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Getting your website seen on the web by potential purchasers

Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for trainers and consultants

or How to Get seen on the web:

You have developed your website and it looks great. How many visitors are you getting? Search Engine optimisation is a bit of a black art but it is something that you can do yourself. It need not cost as much as you think.

Mike has researched this over the past 2+ years and learnt from experience how to get your site found. Often for little or no cost.

If you are UK based and interested in attending a highly practical workshop on raising your Internet presence email the RapidBI team by clicking on the contact button on the left.


As well as having a website to promote, the design of your site must be search engine friendly.

This means NO FRAMES, limited Flash and Java content. If the user cannot highlight the text on the page the chances are the search engines cannot see it either! (if you don’t know what this means – that is a good thing!)

Relevant content. Relevant to links on the page and relevant to the overall content of the site.

It is also about links TO your site. These need to be on good quality sites which have relevant content to yours.

Practical Workshop

Mike has designed a one day hands-on experience which will have you live on the Internet developing and improving your web site presence.

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No fluff and science – just straight practical advice and techniques that work. It does not matter what your technical level – you will take away an improved web presence and transferable skills you will use again and again.

As long as you can surf the ‘net, type and use a mouse – you will gain a lot from this course.

Do not think this a ‘simple’ workshop. There will be things for people of all levels and abilities – or your money back.

Who are the SEO workshops for?

Get seen on the web” is aimed at trainers, consultants, coaches and other freelance professional that run small businesses and have a limited budget for web development.

To get the most from the workshop you need to have a basic web site or a profile on TrainerBase, Linkedin or some other network group

Going beyond jargon

Mike has been involved with computing since 1980, in that time he has held positions programming computers in a range of languages for business and engineering applications. That said in recent years Mike has hung up his programming gloves and now outsources 90% of his software development. As a trainer and communicator Mike has learnt to share technically complex material without excessive use of computer jargon.
While not a SEO professional, Mike has learnt all the techniques he will share on the programme while developing and raising the presence of both the RapidBI web site and his own professional profile.

So a course run by someone like you that needs the advantage SEO brings without paying a lot of money for the black art.

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Dates and locations

Mike is currently identifying a range of venues around the UK and will start the marketing of this “Get seen on the web” course in the near future. If you would like to be added to his ‘list of interested people’ please complete the contact form (left)

Course Contents

Unlock the secrets of SEO in a day
Enhance your web site to improve its effectiveness through SEO.
Use a range of methods to attract more, higher quality visitors to your web site.
Achieve a high ranking with all the major search engines.

Learn how to do search engine optimisation for your website.
This SEO course teaches a broad understanding of search engine optimisation
Our approach is different and yet strikingly simple

Course Structure

  • Search Engines & Directories
  • How Web Site Design can Impact Search Engine Rankings
  • Keywords
  • Other SEO Techniques, including third party sites, blogs etc

The course will avoid the general use of jargon and ‘geek speak’ as much as possible, however there is the potential for the discussion to get quite technical. We will make sure that you understand any use of jargon on the day.

Search Engine techniques that will be covered include:

  • Domain Name – Short names are easier to remember.
  • Domain Extension – Use for UK Country specific traffic
  • Host Location – If your attracting UK business host in the UK.
  • URL Names – include relevant keywords – unique to each page.
  • Navigation Structure – Keep it simple.
  • Meta Tags – Title and Description. – Unique detail for each page, related to page content.
  • Page Content – Critical Component.
  • Keyword Visibility – Within page Content.
  • Image Alt Tags – Helps with Accessibility.
  • Privacy Policy – Assures trust and confidentiality.
  • Create and submit Articles
  • Find relevant websites within the same market sector or niche and form a link partnership.
  • Submit your website to relevant or industry related directory’s.
  • A link exchange should be formed by utilising relevant keyword Anchor Text.
  • Utilise relevant Social Networks and Forums related to your Market Sector.
  • Utilise Blog sites relevant to your Market Sector.
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The factors listed are proven Techniques, that will help your site get seen on the web and as a result, increase targeted traffic from achieving good or high ranking search engine positions.

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