Consequences – Diverse to Mosaic Britain

A few weeks ago I was offered Susan Popoola’s book, Consequences for review at a networking event.

Not for me thanks

Now to be honest this is not the sort of book I would usually buy, or for that matter read. On the tube (underground/ subway in London) on the way home, with nothing else to read I started to flick through. I was hooked. I had read over a third before reaching my local station.

Sit up and listen

This is a hard hitting, no holds barred look at modern society in a diverse community that is London, post the civil disturbances a year or so ago. A mix of history, social commentary and social insight, Popoola takes the reader on a journey of discovery. A balances, but transparent look at that is both on the surface and what is potentially bubbling underneath.

Through out the book Popoola, gently walks us through the various cultural groups, their history and heritage  exploring some of the myths that popular culture has built up along the way.

Consequences – From society into the workplace and diversity

Once Popoola has set the scene in Consequences, she starts to open the covers on talent and creativity in the workplace, and that we as a business community need to look for strengths in diversity if we as a country (UK Plc) are to maintain our economic strength in the global market place.

A fascinating read – and one which can only change the perspective of the reader.

If you have an interest in diversity then this has some powerful messages for all readers – and if you do not have an interest in diversity and you are involved in management, leadership or human resources – take a long look in the mirror. For diversity is a key issue for any successful organization or business.

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Consequences – get it on Kindle:

Consequences: Diverse to Mosaic Britain on AmazonConsequences - a book review
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Consequences -Diverse to Mosaic Britain by Susan Popoola – a guide to modern diversity and its issues and opportrunities

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