Centurion pitch – the key to success in social marketing?

We have all come across  the following marketing strategies (in one shape or form):

  • Minute to win it
  • Elevator pitch
  • Get your point over in 30 seconds or less

All of which work well in a given situation or context, but how does this translate to the world of social networking? Here we operate in a world where the message is everything, but people need to be drawn-in to be interested to:

  1. ReTweet or post your message
  2. Be interested enough to proactivly find out more about you.


Why Centurion Pitch?

Centurions took their title from the fact that they commanded a century. Centuries were so-called because they originally numbered roughly 100 men.

In the world of micro blogging we have 140 characters:

allow 20 characters for ReTweeting,

20 for two #hashcodes

and you are left with 100 usable characters. Simples.


Rules or etiquette

Rules of #centurionpitch or #elevatorpitch on micro blogging sites like Twitter, Identi.ca or hellotxt :

  1. Who you are, what you do and one powerful benefit
  2. Your message needs to be strong to invoke people to find out more
  3. No links – of any kind!
  4. No “please RT” – if you have to ask them people wont! the message should be compelling
  5. Be prepared to send out the post at least once a week

If your micro blog name does not reflect your domain you have a challenge, make sure your contact details are on your micro blog home page

get started…

Send out a micro blog post in the centurion format and remembers to include the #hashtag #centurion

Management and Leadership development are importent to you and of course to the team here at RapidBI. We hope you find this information valuable, if you do please tweet or facebook like this page. Thanks

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