Change Management Project Template

Change Management Templates

Many people are looking for a template on which to base their change management project. While the team at RapidBI do not believe that these are successful or complete tools, many people are not sure where to start.

Therefore we provide the template below to act as an aid memoir providing the structure of the project at its initial stages.

Remember each change management project is different, and managing the process parts of a change project is only the tip of the iceberg of a successful change project.

One of the problem for professionals looking for “change management templates” on the internet is the fact that this phrase means many things to different audiences. To the project management and quality worlds for example, a change template refers to managing changes or deviations from the schedules plan or standard. In HR a change plan is the plan to manage change in an organisation. These are very different things, and require very different approaches.

Potential Template Structure

Change Management Project Title
Change Project leader/ manager
Introduction to change project
Project Sponsor(s)
Change Project objectives
Change Project Budget – direct and indirect change costs
Change Project success measures
Change objectives & principles
Change plan elements
Rationale for the change pragram
Key stakeholder analysis for the change program
Assessment & readiness to change
Key change messages
Identify change elements
Develop change management plan
Develop change psychology & communications plan for the project
Consolidation – back to “business”
Change Management Project Close
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There are many change management “templates” on the web, however they tend only to look at the processes of change and not the psychology of change. this is much harder to manage and “template” as it is often dynamic, and while resistance at various project phases may be predictable, and some of the strategies for managing this pre0-determined, there is nothing to beat the excellent change manager 2on the ground” reading the dynamic situation and working with line managers to form short term strategies to help smooth any transitional chanllenges.

The basic framework of any template or framework should cover:

  1. The concept of change management in the project
  2. Forecasting and planning changes proposed
  3. Arranging and controlling changes/ variations in the project as they occur
  4. Analyzing and adjusting changes as required
  5. Monitoring & evaluating

Change Management Models

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Mike is also founder & director of RapidBI, an organizational effectiveness consultancy.


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