Project Management Model – SQERT

Project Management model - SQERT - Scope, Quality, Effort, Risk, & Timing.The SQERT model helps us to look at typical project constraints.Scope: What is being delivered Quality: The grade of what is being delivered Effort: The investment made to deliver Risk: The level of tolerance for variances from expected outcomes along the other four dimensions Time: The duration of the deliverySQERT can also be used for Status reports (project specific) Document completed on … [Read more...]

History of SMART Objectives

Introduction to SMART objectives and SMART GoalsManagement by Objectives is often credited to Peter Drucker in his 1954 book “The Practice of Management”, from this claimed history and approach the use of the acronym SMART(er) has grown. Having said that, for those that have bothered to read the book - there is NO DIRECT reference to SMART by Drucker in this publication.  While it is clear that Drucker was one of the first to write about management by objectives, the SMART acronym is harder … [Read more...]


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