Innovation Aim-Assess-Activate-Apply model

4A Model for Innovation- Aim, Assess, Activate, Apply

#Innovation and the Creatrix Model

The Creatrix Model for developing innovation follows a simple four-step methodology:  Aim, Assess, Activate, and Apply.  This model is the foundation for unleashing innovative capacity for change within individuals, teams, and organisations.

Aim:  If I say to you, “I want you/your team/your organisation to be more innovative,” what does that mean?

The word innovation by itself has little value unless we can define the purpose and the context for the need to innovate.  The Aim step in the process aims to do that!

Assess:  Individual, team, and organisational assessment begins with the Creatrix Inventory.  This well researched, reliable and valid instrument measures an individual’s level of creativity and risk-taking, and ultimately innovative capacity.

Activate:  However, just knowing that innovative capacity is a function of creativity and risk taking is not enough.  The Seven Drivers of Creativity and Risk Taking influence our innovative abilities.  Activating these Drivers are what the applications process is all about.

Apply:  The apply process brings the concepts of creativity, risk taking, and innovative capacity to life.  Our unique ability to apply the Drivers in real-life situations that actually get results is the key component to accelerating innovative capacity for change in you, your team, your organistion.

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