Swivel chair chats with @MartinCouzins & @RapidBI at #HRSS16 & #RECEX16

This week we have been that the HR Software show and Recruitment Exhibition run by the CIPD. These are exhibitions that provide showcases for people looking to buy enterprise HR software and to recruit people into their organisations.The HR Software Show is a well-established event, which has been running for over 15 years. It helps hundreds of HR professionals make important purchase decisions every year. It can help you to Upgrade your HR strategy with the latest software … [Read more...]

Building an Agile Development Strategy Aligned to Changing Business Needs #cipdldshow

Building an Agile Development Strategy Aligned to Changing Business NeedsSarah Mellor - John Lewis PartnershipJo Kelly - WaitroseEloise McNeile & Lucero Tagle - GoogleChaired by Peter Cheese - CEO CIPDPeter Cheese sets the scene on one of the most popular session at this years CIPD L&D conference. We are now in a VUCA world. agility, adaptability and resilience is increasingly important. In order to support businesses in this context, L&D will be pivotal to … [Read more...]

Are we all entrepreneurs #cipd14

Keynote speech launching #cipd14 with Rita Gunther McGrath A live set of notes, which will be refined later - please accept any errors as this is typed live.Peter Cheese the CEO welcomes the participants. He tells the audience that HR is becoming more relevant than ever before.HR analytic are "the next big thing". Most of what we measure currently in business is not adding value or measuring the value of business.The CIPD are seeking to explore ways of advising HR professionals and … [Read more...]

Social media in HR Infographic

The CIPD have recently published an infographic on the use of social media at work. The graphic is based on some research they have completed looking at our usage (or not) of these powerful collaboration tools.What is interesting to me is that 61% of employers that responded to the survey do not use any form of collaborative or social platform within the business.From experience I know that even the firms that have them are struggling to make them work, but when they are used, they … [Read more...]

What Trainers can learn from world class professionals at #cipldshow

When attending any conference there is always a lot that can be learnt. these things can be ourselves, our thoughts and reactions and of course the content and style of delivery of others. As a "seasoned" (old) professional I have been attending learning and development conferences for longer than I dare to remember. Of course the longer one has been in a profession, the harder it is to find the "new" ideas or nuggets. However this year I have learnt a couple of things, and these should be … [Read more...]

#cipd13 Annual Conference in Manchester

Welcome to Manchester in the UK. Today is the start of the CIPDs annual conference for HR & L&D professionals.As I have done in the past I will attempt to blog live from each session, highlighting some of the key points the presenters highlight. This will be live, so please expect spelling and typos. In the next few days I will return and correct. My goal is to share with you as the conference progresses Below this line will appear the content, if nothing is here please … [Read more...]

Diversity calendar from the CIPD 2013

Looking for a diversity calender with the various religious dates all in one place? It’s not often that something for free has intrinsic value, however here is an offer from the CIPD with a difference. The CIPD contribute to a diversity calendar which provides a range of multi-faith days, holidays and festivals.  This diversity calendar is being made available on their site for all – members and non-members alike. Diversity Calender 2013 from Diversiton This calendar is a practical and … [Read more...]

Succession Planning or Contingency Planning

Succession Planning or Contingency Planning is one of those things that is often talked about, but often considered too complex for many smaller businesses to understand - or even justify the perceived cost of undertaking such activity.And yes to those in the know, Succession Planning can be one of the most important human resource functions to sustaining business performance. What is Succession Planning? The CIPD define Succession Planning as: as a process for identifying and developing … [Read more...]

Day 3 – #cipd12

Good Morning.Welcome to the final day of the CIPD annual conference for 2012.Again a packed, busy day. I hope the session I attend are of interest.The text below, was written live from the blog, you can see the timestamps, please excuse any errors!16.37 #cipd12 was an awesome, engaging and motivational event – lots of learning, lots of messages, and an opportunity for chaneg for us all – thank you #petecheese and the @cipd team – until #cipd1316.36#cipd12 peter … [Read more...]

Confidence, Respect, Trust and Professionalism #cipd12

Change required for HR, Recruitment and people leadership By the end of day 2 of the annual CIPD conference, there were some underlying trends that I have been increasingly aware of and felt that rather than blog about a particular session or speaker, that these themes should not get lost between the cracks.These trends or themes include Confidence, Respect, Trust and by implication, Professionalism. Confidence Several speakers have talked about youth employment and unemployment. That … [Read more...]

Day 2 of #cipd12 Conference – Live Blog

#CIPD12 day 2 Thanks for coming back!Yesterdays experiment with the blog worked well, and was well received. So here is to day two.Day one was a great day, and I am sure I will write more substantial posts in the coming weeks, but for now I hope that this helps you.Please forgive the grammar & spelling - this blog is real time!Today's content:<<Please remember this was a live record>>17.28dealings with unions probably take 50% of my time, but they … [Read more...]

All change for the CIPD – #cipd12

In the UK, the world’s largest chartered institute for Human resource professionals are in the middle of their annual conference and exhibition.In another blog I have been tweeting and blogging live some of the key points, but felt that this topic deserves a specific mention. New CEO of CIPD Just a few short months ago (July 2012), Peter Cheese took control of the reins of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) from Jackie Orme.Orme herself, led the institute … [Read more...]

#cipd12 Welcome to the CIPD Annual Conference & Exhibition

Welcome to the annual conference of the CIPD#cipd12 On this post I will attempt to maintain a live blog throughout the conference programme. #CIPD12 Feel free to add your own comments or thoughts<<what you are reading here is a series of tweets, and the time I made them. This was live blogging in action>> #cipd12 Live blog (in Reverse order)17.16This is the end of the blog from the sessions for day one – more from me tomorrow #cipd12let me know what you think … [Read more...]

The Cost of Stress

The Cost of StressDid you know that in 2011, sickness absence due to stress cost organisations an average of £673 per employee per year? Indirect costs have been estimated as twice the amount of direct costs, so the total business cost per employee is nearer £2,000 per year.The 2011 CIPD/Simply Health Annual Absence Management Report shows Stress as the most common cause of long-term sickness absence for the first time. Workplace stress affects over 400,000 people a year, which can be … [Read more...]

How to select people for redundancy – and destroy your business for a long time to come

How to select people for redundancy - use 360's? or - How to select people for redundancy – and destroy your business for a long time to comeWe know that we are in increasingly difficult times for many businesses and organisations. With many having to both “down size” and “right size”. This means identifying the roles that have to go. In the UK it is illegal to make people redundant – it is the jobs that go. This month has seen an interesting article published in People Management (the … [Read more...]

Working from Home on Fridays #infographic #retention #talent #HR

Working from Home on Fridays This graphic from Splashtop shows some of the health and economic reasons for working from home.But why limit it to Fridays?Some time ago I did some work for a professional services firm, at their instance a number of us had to work from their office, but 90% of our work was with overseas teams on very different time zones. Equally that was true for may of their employees.There was no real value in having people sit at a desk, as often their managers … [Read more...]

Creating Powerful Communications #CIPD11

Creating powerful communication to mobilise your workforce At the CIPD annual conference last week in Manchester, one of the sessions I attended was by Steve Head, called “Creating powerful communication to mobilise your workforce”.Every year at this and other conferences like it, there is a mix of good, bad and ugly speakers and sessions, and then amongst the “good” hides THE session. This is “THE” session which delivers more than people expect at a professional conference, and this IMHO … [Read more...]

Employee Engagement & Talent Management #cipd12

Engagement – heads they win, tails you lose Who are “THEY”?Why your competitors of course.This article contains some of my thoughts and reflections from Day 2 of the annual CIPD conference in Manchester UK.The recurring theme and thought at this years CIPD annual conference for HR professionals has been engagement. Some speakers have spoken about the value engagement provides to the level of customer engagement and retention, others about productivity, but the overriding factor has … [Read more...]

Supporting Change in Organisations

How do we support change in organizations? How do HR support change and change management in organisations? This is a HUGE subject. As this question is being asked of HR people more and more in the current climate, this is the first of a series of articles looking at not just change management, but the supporting role that HR, OD and training professionals can make.Lets start out by understanding what the phrase "Support organisations going through change". Now by this I am assuming that we … [Read more...]

Culture to Ride the Wave of Innovation #cipd10

Day 2 at #cipd10 - Riding the waves of innovation Looking at culture, diversity and innovation was Fons Trompenaars. It would be easy to dismiss Trompenaars as being out dated and out of context, but from what I recall of seeing Trompenaars some 12+ years ago his message has changed and kept fresh.Trompenaars started out by saying that the “essence of innovation is to combine existing stuff in exciting ways”. He told stories of when his consulting firm would be asked to go in and work with … [Read more...]

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