is PRINCE2 Project Management? The organization that sets the standard say that it is: PRINCE2 (PRojects INControlled Environments) is a process-based method for effective project management. PRINCE2 is a de facto standard used extensively by the UK Government and is widely recognised and used in the private sector, both in the UK and … [Read more...]

Chase to the bottom – or do you know of a free tool to…? #hrblog

Do you know of a free too to...? When was the last time you asked the question "Do you know of a free tool ...?" Was this your first attempt at solving the problem or last resort? Are free tools really free or is the cost hidden? Do we really understand all the costs involved?Many of our readers know that we are active in some of the HR and learning & Development online communities. Sometimes questions asked spark ideas and thoughts to share. This piece is one of them.The article … [Read more...]

Mental Health, HR and Training #HRBlog

Mental health issues impact on 1 in 4 adults. If you are not personally affected, then the chances are people around you are. Some years ago I had an interesting experience on a training course. I have mentioned this to a few people in the past but never written publicly before. Talking therapies in the workplace are on the rise. They certainly have their place, but are people aware of the dangers as well as the opportunities.Some of my readers know that I have been a long term … [Read more...]

Why can’t people follow instructions? #changemanagement #HRblog

Why can't people follow instructions? Or maybe more accurately why wont people follow instructions?This was brought home to me recently during some small changes in a community group I run online. It got me thinking about how we implement change, and why change management programs often fail to meet expectations.In the worlds of project management, software updates and software deployment (CRM, ERP etc), training and in fact any change management situation where we need people to stop … [Read more...]

Have your team leaders lost their grip? Time to train managers #hrblog

Have your team leaders lost their grip?It's a straight forward question: Have your team leaders lost their grip?Managers, most of us have one. They are not always called managers of course. Sometimes they are called supervisors, team leaders, deputy manager, leader, VP, Boss. Whatever we call them or their official job title, they are our “line manager”.We rely on them for guidance in our jobs. For support when things are not going well. For praise when things go well. For many … [Read more...]

LinkedIn it’s not just for job search #HRBlog

LinkedIn is more than just a job search and CV hosting tool. Being or getting active on linkedin raises your profile. The problem that many users create for themselves is only being active when looking for work or a new role. LI gives us tools to raise our profile too.Effective use of LinkedIn requires ongoing balance. When in a stable (employed) role, we often use LinkedIn for connecting, learning and sharing. When needing or seeking new opportunities we can use it to raise our profile even … [Read more...]

Disruptive innovators – Can your organization cope?

Wanting change is one thing but can your organization cope with disruptive innovators? We often hear that businesses and organizations of all sizes crave to be more innovative. They certainly do not want to be 'out of date', and want to keep providing customers with the products and services they need. But do we really understand innovation and the costs? Do we really want innovative companies? Are we prepared to disruptive our whole industry, and put some of our cash cows to bed?There … [Read more...]

Corporate values and behaviours – Dangers of not walking the talk #hrblog #linkedin

Corporate values or core values as some call them have been in management texts for many years. As more and more business leaders complete education and training, so more and more firms have written value statement. But are they just marketing or is it really a tool to run a business by? Hit the self-destruct button! In this piece we look at one business that has hit the self destruct button by saying one value is important, but employees clearly have not got the memo!Understanding Core … [Read more...]

Goodbye Change Management Hello Navigating Flux

Can we really say Goodbye Change Management Hello Navigating Flux? In this piece we will look at the The 3 new competencies of success in modern business and society.In the last 10 years there has been a lot written and spoken about change and change management. The fact that change is here and here to stay is understood. What is less recognised and accepted is that “change” implies a process. A change from state a to state b. From one stable state to another. It is time to say goodbye … [Read more...]

Purpose of LinkedIn – Ninja tips to raise your profile increasing prospects #hrblog

What is the purpose of LinkedIn? Many will say that LinkedIn doesn't work. They do not get jobs through it. As a consultant they do not get work through it. They also say that LinkedIn cannot be used for raising your profile to increase job or consulting prospects. Why do they say that? Simple, they have a profile and expect work to come to them. Worse, they have a basic headline only profile that gives NO INFORMATION. Having the profile is much like having a product. Getting it on the shelf in … [Read more...]

All interview questions fall under one of three types

All interview questions fall under one of three types. Knowing what they are, and trying to do is just a matter of understanding the process. In essence, the employer needs to replace a person or fill a new role. They need to be as productive as fast as possible. Cost as little as possible and fit in with 'The way we do things here'.We need to understand what it is that the interviewer is trying to do. The Killer question You know what it is like. You go for the interview, then at some … [Read more...]

Follow the leader – How to raise your LinkedIn Profile #hrblog

Some time ago I published a discussion in a group for people looking for work helping them by showing how to raise your LinkedIn Profile. This has been repeatedly removed by moderators on LI. Why? Because it works!After the initial discussions were deleted, I published a post on the LinkedIn publishing platform Pulse. You can see one of the original posts: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/two-secrets-help-you-linkedin-no-one-tells-li-dont-morrison-fcipd - if you get a post not found message, … [Read more...]

So Much Training, So Little to Show for It

So much training, so little to show for it in our organizations. Why is this often the case?Back in 2012 the Wall Street Journal published a piece looking at this. They concluded that businesses needed to do:Better training needs analysis (TNA) - not just what but who Design - what where how follow up - testing to see if people have learnt. Are they applying the new ways?Research from the The American Society for Training and Development claimed that only 10% of learning goes … [Read more...]

Toolism – 5 management tools that are past their sell by date

Toolism - 5 management tools we rely on that are past their sell by date Unlike the food we buy in the shops which come with Sell by, Use by and Best before dates, the management tools we use come with no such context or advice. We believe the hype with which they are sold to us.What do Human Resources, Change Management, Learning & Development and Consulting have in common? All professionals in this arena rely on tools or processes. Many of these tools and processes have been around … [Read more...]

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