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In the summer of 2007, RapidBI director and coach Mike Morrison was approached by Coaching-UK to make some short videos on Coaching and Mentoring.

There were more recorded, however these were lost when the website hosting them went off line. When we find them we will add them.

We hope you find these of value:

Mike Morrison Coach coaching  training videoIntro to Coaching
Director of RapidBI Ltd, Mike Morrison talks about getting started in coaching and what it takes to be successful.
Mike Morrison coach - RapidBI's approachDefining Coaching
What is coaching?
Mike Morrison Coach coaching training videoRewards and Challenges of coaching
Mike Morrison, Expresses his thoughts on the rewards and challenges of being a coach.
Mike Morrison Coach coaching  training videoAdvice for people who need a coach
Mike gives his views on information you should know if/ when you need a coach.
Mike Morrison Coach coaching  training videoBusiness Vs. Sports Coaching
Mike shares his views on the difference in these two worlds of coaching – are they so very different?
Mike Morrison Coach coaching  training videoMentoring Vs. Coaching
Exploring the differences between Mentoring and Coaching.
Mike Morrison coach - RapidBI's approachGroup Coaching vs Individual Coaching
Mike discusses the benefits of individual coaching
Mike Morrison coach - RapidBI's approach RapidBI Coaching Services

An overview of our approach

Please note

These sessions were filmed ‘live’ with no rehearsals or script.  RapidBI and Mike Morrison had no say in the editing of these pieces. In some situations the description shown is a highly edited version of the full answer.  The Videos were edited by Community121.

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