Marketing and SEO for training providers

So you have decided to run a training company, you have identified what it is you want to train and in what sector (see porter five forces ). Now all you need to do first tell the world you exist…


Marketing is as important part of running a business as delivering the product or closing the sale. How can you close a sale or deliver a product if people don’t know you are there?

Some would argue that you need to follow:

Top 6 ways to market Training Services

1. Build a professional website and sales collateral, focused on case studies
2. Position your experts as “Thought Leaders”
3. Hold webinars that show off your expertise
4. Send a bi-monthly e-newsletter that shows your expertise
5. Place very targeted on-line advertisements and sponsor targeted websites
6. Buy a really good list of training decision-makers


Top 6 ways to market Training Courses

1. Publish a web catalogue with e-commerce
2. Maximise your sales closing percentage
3. Mail monthly e-newsletters that include your course schedule
4. Mail catalogues and/or course brochures
5. Integrate your marketing with your telemarketing to compound your response rates
6. Hold webinars that include excerpts from your courses

These are excellent approaches but only part of the picture. For example – what is going to be in your catalogue of provision? your content or the content from third party suppliers? – if a mix – what mix?

Developing a web presence requires a large number of factors:

  • Clarity of direction
  • Good copy presenting what you do – one idea per page – change periodically
  • Strong keywords on that page plus good ‘on page SEO’ (Search Engin Optimization) – one off activity
  • Strong off site SEOEngineOptimisation – links to your site with appropriate keywords – regularly growing (exclude directories)
  • New and fresh content on your site (or related blog) giving support to people that are likely to use/ buy your products/ services
  • A strong presence on appropriate social networking sites
  • PR to get your material on leading authority sites – BBC, Business Link etc…

Developing an effective SEO and marketing strategy can be done with the support of others – but is better if done ‘little and often’.  marketing is not a ‘nice to have’ it is an essential part of running and planning your business – you should be spending at least one day a week on this activity!

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